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  1. Thanks! I don’t post video to social media “live”, but I do like to film and then go back and edit.
  2. If anyone is interested, I made a video recap (it's long! 28 minutes) of Furnace Fest. Includes footage of 25 bands:
  3. Incredible! Sounded a lot better than Detroit IMO. Sadly FF has had a hard time staying in schedule this year, so they didn’t get to play the final two songs on the album. But in Detroit they cut out the middle theee songs, so if I combine both shows I got to experience the full album. lots of people shooting high-quality videos, so be on the lookout.
  4. Update-- Day 1 was a success! I found the Dead Poetic Obi strip from UOV easily, and then did a random name wheel and notified the winner. I'll let him identify himself if he'd like. Doing the same again today--will be on the lookout when I get through the gate for the UOV guys--if it works the winner is notified by email. I will say this year it is really easy and no problem. I kept bumping into Jason (no line) and he still had Dead Poetic Obi strips later in the day. Part of this is there are clearly not as many people at FF this year. Also, the Blindside LP is not going on sale until today. That is my #1 priority headed into the gate this morning and we'll see how it goes. They also have a sweet poster I want to pick up they posted on their Instagram. As far as the music yesterday, Thrice was easily my #1, they were so tight as usual and "Illusion of Safety" sounded fantastic. They wrapped up with That Hideous Strength, Artist in the Ambulance, and Hurricane. A close second for me was Stretch Arm Strong. SAS also wins the award for the best merch--at least 5 different SAS shirts I wanted, but I bought two last year, so none this time. Finally, Drug Church and Capra really impressed me. Today is loaded!
  5. You still want these? I can probably help you out. DM me if you still need them.
  6. I got the yellow False Cathedrals shirt in Detroit and I love it. Clean, simple design and high quality, soft shirt. I've worn it three times already. Agreed so much about Jay. They sounded fantastic last week and I can't wait to see them play the whole album today at FF!
  7. Sigh. I held out for awhile but this was the tipping point for me canceling my TS store order ($39!!!). The only current order I have placed for "Midnights" is for the lavender from Target.
  8. Chris (only original member of Appleseed) has openly struggled with finances for a long time. He sent mass email in 2021 about it, and always is asking for places for the band to sleep. I feel bad for him and hoping friends intervene. I love the music, but it doesn’t seem sustainable at this point. Chris really needs to reconcile this situation with Charlie Wagers and the failed Old Canes Kickstarter.
  9. I didn't even try to get the OUV exclusives last year as I refused to wait in line while shows were going on to get them. Seems like their plan is better this year. And will be curious about Blindside as well--it will be the first thing I look for when I get through the gate Friday morning, but I am expecting it not to be on sale until the day they play--Saturday.
  10. Yeah, super sad. Charlie Wagers is amazing. I have two of his posters (mewithoutYou, Frightened Rabbit) framed and on my walls.
  11. Completely agreed . The Beths aren't breaking any new ground per se, but they have perfected their craft. One of the things that was especially impressive in the live setting was the harmonies. All four members of the band were so on point. And Elizabeth's songwriting is fantastic.
  12. With the Sagarmatha reissue coming, would love for the band to promote it through their shows. They have played no songs from it this year. Also, more surprising is that they have played zero LLO songs this year:
  13. Wondering if the 5000 is a typo? I am finally looking at the RSD list with quantities and I see that Fountains of Wayne is 3500. Hard to reconcile those numbers.
  14. Pumped about the Fountains of Wayne! I just listened to "Traffic and Weather" with my family on a road trip a couple weeks ago and wished and wondered when it would be the final FOW album to be pressed on wax.
  15. I may be able to help out. I've got to figure out how many LP's I'll be able to realistically fly home with.
  16. The green vinyl for “Expert in A Dying Field” was delivered to me on Monday! I’ve been spinning it ever since and it’s fantastic! I saw the Beths in Detroit about a month ago and they blew me away.
  17. I love the Appleseed Cast, and I love “Sagarmatha”, it’s my 2nd-fav album by the band, but 5000?! Wow. A lot more Appleseed fans out there than I realized. Also, I was just reminded how terrible the CD cover is for this release.
  18. Let's do the random drawing. DM me if you want in and clarify if you want Dead Poetic, Life In Your Way, or both). To clarify, if you win the first drawing on Friday of FF, you will not be eligible for the second drawing on Saturday.
  19. I’ll be at FF thankfully, so I am happy to help people out. I am going to try to buy Embodyment and Blindside for myself, but I am not interested in the other two. I’m happy to try to pick up the Obi strips though and pass them on. Maybe I’ll just do a random drawing for whoever is interested? Any other ideas so that I can give everyone a fair chance?
  20. I’m going to FF and Silence will be #1 on my list personally. I’m anxious about getting one for myself, but if I can get extras, I’ll try. I’m sure more variants are coming, but with a different cover.
  21. “Silence” has gotta be one of them. I even heard on a podcast with the FF guys and they said one of the vinyl exclusives is a band from Sweden.
  22. Woo hoo! I have been waiting for this. I was actually in Target recently and thought about buying a few things, but forced myself to wait for the sale.
  23. I’m totally digging this album. Hit me at the right place at the right time. I just got a new job, it’s Spring and the sun is shining, and this album is a celebration. Also pumped that I got the record on release day and my first full listen was n my turntable.