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  1. AWasteOfATime

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    worked for me!
  2. I feel like if you're a fan of the band to the degree that you collect their vinyl records, it would be of interest
  3. Also the band announced that they're going to be releasing a documentary about the recording of the album with the same title, way to bury the lead
  4. https://youtu.be/mmN_GSgWLmw
  5. just gunna post this up right here: https://mailchi.mp/5f858319cfb8/yo-we-back?e=0ad403ee05
  6. AWasteOfATime

    PO: CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead (May 25th)

    Yeah Miracle has that goofy, early 2000s scratch effect on the vocals for "I'm not asking for a miracle" that makes me LOL, whole song kind of sounds like imagine dragons
  7. AWasteOfATime

    PO: CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead (May 25th)

    I liked his first two songs on the other albums, but am not a fan of the one here. I definitely need to relisten to this a lot more, but my first impressions are that its the weakest of the three albums, but still not bad. I think its something about like every chorus being super repetitive and/or going on for too long? like most of the choruses repeat one word a fuck ton of times and it doesnt really connect or be as catchy as they think its supposed to be? unsure. I do like the fact that they have drums now. oh and the momentum of the record really dies around the track 9 zone for me. could have cut 10 11 12 and skipped straight to wonderland.
  8. AWasteOfATime

    WTB: Make Do and Mend

    I have it on Clear. PM me an offer.
  9. My amazon copt of Discovering got confirmed to be here by the 2nd.
  10. AWasteOfATime

    PO NOW: New Found Glory - "Makes Me Sick"

    lol is there some clause in all these legacy bands' contracts with Hopeless that they make to release a half assed deluxe edition of their new records a year after release every time now
  11. solid band, soupy of TWY produced and wrote on their first record, wonder if hes involved at all this time.
  12. cool, my amazon order of Discovering has been sitting there for months now lol. ill post if it changes
  13. its not That Evan Weiss
  14. AWasteOfATime

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    anyone got deep discount code?
  15. sounds like Urbans gunna need some NEW RULES for how they ship vinyl
  16. this hurts to look at considering thats one of my top 5 records all time
  17. Yeah I dont know why you guys are freaking out abt the song titles. They've had goofy titles on every single one of their albums lol. Its kind of a running joke for them as a band at this point, I'd say.
  18. AWasteOfATime

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Theyve been one of my all time favorite bands since the upsides but this... this is a new level for them. A masterpiece.
  19. AWasteOfATime

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    since the first pop up is tonight and people will be receiving the record, I presume it'll be online tonight.
  20. AWasteOfATime

    Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    I got the LA test press!