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  1. Yeah, and now there are three of them! While I hate most of the marketing/rollout for this, I actually do like the fact that she hasn't released any songs from it yet. I just got the new Middle Kids record, and I love it, but 5 or the 11 songs were released as singles over the last 8 months, so only half the record was "new" to me. I think I might avoid any early streaming songs from this TS record, then go buy the record at Target on release day, and then listen to the whole album as a complete unknown.
  2. Pretty sure this is the first time in my life I have been sick of an artist I really like. Tired of seeing her in the news, tired of seeing her on TV, tired of ridiculous marketing gimmicks. I just want to listen to the music.
  3. Just noticed the Christmas Tree Farm picture disc is selling for $200/pop--looks like a dozen copies have sold on Discogs for that amount or more in 2024! Just have loaded up on those a few years ago; I do have my one.
  4. The 2009 tour was fun, but the lack of songs from How it Feels... (Guitar and Videos games only) and The Rising Tide (none) was frustrating. I love that their setlists the past couple years have been a fairly equal mix of all four albums. But yeah, there will probably only be 1-2 songs each off the non-Diary albums after the album play-through.
  5. Saw them twice in Fall of 2022 and both shows sounded incredible--just as good as they've ever been. Now if only they would come near me again!
  6. This is up: https://shop.sunnyday.realestate/ But $40 plus $9 more for shipping? Nope. I want it, and I will like it, but will wait to find it cheaper. I am glad it includes the new song, which is fantastic!
  7. This happened to me recently with another record on Amazon. I ordered the new Bonny Doon album a few months back and got some random band I had never heard of--sent it back. Tempted to see what happens though trying this one.
  8. 2023 was a major shift for me; I went from being a completist (not variants, but full discographies by my fav bands) to being OK with just having 2-3 records each from my fav artists. I was nearing 1000 records, but sold almost 300 this year and my goal long-term is to have a collection of around 500. I used most of that cash to fund vacations for my family and to go to concerts. I have committed to going to way more shows rather than buying records moving forward. As others have said, much of my purchasing is well-done reissues; lots of 90s albums that had never been on vinyl before. I used to pre-order anything and everything that sounded interesting, and then sold off the albums that didn't grab me months later. Now I am doing the opposite, as in Nov. and Dec. I finally purchased physical copies of my fav 2023 albums I had been listening to digitally (either on Bandcamp or Apple Music) all year. I do have 5 new release pre-orders in from some of my top artists, and lament the costs. In general, if cost of pre-order plus shipping is over $30 I pause and usually wait as I know I can probably get it cheaper used or from a store later on. Although I break my own rules--this week I pre-ordered the new Waxahatchee deluxe edition which was $39 + $9 shipping. 😬 Finally, maybe my favorite purchase of 2023 was Stars- "The Five Ghosts" 7" box set. I had an OG version of the 2010 album, but always wanted the box set as I am a sucker for interesting and well-done packaging. It does not disappoint! It is a pain to listen to as it is 12 songs over 6 records, but it is gorgeous!
  9. Thanks for sharing this; I heard the one new song and immediately ordered! I remember listening to the Forecast, but it's been 15+ years and completely forgot about them (was probably "Late Night Conversations". Been listening to their stuff all morning--their 2012 album "Everybody Left" is awesome and today is the first time I am hearing it.
  10. Had never heard of this band, but listening to the two tracks on Bandcamp and really digging them! Love the art as well, and that feathered pink variant is beautiful. Unsure if I'll order, but definitely doing to be checking out their discography.
  11. Had completely forgotten about this band. Only knew the first song from the radio. Found an epic, archived Pitchfork review: https://web.archive.org/web/20000816162954/http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/b/black-lab/your-body-above-me.shtml
  12. Love this band! Preordered the record and bought a shirt.
  13. Added a bunch of records to the original list, also put photos of 49 7"s on my Instagram over the weekend (less than that available now): https://www.instagram.com/p/Cpa3k3Fu7am/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. With the profits I made last weekend I just bought $200 worth of "The Best Record Mailers", which arrived yesterday (box was the size of an appliance.) Would love to sell and pack up more records this weekend! I'll also be adding to the list above as I have time to price things in my collection (but feel free to peruse my Discogs in the meantime).
