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  1. Back up https://merch.sandyalexg.com/products/695753-race-vinyl
  2. Did I say you did? I was trying to help you figure out why it's hard to find these records lately but I guess I failed. Good luck out there, lol.
  3. There. Are. Pressing. Plants. With. Year. Long. Wait. Times. Plus, do you see how many people own RTJ3 on discogs? This group just has FOMO connected to any piece of vinyl they put out now it's wild. They pressed who knows how many copies for that repress last year and it's back up to $60+ already.
  4. Gold was a full on repress it just sold like hotcakes. I think RTJ2 sold out a lil after and is just delayed cuz shit takes so long to press now. They are always in the process of repressing them this is just the first time they keep running out visibly due to demand. MM.. FOOD is the same way right now from the same label. You'd never know it was repressed three or four or five times in the last two years
  5. Ah gotcha. Didn't realize they did that... but plenty of trios still record legit 2nd guitar parts for studio albums and alter the songs to be played live. Seems weird.
  6. That's just them missing a good guitar player not a 2nd one 😜 Bands that need an extra guitar player live just hire one to tour, it happens all the time.
  7. You don't need a 2nd guitar player to add a 2nd guitar part
  8. Could only find a Euro store. If you're down I'll PM you the link
  9. Yeah I had high expectations and it still exceeded them. Now to try not to also buy the indie variant
  10. I'd imagine you are the physical embodiment of nails on a chalkboard in the real world.
  11. All I know is one of these better not lead to a preorder link.
  12. *fills brand new page with bullshit about how the last page was bullshit while failing to see the irony*
  13. Most labels don't start making new variants for old records when they're releasing new records. I'm sure they know it'll sell and will do it one day. If this is your reason for doubting what I say though I'm sorry but I'm just repeating what the label said.
  14. Nothing is truly unlimited my child. But this will be pressed again
  15. Think of RSD. You wait in a line of 200 people only to have to fight with 20 of them over what you want once you get inside.

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