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  1. he technically is. he writes for PTM and is working on a followup to the *excellent* American Fail record
  2. he works with Portugal the man and has a day job with Delta Airlines.
  3. if its new music its not going to be with bobby, who wrote 90% of the music for that bands catalog. I think its a reunion tour without him.
  4. considering they're packing them all by hand it'll probably be a longer turnaround from label printing to shipping
  5. momentary panic checking which variant I had ordered, relief when it was the splatter.
  6. got the delay email from the hopeless splatter variant...which is hilarious since they pushed back this record for vinyl pressing anyways
  7. from what I gathered since awesome distro didnt ever get their hands on the Pono shipments, they shouldn't be directly affected by this, and they're going to ship them out themselves whenever they arrive.
  8. hey guys just let them focus on making new terrible music leave them alone
  9. might have to pony up for the moon phase w the cover, this records too good and seems like I won't find it for that much cheaper anyways.
  10. I think its their weakest record, with the vocals and the melodies being the biggest culprit. too much trevor, unfortunately. Still rips though.
  11. I've been thinking this will be like an aug/sept release since last year. right before a fall tour.

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