  15. Going through some personal changes, so I am selling most of my collection (I am keeping probably/roughly 20% of my collection). Sold to a few of you here lately, but expanding my reach now. Posting a working list below, but also feel free to make offers on anything in my Discogs (knowing that my favs I am keeping). https://www.discogs.com/user/drenchedecent/collection This Google doc will probably give you the best browsing experience. I am adding to it daily and pricing items: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OjftcVke9BTMBcTr9t1obKgl38C9LDMw95gtubBVXVQ/edit#gid=0 Here is a copy-and-paste list also, pretty good mixture of bargain bin and some pricier, more "rare" items: $50 Adam Again Perfecta 2018 Red and black split 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, RM, Red $1 Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes 1982 Black 7", Single, Styrene, Ter $4 Adam Ant Friend Or Foe 1982 Black LP, Album $5 All Dogs All Dogs 2013 Dark Blue Swirl 7", $10 All Dogs Kicking Every Day 2015 Black LP, Album, $12 Allison Crutchfield Tourist In This Town 2017 Hot Pink LP, Album, $6 Altar Boys Gut Level Music 1986 LP SOLD $6 Altar Boys Against The Grain 1987 LP, Album SOLD $5 Amanita The World Is Dead Prose To Me 2015 Black LP $14 Amber Arcades Fading Lines 2016 Green LP, Album, $3 Amy Grant My Father's Eyes 1979 Black LP, Album $8 Amy Grant Amy Grant 1977 Black, original cover art LP, Album $4 Amy Grant Unguarded 1985 Black LP, Album, Ele SOLD $3 Amy Grant Straight Ahead 1984 Black LP, Album, Mon $3 Amy Grant / Art Garfunkel The Animals' Christmas 1986 Black LP, Album $35 Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha 2007 Black LP, Album, Ltd, RP, 180 $35 Anniversary, The Your Majesty 2016 Translucent Orange LP, Album, RP, Tra $20 Anxious Little Green House 2022 Green And Violet Butterfly LP, Album, RP, $25 Appleseed Cast, The Middle States 2011 Baby Blue 12", EP, Baby Blue $8 Appleseed Cast, The North Star Ordination 2013 Mustard 7", Single, Ltd, Mustard $20 Appleseed Cast, The Illumination Ritual 2013 Wine Red/Beer A side/B side LP, Album, Club, Ltd, Wine Red/Beer A side/B side $30 Appleseed Cast, The Peregrine 2006 Black LP, Black $9 Arrowhead Maunder 2017 clear orange with black swirl 12", EP, cle $8 Arrowhead / Forever Losing Sleep Arrowhead / Forever Losing Sleep 2017 clear yellow w/ black 12", S/Sided, EP, cle $20 Astronoid Astronoid 2019 Black 2xLP, 180 $9 At The Close Of Every Day If You Spoke To Me 2003 Clear 10", MiniAlbum, Ltd, Cle $20 Avett Brothers, The Magpie And The Dandelion 2013 Black 2xLP, Album $35 Avett Brothers, The I And Love And You 2013 Black 2xLP, Album, RE $35 Bad Books III 2019 Pink LP, Album, Ltd, Pin $20 Band Of Horses Cease To Begin 2007 Black OG LP, Album SOLD $4 Barbra Streisand A Christmas Album 1967 Black LP, Album $3 Barbra Streisand Barbra Joan Streisand 1971 Black LP, Album $10 Béla Bartók Bela Bartok Plays Bartok Unknown Black LP, Album $45 Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Community Center 2019 Orange LP, Album, Ltd, Ora $15 Blenderhead Blue Tile Lounge 1994 Blue Clear 7" SOLD $10 Blondie Parallel Lines 1978 Black LP, Album, German pressing $2 Blood, Sweat And Tears Blood, Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits 1972 Black LP, Comp $5 Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming 1979 Black LP, Album, UK $30 Bright Eyes The People's Key 2011 Black, deluxe packaging LP, Album, 180 + CD, Album + Dlx, Ltd $12 Bright Eyes Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was 2020 Orange Translucent LP, Red + LP, S/Sided, Etch, Ora + Album, Ltd $3 Bruce Cockburn Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws 1979 Black LP, Album $3 Bruce Cockburn Stealing Fire 1984 Black LP, Album, Ind $18 Brutus Nest 2019 Black SOLD $50 Brutus Unison Life 2022 Yellow/Orange Splatter LP, Album, Dlx, Ltd, Num, Limited $9 Built To Spill Ripple 2011 Picture