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  1. I’m totally digging this album. Hit me at the right place at the right time. I just got a new job, it’s Spring and the sun is shining, and this album is a celebration. Also pumped that I got the record on release day and my first full listen was n my turntable.
  2. 😫 I would love to have both of these, but just can't pay that for EPs.
  3. Anyone have any idea if there are any US stores that have the Frightened Rabbit EP's? Lots for sale on Discogs, but all from EU sellers. The only RSD release I have picked up so far is the Camera Obscura.
  4. The midnight opening I remember the most was February 28/29, 2000 for Smashing Pumpkins Machina. It was at Magic Platter in Birmingham, AL. The other one I remember attending was when R.E.M.- Reveal, Weezer's Green, and Tool- Lateralus all released on the same day in May of 2001.
  5. I'd be curious to know how including a book, or any extras, impacts profit margin. Getting books made is expensive. However, one of my favorite books from the last few years is the "One Day When We Are Young: Mineral at 25" release, which was/is only $30 (but no licensing costs as the songs were new). It seems like the best way for a label or band to make money off a reissue would be to keep it as simple as possible? I have read on another discussion board about people only wanting the book. So maybe if you buy this package you could sell the book and keep the record? However, based on the images of the design, it seems like it's all one complete package and the book and LP slide into the same sleeve. Anyway, it does seem like they should have come up with a basic LP option with no book and no extras.
  6. Really love this "surprise release." No singles or anything like that, just a few hour heads up that it was dropping at midnight. And in this age where vinyl production takes forever, I greatly prefer artists and labels waiting until they have the physical product in hand to begin sales, rather than having a pre-order like "vinyl ships in 2023." I ordered the navy and white vinyl from Bandcamp, and have listened to the album through twice--enjoying it, but I need to dig into the lyrics.
  7. SO MUCH. I can't begin to summarize. But I would say the last decade of Project 86 is illegitimate. Or at least it's not the same band. Project 86 would have made more sense with Randy, Steven, and Alex and another vocalist than it has been with Schwab continuing with other musicians.
  8. AMAZING! YES! OK, I am totally buying it now to support Randy, Alex, and Steven.
  9. Was a huge fan of this band and album at the time, and the album holds up, but honestly no chance I am buying this considering Andrew Schwab and all his crap in the last decade.
  10. I did the exact same thing and also wondering what color--that price was too good to pass up!
  11. Haha! Seems like the most common Graveface test pressing. I have never been a Xiu Xiu fan, but I'll have to spin this and see what I think since it looks like I'm keeping it.
  12. I have 128: Xiu Xiu- Knife Play that I’d be willing to pass on.
  13. Thanks so much! I picked up the Sufjan Christmas boxset, which I have wanted for years, and I am glad I waited--I got it for $48 shipped! Then I placed a second order for two additional LPs for $34 shipped. And I have already gotten shipping notification for part of my orders.
  14. I got Xiu Xiu ‎– Knife Play. Not really that interested in it, so if anyone wants to trade or buy, let me know. The screened outer sleeve is awesome though.
  15. My red copy just arrived and it is a really nice package. Red foil stamping on the front and back of a heavy-weight cardboard sleeve. And the record itself is single-sided with an etching on side B (that "floating" person they've used in all their promotional materials). I am trying to wait another week before I begin spinning Christmas music, but I may have to go ahead and put this one on, which will of course open the floodgates to my holiday collection.
  16. 1-2-3-4 Go! Sent me this reply: "Hello! XL Recordings is making new replacement discs, I'd suggest emailing them and they should be able to send you one!" Then they provided this email address: [email protected] I sent XL a message this morning, I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  17. This is exact same thing happened for me! So frustrating. I ordered mine from 1-2-3-4-Go and about to reach out to them for support.
  18. I was able to return in store today and get a new copy. Unfortunately, all four copies on the shelf were damaged in some way. I bought the one of the four that was the least bent, but still has one crushed corner. I considered buying a second copy to help out someone here who needed it, but all were too damaged. What's interesting to consider is that the copies that are coming in the mail may have been damaged even before individual shipment. I did open up and inspect each record in the parking lot before I left, and thankfully the wax itself appears mint and there is no embedded paper shards like my first copy. But now that I have seen and held 5 copies of this 4xLP, the weight of the vinyl is just too much for the thin cardboard. If anyone gets a copy that has a sleeve that is NM, consider yourself fortunate.
  19. I got my Target order today and sadly will be returning it. I am currently listening to LP3, and it sounds fantastic, but many, many problems with this as a whole. Number one, it was shipped in a whiplash mailer, but it was not sealed tightly, and got beat up. All four corners dented, and one corner a significant bend a couple of inches in. Also the cardboard was thin and flimsy and much weaker than the standard whiplash mailer. The biggest problem though was in manufacturing. LP1 has tiny bits of paper embedded in the wax! At first I thought it was white and black wax that got accidentally embedded in the wax, and if so, I would have just kept it. But nope, it's paper! And of course that leads to tons of skipping. LP1 is unplayable. I will return in-store to hopefully find a replacement on the shelves. I'm in no rush to return it, I'll listen to records 2, 3, and 4 a lot over the next few days before I can get to Target.
  20. Hoping for 90's releases, but I am not optimistic.
  21. Interested in any color, any pressing. I am in the USA , and see a couple copies on Discogs for sale in Europe. Have held off so far due to shipping costs.
  22. My Euro and German variants arrived today--shipped from HHV in Germany and now in Detroit! Can't wait to put one of them on the turntable when I get home.
  23. I totally echo all of this! Due to how great it is, I'm going to see them live a week from today. Hoping I can pick up the tour variant at the show as well; I saw on Instagram that they do have a few to sell at each show.
  24. This is me as well. I saw them last week in Detroit and thought they sounded great, and enjoyed the setlist. I have now seen them six times since 2007, and while I mourn that there are some songs I'll never hear them play again, I am OK with. A friend went with me last week who doesn't really know Thrice, and I explained to him that the band played none of my top-5 favorite Thrice songs, but I I knew they wouldn't, and I was OK with it. My favorite part of the set was when they played "Buried in the Sun" and "Just Breathe" back-to-back, as those are my fav songs from each of the most recent two albums.

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