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  1. I think its their weakest record, with the vocals and the melodies being the biggest culprit. too much trevor, unfortunately. Still rips though.
  2. I've been thinking this will be like an aug/sept release since last year. right before a fall tour.
  3. I accidentally ordered two copies of the revolver variant, if anyone wants the extra $36 shipped
  4. I went last night, its a blast! the kids love them. they have way more energy live than on their recordings.
  5. https://joycemanor.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-bundle-40-oz-to-fresno-vinyl-kitten-shirt-40-oz-koozie-shipping-to-us-included lime variant with a 40 oz koozie lmao
  6. tbh I have records that I have been waiting on for over a year now so its not unexpected for delays to happen
  7. copped lmao. also these are 1LP on Red vs the 2LP on random color.
  8. target now has 2 version up one is $21 one is $28 so I assume more expensive one is colored? lol
  9. https://www.target.com/p/the-get-up-kids-live-the-granada-theater-vinyl/-/A-85874923#lnk=sametab May 13th ship date
  10. it looks like the get up kids live album is getting a pressing be on the lookout
  11. PSA to not buy glow in the dark variants because they typically sound like ass
  12. do we know if there is a black, or is retail variant going to be red? I ordered a copy from Target
  13. did the four year strong deluxe editions all sell out?
  14. dropping in to warn about the dangers of glow in the dark vinyl it usually sounds like shit
  15. apparently vnyl has a lot of subs! parting gift TTTH and no sleep all sell to them I think. if it keeps labels in business, why not
  16. the suburbia poster isn't in the new pressing FYI. Since its through hopeless it just has the lyrics on the record sleeve. was kinda bummed. still, its nice to have becase the boxset somehow doesn't have the lyrics anywhere.
  17. I also have a Pink/Yellow in the mail that I would totally swap for a Black and White. DM me!

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