disc 7", Single, Ltd, Pic $15 Camera Obscura The Blizzard / Swans 2009 Black 7", Single $17 Camera Obscura Making Money (4AD B-Sides & Rarities) 2022 Mint Green LP, Comp, Ltd, Min $8 Casket Girls, The The Casket Girls 2013 Milky Black Swirl 12", S/Sided, EP, Club, Etch, Ltd, $12 Casket Girls, The Sleepwalking 2012 Peaches & Herb Swirl LP, Album, Club, Ltd, $11 Casket Girls, The True Love Kills The Fairy Tale 2014 Cotton Candy in Milky Clear LP, Album, Club, Num, $45 Cat Power Wanderer 2018 Baby Blue Marble, Clear LP, Album, Dlx, Ltd, Bab + 7", Ltd, Cle $18 Cat Power Covers 2022 Gold LP, Album, Ltd, Gol PENDING $6 Cave Raver Dark Times And Loose Ends 2019 Black 12", MiniAlbum $45 Cayetana Nervous Like Me 2014 White w/ Gold and Black Starburst LP, Whi $32 Cee-Lo CeeLo's Magic Moment 2020 Green LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Gre $15 Charly Bliss Young Enough 2019 Blue Transparent LP, Album, Ltd, Blu $15 Charly Bliss Guppy 2017 Black LP, Gat $3 Chet Atkins Christmas With Chet Atkins 1976 Black LP, Album, RE, Ind $25 Chevelle Wonder What's Next 2021 Black LP, Album, RE $2 Chuck Berry Sweet Little Rock And Roller 1973 Black LP, Comp $16 Chvrches Screen Violence 2021 Black LP, Album $20 Chvrches Love Is Dead 2018 Clear Blue LP, Album, Blu $23 Chvrches Every Open Eye 2015 White LP, Album, Whi $25 Coldplay X&Y 2015 Black 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 SOLD $13 Coldplay Christmas Lights 2020 Blue 7", Ltd, RE, Blu SOLD $22 Coldplay Ghost Stories 2014 Black LP, Album SOLD $25 Coldplay Mylo Xyloto 2011 Black LP, Album, Gat SOLD $23 Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head 2002 Black LP, Album, RE $60 Collective Soul Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid 2020 Black LP, Album, RE $7 Connells, The Boylan Heights 1987 Black LP, Album $33 Counting Crows August And Everything After 2017 Black 2xLP, Album, RE $10 Creedence Clearwater Revival 1968 / 1969 1978 Black 2xLP, Album, Comp $25 Cross My Heart The Reason I Failed History 1999 Dark Grey Marbled OG 12", EP, Dar $2 Cutting Crew (I Just) Died In Your Arms 1986 Black 7", Single $30 Danielson Visions Of The Sugar Plum Fairy 2020 White snowflake-shaped Lathe, 7", Shape, S/Sided, Ltd, Num, Whi $10 David Bazan Away In A Manger / O Little Town Of Bethlehem 2007 Grey Marble 7", Ltd, $15 David Bazan Strange Negotiations 2011 Black LP, Album $14 David Bazan Care 2017 Black LP, Album $12 David Bazan Blanco 2016 White LP, White $13 Death Cab For Cutie The Blue EP 2019 Blue 12", EP, Ltd, Blu $12 Death Cab For Cutie The Georgia E.P. 2021 Peach 12", S/Sided, EP, Ltd, Pea $45 Death Cab For Cutie Codes And Keys 2011 Black OG 2xLP, Album SOLD $45 Death Cab For Cutie Plans 2005 Black OG copy 2xLP, Album, 180, original pressing SOLD $8 Death Cab For Cutie I Will Possess Your Heart 2008 Black 7", Single $22 Death Cab For Cutie Narrow Stairs 2008 Black LP, Album $15 Death Cab For Cutie Thank You For Today 2018 Black LP, Album $40 Death Cab For Cutie Kintsugi 2015 White etched LP, Album, Gol + LP, S/Sided, Album, Etch, Whi + EUROPE pressing SOLD $22 Death Cab For Cutie Something About Airplanes 2014 Black LP, Album, RE, RM, 180 SOLD $25 Def Leppard Hysteria 1987 Black LP, Album SOLD 10 Def Leppard Pyromania 1983 Black LP, Album, 72 $65 Demon Hunter Outlive 2017 Black/Grey Swirl 2xLP, Album, SOLD $5 Dexys Midnight Runners & The Emerald Express Come On Eileen 1982 Black 7", Single, Pap $17 Dolly Parton A Holly Dolly Christmas 2020 Red Opaque LP, Album, Red $8 Doors, The The Doors 1967 Black LP, Album, RP, Abb $3 Dott Button 2013 Ultra Clear w/ Oxblood Piss Yellow & Halloween Orange Splatter 7", EP, Club, Num, Ult $25 Drug Church Hygiene 2022 Orange & Bone Aside/Bside w/ Blue Splatter LP, Album, Ora $1 Duran Duran Notorious 1986 Black 7", Single $38 Dustin Kensrue Carry The Fire 2015 Orange LP, Album, Ora $7 Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 1976 Black