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  1. When I bought my Cronus Magnum my dealer STRONGLY suggested I get a separate phono pre-amp when I had the money together. He has suggested the Rega Aria as well as the Rogue Ares. I'm curious if anyone on here has either and what they think. I have a pair of B&W CM8's and a Scout with a 2M Bronze. Thanks!!
  2. They pictures are still a little blurry for some reason but whatever... I am thrilled with my new media console. It was built by a guy named Adam (www.karmadeefa.com). If you live in TN and need a record shelf or any custom furniture you should 100% hit him up. I also posted a few other angles of my living (record) room as well as my main storage unit This is my main record shelf which was given to me by my grandmother.
  3. I am going to post my set up as soon as I can figure out why my images are blurry on every image upload site I have tried
  4. Literally splurged on an OG copy like 2 months ago, damn it I would have been content with this.
  5. For the time being I am settling with a maple cutting board (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KN6JH0/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) As well as some of these http://www.soundstagedirect.com/isol-pad-set-of-4-audio-accessories.shtml I'll post after they come in to see if I notice any difference
  6. Still not sure how stoked I am on the 2 new songs they have released so far...
  7. I think I got the last copy of the Electric Blue w/ White Splatter. I was never really a "hardcore" kid but always enjoyed certain bands. Incendiary has always stood out to me, I think the first single rules and I look forward to hearing the rest.
  8. Really dig the new song, looking forward to seeing PO options tomorrow.
  9. Yeah - It's not ideal but after spending a few grand on my TT and cart I need to slow my spending down. It seems like a good balance for the time being.
  10. I ended up going with some isolation pads from Soundstage Direct - http://www.soundstagedirect.com/isol-pad-set-of-4-audio-accessories.shtml They seem like a great placeholder and solution for the interim.
  11. My new turntable arrived today, could not be happier with how it sounds and the cart isn't even close to broken in. BIG shout out to Soundstage Direct for being so rad and easy to work with. Setting this up took 10 minutes. VPI Scout 1.1 w/ 2M Bronze Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Bowers & Wilkens CM8 Kimber 8TC's
  12. I've been doing some homework on isolation platforms as it seems relatively important to have something underneath your turntable. I don't want to make one (I've read the old threads in here about how to do it) and would also like to spend less then what the Ginkgo Audio Cloud 11 costs (even though that platform looks SWEET). I need something functional, cost effective and also appealing to the eye - any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!! D
  13. Welp - Finally pulled the trigger and got a Scout 1.1 with a 2M Bronze.. Will certainty be posting pictures when it comes in next week
  14. Just got a pair of 8' Kimber 8VS's w/ SBAN connectors. SIGNIFICANTLY better then the free speaker cables I was given when my hi-fi dealer sold me my speakers and I was completely broke.
  15. How do you likes the Ares Phono Stage? I'm still saving to upgrade my turntable but my next move after that is going to be to get a separate phono pre. I am VERY happy with with built in Phono in the Cronus Magnum but eventually I want to go the Ares route.
  16. I saw that he posted that, I wonder how many copies of this were made
  17. Annoyed that my pre-order isn't going to arrive on release day, I think I am going to cave and stream it because I am really excited about this release.
  18. This rules and despite not being able to buy any records next month I am stoked I ordered this.
  19. I think around 2K, I bought the demo pair at my local hi-fi store a few years ago.
  20. When are they going to announce this damn Mystery Box!