LP, Comp, Emb $8 Editors Munich 2006 Black 7", Single, UK SOLD $5 Elliott Will You 2000 Black 7", EP SOLD $6 Elliott In Transit 1996 Black 7", EP, Single SOLD $20 Elliott Songs In A Transit Wind 2013 Black LP, Comp, Ltd, 180 $2 Elmo And Patsy Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer 1984 Black 7", Single $5 Elton John Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy 1975 Black LP, Album $80 Embodyment The Narrow Scope Of Things 2022 Red & Green Light 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Red $10 Erai Only Future 2021 Clear 12", EP $5 Eve's Plum Blue 1993 Picture disc SOLD $3 Evie Come On, Ring Those Bells 1977 Black LP $15 Explosions In The Sky Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack For Public Television) 2021 Desert Rock 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Des $12 Explosions In The Sky Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever 2001 Black LP, Album $40 Explosions In The Sky All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone 2007 Etched, Sea Green (Marbled) LP, Album, Cre + LP, S/Sided, Album, Etch, Sea + C $50 Explosions In The Sky Take Care, Take Care, Take Care 2011 Red, Brown, Etched LP, Album, Ltd, Red + LP, S/Sided, Album, Etch, Lt $25 Falling Forward Let These Days Pass: The Complete Anthology 1991-1995 2023 Opaque Red-Orange LP, Comp, Ltd, Opa $3 Ferde Grofé - Arturo Toscanini And NBC Symphony Orchestra Grand Canyon Suite 1950 Black LP, Album, Mono, Ind $30 Ferrante & Teicher Adventure In Carols 1956 Black LP, Album $18 Field Mouse Episodic 2016 Half Translucent Gold/Half Clearwater Blue LP, Album, Hal $25 Flaming Lips, The The Soft Bulletin 2011 Black 2xLP, Album, RE, RM $15 Football, Etc. Corner 2017 Yellow LP, Album, Yel $20 Frances Quinlan Likewise 2020 Emerald Smog LP, Album, Ltd, Eme $30 Frightened Rabbit The Winter Of Mixed Drinks 2010 Black LP, Album $5 Frodus Soundlab 1 2010 Black 7" $45 Frodus And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea 2015 Translucent Green LP, RE, RM, Tra + 7", Cle $20 Frontier(s) White Lights 2014 Opaque Gray 12", Opa $10 Frontier(s) The Plains 2010 Green 7", Gre $15 Fugazi The Argument 2020 Black LP, Album, RE, RM $20 Fun. Some Nights 2021 Silver LP, Album, Sil + CD, Album + Ltd, RE $50 Further Seems Forever The Moon Is Down 2015 White LP, Album, Ltd, RE, White $3 Genesis Invisible Touch 1986 Black LP, Album, All $3 Go-Go's Talk Show 1984 Black SOLD $5 Gomez Airstream Driver 2009 Black 7", Ltd $5 Gramma's Boyfriend The Human Eye 2013 Cyan Blue and Reddish Half & Half LP, Album, Club, Ltd, Cya SOLD $5 Grim 7sins 2012 Yellow clear Vinyl, 7", EP, Yellow $6 Haley Bonar Baby In The Water / Be My Kazoo / Do Do Do Do 2013 Doublemint & Gold 7", Single, Ltd, Num, Dou SOLD $15 Haley Bonar Golder 2011 Gold/Pink haze LP, Album, Gol $10 Haley Bonar Last War 2014 White LP, Album, Whi $40 Hans Zimmer Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2015 Black 2xLP, Album, Dlx, Ltd, 180 $15 Hatchie Sugar & Spice 2018 Black, etched 12", S/Sided, EP, Etch $27 Hatchie Keepsake 2019 Glow in the dark LP, Ltd, Glo $5 Hollow Jan, Факел Hollow Jan / Факел 2016 Red orange 7", red $3 Hugo Montenegro The Montenegro Brand 1967 Black LP, Album $8 Icarus / Great Grief Ascending//Descending 2014 Black 12", Bla $5 Idle Bloom / Churchyard Fare Fumo / Staring At The Sun 2015 Black 7", Ltd, RE $20 Idle Threat blurred visions 2022 Teal w/ Black Smoke LP, Album, Ltd, Teal $25 Innocence Mission, The The Innocence Mission 1989 Black LP, Album $17 Innocence Mission, The Sun On The Square 2018 Green LP, Album, Ltd, Gre $23 Innocence Mission, The See You Tomorrow 2020 Orange clear LP, Album, Ora $5 Inside Regarding Time Lost 1997 Black 7" $25 Inside My Funeral 1999 Orange Marbled LP, Album, Ltd, Ora $13 Inside Out No Spiritual Surrender 2015 Gold clear 7", EP, RP, Gol SOLD $3 Irwin The Disco Duck And The Wibble Wabble Singers And Orchestra Christmas And New Year's Party 1977 Black LP, Album $5 Jackie Davis Tiger On The Hammond 1960 Black LP, Album $8 Jackie Gleason All I Want For Christmas 1969 Black 2xLP, Album, Comp, Gat $5 Janis Joplin Pearl 1971 Black LP, Album, Pit $25 Jay Som Everybody Works 2022 Mint + White Swirl LP, Album, Club, Min $20 Jeremy Enigk Return Of The Frog Queen 2018 Purple Marbled LP, Album, RE, RM, Pur SOLD $5 Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979 Black LP, Album, San $3 Jess Cornelius I Can't Tell You Why / Body Memory 2021 Black 7" SOLD $3 Jethro Tull Living In The Past 1972 Black 2xLP, Comp $12 Jimmy Eat World Stay On My Side Tonight 2016 Black 12", EP, RE, 150 $5 Jimmy Eat World My Best Theory / Stop 2010 Black 7", Single $25 Jimmy Eat World Last Christmas 2017 Blue 7", Single, Ltd, RE, Blu $4 Jimmy Eat World Sure And Certain 2016 Black 7", Single, Promo $5 Jimmy Eat World Futures 2004 Clear 7", Single, Promo, Cle $20 Jimmy Eat World Invented 2010 Black LP, Album $15 Jimmy Eat World Integrity Blues 2016 Black LP, Album $35 Jimmy Eat World Damage 2013 Black LP, Album $12 Jimmy Eat World Surviving 2019 Black LP, Album $65 Jimmy Eat World Chase This Light 2007 Black LP, Album $8 Johnny Cash Ride This Train 1960 Black LP, Album, Mono $6 Johnny Cash The Christmas Spirit 1970 Black LP, Album, RE $7 Johnny Cash Hymns From The Heart 1963 Black LP, Album, RP $8 Johnny Cash Family, The Christmas 1972 Black LP, Album, Gat $8 Joni Mitchell Ladies Of The Canyon 1970 Black LP, Album, Pit $5 Joni Mitchell For The Roses 1972 Black LP, Album, PR $20 Joseph Good Luck, Kid 2019 Clear LP, Cle $15 Joseph Byrd A Christmas Yet To Come 1975 Black LP $12 Josh Berwanger Strange Stains 2013 Black LP, Album $100 Juliana Theory, The Emotion Is Dead 2020 Red, Blue LP, Red + LP, Blue , Ltd, RE, RM $15 Julien Baker Little Oblivions 2021 Black LP, Album $5 Kate & Anna McGarrigle Love Over And Over 1982 Black LP, Album, 26 $8 Kate Bush The Kick Inside 1978 Black LP, Album German pressing SOLD $15 Kate Bush Never For Ever 1980 Black LP, Album, Gat SOLD $35 Kate Bush Hounds Of Love 1985 Black OG LP, Album, Jacksonville OG (not a repress) SOLD $3 Keith Green I Only Want To See You There 1983 Black LP, Comp $4 Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1971 Black 7", Single, SP $25 Lee Bozeman The Majesty Of The Flesh 2017 Black, etched 12", S/Sided, EP, Etch $12 Lo Tom Lo Tom 2017 LP, Album Black SOLD $5 Love American Hollow Crosses 2015 Black 7", EP $7 Madonna True Blue 1986 LP, Album, Spe SOLD $12 Manchester Orchestra Simple Math / The Plan 2011 Black 7", Single $23 Manchester Orchestra Hope 2014 Black LP, Album $70 Manchester Orchestra Simple Math 2011 Black LP, Album, 150 $25 Manchester Orchestra Cope 2014 Black LP, Album, 180 $50 Metric Fantasies 2021 Black LP, Album, RE, RP $70 mewithoutYou Ten Stories 2012 Black, etched LP + LP, S/Sided, Etc + 7" + CD, Album, Ltd + Box $20 mewithoutYou It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright 2009 Mixed marble, etched LP + LP, S/Sided, Etch + Album, Mix $50 mewithoutYou Pale Horses 2015 LP, Album, Ltd, Clear With Cherry Cola Colour In Colour And Black Splatter SOLD $80 mewithoutYou Brother, Sister 2011 Orange Marbled LP, Album, Ltd, RP, $30 mewithoutYou [A-->B] Life 2017 LP, Black SOLD $95 mewithoutYou Catch For Us The Foxes 2010 Red Translucent 180g LP, Ltd, RP, Red Translucent 180g $20 Michael Knott Songs From The Feather River Highway 2017 Light Blue Marble 12", S/Sided, EP, Ltd, Ran $4 Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith 2 1984 Black LP, Album $6 Mike Watt + Missingmen Live In Ferndale 2013 Blue light clear 7", Single, Ltd, Ele $18 Mineral February / M.D. 1996 Black 7", Single $15 Mineral / Jimmy Eat World / Sense Field Mineral / Jimmy Eat World / Sense Field 1997 Grey marble 7", Gre $60 MxPx Teenage Politics 1995 Blue OG LP, Album, OG Blue SOLD $250 Nada Surf Vinyl Box Set 1994-2008 2008 7", Single, RE + LP, Album, RE + LP, Album, RE + 2 SOLD $350 Neko Case Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule 2015 Black, various Box set, Comp, Ltd + LP, Album, RM, 180 + LP, Album $45 New Pornographers, The In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights 2019 Splatter clear with gold and white specks LP, Album, Dlx, Cle $18 New Pornographers, The Mass Romantic 2021 Red LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Red + 7", Ltd, RE $50 New Pornographers, The Challengers 2007 Black LP, Album, 180 $40 New Pornographers, The Together 2010 Black LP, Album, 180 + 7", EP, Ltd $40 New Pornographers, The Electric Version 2014 Black LP, Album, RE, 180 $2 Nina Simone My Baby Just Cares For Me 1987 Black 7", Single $3 Patsy Cline Crazy 1985 Black 7", Single $15 Pedro The Lion Phoenix 2020 12" LP Color SOLD $12 Pedro The Lion The Only Reason I Feel Secure 2018 Black 12", EP, RE, RM, Black PENDING $8 Pedro The Lion Progress 2000 Black 7" with book $6 Pedro The Lion God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 2005 Grey Marble 7", Single, Ltd, Grey Marble $5 Pedro The Lion The First Noel 2003 White 7", Single, Ltd, White $17 Pedro The Lion Winners Never Quit 2000 Clear LP, Album, Clear $16 Pedro The Lion Achilles Heel 2018 Clear LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Clear $20 Pedro The Lion Havasu 2022 White and blue LP, Album, Ltd, White & Navy $130 Pinback Blue Screen Life 2003 Clear 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle $7 Pinback Information Retrieved Pt. A 2011 Black 7", EP, Ltd $8 Pinback Information Retrieved Pt. B 2011 Black 7", EP, Ltd $16 Pinback Autumn Of The Seraphs 2007 Black LP, Album $40 Pinback Information Retrieved 2012 Dark Blue w/ Black Haze LP, Album, Ltd, Dar $30 Poor Old Lu Sin 1994 LP, White OG SOLD $50 Prayer Chain, The Shawl 2018 Black 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, RM SOLD $10 Prayer Chain, The Crawl / Like I Was 1993 Black 7", Promo SOLD $5 Presidents Of The United States Of America, The Dune Buggy 1996 Picture disc 7", Single, Ltd, Num, Pic $10 Puig Destroyer Puig Destroyer 2013 Blue and white split 7", Blu $3 R.E.M. Shiny Happy People 1991 Black 7", Single $30 R.E.M. Reckoning 1984 Black LP, Album, (B) $20 R.E.M. Murmur 1983 Black LP, Album, Ele $15 R.E.M. Fables Of The Reconstruction / Reconstruction Of The Fables 1985 Black LP, Album, Glo $40 Radiohead Kid A Mnesia 2021 Red Comp, Ltd + LP, Album, RE, Red + LP, Album, RE, Re $17 Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 2012 Black LP, Album, RE, RM, 180 $3 Rainer Maria Hell And High Water 2000 Black 7" $23 Refused The Shape Of Punk To Come A Chimerical Bombination In 12 Bursts 2010 Black 2xLP, RE, RM, Gat $25 Rob Crow's Gloomy Place You're Doomed. Be Nice. 2016 Orange w/ Deep Purple Splatter LP, Album, Ltd, Ora $1 Robert Shaw Chorale, The The Many Moods Of Christmas Unknown Black LP, Album, RP $40 Rose Blossom Punch Par Avion 1998 Black 7", Black SOLD $5 Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens Hit & Run Vol. 1 2012 Black 7", Single $25 Run-DMC Christmas In Hollis 2016 Picture disc 12", Ltd, Pic $2 Salt 'N' Pepa Let's Talk About Sex 1991 Black 7" $25 Sarah Jaffe Even Born Again 2009 Brown Marble 12", EP, Ltd, Bro $13 Say Anything, Eisley Try To Remember, Forget / Lost And Found 2013 Clear 7", Cle $60 Seryn This Is Where We Are 2011 White LP, Album, Whi SOLD $10 She & Him Volume Two 2010 Black LP, Album $10 She & Him Volume 3 2013 Black LP, Album $10 She & Him Volume One 2008 Black LP, Album, 180 $15 Shins, The Port Of Morrow 2012 Black LP, Album $20 Shins, The Wincing The Night Away 2007 Black LP, Album $18 Shins, The Heartworms 2017 Black LP, Album, 180 $5 Sixpence None The Richer Breathe Your Name / Waiting On The Sun 2002 Black 7", Single $200 Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness 2012 Black 4xLP, Album, RE, RM, 180 + Box $30 Starflyer 59 IAMACEO 2013 12" LP SOLD $25 Starflyer 59 Miami 2020 Black 12", EP, Black SOLD $30 Starflyer 59 Slow 2016 Black LP, Album Black SOLD $30 Starflyer 59 In Search Of Vanity 2021 Black LP, Album, Black $50 Starflyer 59 Young In My Head 2019 LP, Album, Outlaw Edition SOLD $130 Starflyer 59 Starflyer 59 (Silver) 2009 LP, Album, RE XRA Black SOLD $40 Starflyer 59 Dial M 2008 Black LP, Black $30 Stars From Capelton Hill 2022 Green LP, Album, Ltd, Gre $75 Stavesacre MCMXCV 2018 Blue Clear OG 2xLP, S/Edition, Blue Clear OG SOLD $5 Stevie Nicks Rock A Little 1985 LP, Album, Spe SOLD $12 Stevie Wonder I Was Made To Love Her 1967 Black LP, Album, Hol $7 Stretch Arm Strong It Burns Clean 2000 7" Black SOLD $10 Subways On The Sun Capsize 2018 Red LP, Album, Ltd, Red $20 Sufjan Stevens The Ascension 2020 Black 2xLP, Album SOLD $17 Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels To Be Something On 1998 7", Single, Black SOLD $40 Sunny Day Real Estate / Circa Survive Lipton Witch / Bad Heart 2014 Red 7", Ltd, Maroon $24 Sunny Day Real Estate / Shudder To Think Shudder To Think / Sunny Day Real Estate 1994 7", Promo, Black SOLD $12 Superchunk Here's Where The Strings Come In 2011 Black LP, Album, RE, RM, 180 $2 Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World 1985 Black 7", Single, Sil $18 Tegan and Sara The Con 2007 Black LP, Album + CD, Album $15 Tegan and Sara Hey, I'm Just Like You 2019 Yellow LP, Album, Ltd, Yel $20 Tegan and Sara If It Was You 2010 Black LP, Album, RE $18 Tegan and Sara Love You To Death 2016 White/Clear marble LP, Album, Whi $60 The 77s Sticks And Stones 2016 2xLP, Ltd, RE, RM, Black SOLD $60 The Appleseed Cast The End of the Ring Wars SOLD $8 The Connells Darker Days 1985 LP, Album SOLD $8 The Gloria Record Grace, The Snow Is Here 1998 Black 7" SOLD $5 The Lionheart Brothers / The Spirit That Guides Us The Lionheart Brothers / The Spirit That Guides Us 2000 Black 7" SOLD $15 The Marshmallow Ghosts The Marshmallow Ghosts 2009 Red white black swirl picture disc glow in the dark 7", Ltd, Num, Pic $20 Thrice Deeper Wells 2019 White 12" EP $50 Thrice Red Sky EP 2019 Clear with White and Black 12" EP $60 Thrice Major/Minor 2011 Clear With Blue Splatter 2x12" OG $20 Thrice Palms 2018 Grey Opaque With Black Swirl LP OG $20 Thrice The Illusion Of Safety 2002 Black LP, Black $40 Toad The Wet Sprocket Bread And Circus 1989 Black LP, Album $10 Touché Amoré / The Casket Lottery Split 7" 2012 Beige marble 7", EP, RP, Pin $3 U2 In God's Country 1987 Black 7", Single, SRC $25 Unwed Sailor The Faithful Anchor 2022 Blue, Yellow, Black Swirl LP, Album, RE, RM, Blu $10 Veruca Salt Seether c/w All Hail Me 1994 Black 7", Single, UK $5 Waxahatchee Live At Third Man 2018 Black 7" $12 Waxahatchee Ivy Tripp 2015 Black LP, Album $25 Waxahatchee Cerulean Salt 2013 Blue Translucent LP, Album, Blu $15 Waxahatchee American Weekend 2017 White LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Whi $15 Waxahatchee Great Thunder 2018 Yellow LP, EP, Ltd, Yel $5 We Love You I'll Go It Alone From Here 2016 Gold 7", gol $18 White Lung Paradise 2016 Black LP, Album $30 Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2011 Black 2xLP, Album, RE, RP, 180 + CD, Album, Enh $8 Willie Nelson Pretty Paper 1979 Black LP, Album, Emb eBay Wolf Alice My Love Is Cool box set 2016 Black, various 2xLP, Album + 10", EP, RE + 10", EP, RE + CD, Comp ON EBAY: https://www.ebay.com/itm/304819003266 $40 Wolf Alice Blue Weekend 2021 Blue LP, Album, P/Mixed, Blu + CD, EP + Ltd $80 Wolf Alice Visions Of A Life 2017 White Ltd + 2xLP, Album, Whi + 7" $6 World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Death to New Years 2015 Half white half sea blue 7", Hal $15 World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Always Foreign 2017 Coke Bottle Clear LP, Cok $5 Yes Going For The One 1977 Black LP, Album, PRC $4 Zero Mostel How The Grinch Stole Christmas 1975 Black LP, Album $12 Zookeeper Pink Chalk 2014 Black LP, Album, Ltd, Cok $400* Zwan Mary Star Of The Sea 2003 Black 2xLP, Album *OVERPRICED I know but I get offers for it all the time, and this is what it would actually take for me to part with it!
  16. All drama aside, the current line-up is the best they have ever had IMO and I find Illusory Walls to be SO MUCH BETTER than their other albums (which I do also like). I agree doing shows for the 10th anniversary of Whenever, If Ever is silly.
  17. Having attended the last two Furnace Fests, let me assure you, you are most definitely NOT too old. 😅
  18. Put photos of the Neko Case box set on Instagram today: https://www.instagram.com/p/CoidPa7Oer1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  19. thanks for the recommendation, thanks! Feels weird to add prices this high, but I think they are fair.
  20. FYI put images of the Wolf Alice box on my Instagram today: https://www.instagram.com/p/CoVI9klO9SI/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  21. When I first checked for Detroit tickets, I only saw the $90+ VIP tickets. The second time I checked, I only could find tickets on resale sites for $80 or more. I was worried this was another Taylor Swift-like scenario. But then thankfully I tried again and found the presale code, which gave me access to tickets for $35 each or so; ultimately I got two for $82 including fees. I do feel that in the last 6 months buying concert tickets has become increasingly difficult and expensive. When I saw Thrice on the Horizons East tour in fall of 2021, I am pretty sure I bought my ticket for face value the week of the show. But there are many shows I want to go to in 2023 (Alvvays, Death Cab) that sold out in minutes, probably because of bots, and the only tickets available are 3x the original cost. With concert tickets, my philosophy is that I pay original face value or I am not attending. The only way I see for artists to combat this is to allow each venue to sell the tickets directly through their own site and not use Ticketmaster for all the shows on the tour. Not that that will prevent bots entirely, but clearly bots have it easier when they can snag all the tickets from the same site. (And actually I am honestly ready just to drive over to a venue and buy a physical ticket on paper again!)
  22. So pumped for this! Really love this album, the only Eisley LP never to have been released on vinyl.
  23. I'm in need of some cash, so putting these up for offers, which are theoretically the most valuable pieces in my collection. edit-adding prices per recommendation: $350- Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool- 2xLP, Album + 10", EP, RE + 10", EP, RE + CD, Comp (weighs 5 pounds) $350 -Neko Case – Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition 8 x All Media (weighs 9 pounds) SOLD $250 -Nada Surf – Vinyl Box Set 1994-2008 Box Set, Limited Edition, Compilation (weighs 5 pounds) Can provide exact shipping cost for your location, feel free to DM for a quote. As you can imagine, these are all pretty heavy. I have 100% rating on Discogs (drenchedecent), but would rather not sell them there because of the massive cut Discogs would get. Considering eBay, but a hassle considering how many photos I would have to take and upload. All three are NM/VG+. I love them, so have I cared for them and stored them well. For Wolf Alice there are some scratches on the outside box (which is black and glossy and was a really bad production decision), but the records have barely been listened to (twice each maybe?). The Neko Case set is closer to mint, and three or four of the albums have never been spun. I just checked, and two are still sealed actually. Neko autographed the booklet as well. The only Nada Surf record to have been spinned more than once is "Let Go". "The Weight is a Gift" is sealed as I have another variant. Happy to share photos or more details through DMs.

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