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  1. My rainbow copy is nearly flawless as well. You too may one day own a flawless rainbow variant of this album! Honestly though, the appendix tracks are really great for what they are and the hidden instrumental track is rad.
  2. Got mine in today, too. Haven't listened to the records yet but I do have a/b, c/d labels. edit: all is well in the house of Gnome
  3. How many copies on clear vinyl did he get pressed behind the band's back to trade for test presses and sell on eBay? 100? 500?
  4. Have you called/checked your local shops? They may have very well received the creme variant if they placed an order for it before the last week or two.
  5. Right on! I was hoping these would start showing up out of the blue. Can't wait to tear into those bonus tracks.
  6. Yeah, as far as I know. He dropped my Prawn print off at Square Records a handful of weeks ago so that I didn't have to have it shipped. I assumed he'd only do that if he was still local.
  7. Yeah, I've done a few test jackets for board members. The art is usually custom and full-color, printed with HD inks and then adhered to a standard LP jacket. The final product ends up looking closest to a tip-on style jacket.
  8. Congrats to whoever just got AGBOL's YAOMM. Had such a killer test jacket planned for it but wasn't going over $50ppd. Feel free to hit me up if you want me to make it for ya!
  9. Charlie Wagers lives in my neighborhood. Now I reaaally want my deluxe to arrive, preferably yesterday.
  10. I'm pretty sure it becomes available after you change your password on the new website. If that is indeed true, you'd need to be a member.
  11. Hoping to find a creme in the wild here soon. Not sure how I missed such good news of this repress. I'll be happy to own it regardless of variant.
  12. Well geez, don't ruin the ending for everyone. You didn't even use a spoiler!?
  13. Totally with you on both accounts. Right on! I'll take you up on that if it's possible.
  14. Damn, definitely sucks not to be near this tour. I'm newly relocated and geographically challenged; I thought Columbus might not be too bad but it's still over 2 hours each way on a Thursday. Bummers to the max.
  15. Can't believe it's only $20 on Amazon. While there are only 4-5 tracks I'd like to hear from it, that price point has me close to grabbing this.
  16. It's my understanding that they printed the labels before they received the records, so they could be ready to ship ASAP after arrival; I doubt that they'll be updating them with tracking info. If they received them last Thursay, Oct 22, when they were supposed to, everyone in the lower 48 should have them within a week or two. Someone posted a link to a reddit thread with some info from the band's manager a few days ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/mewithoutYou/comments/3pjhqh/has_anyone_heard_any_news_about_the_deluxe_pale/cw7y2ph
  17. I'd be surprised if Bad Timing didn't reissue this before too long. Good luck in your search for a copy!
  18. If anyone is really that butt hurt over the way it turned out I'm sure you can shoot them an email and change your order to a 180g black; they are still available.
  19. Works for me. Now deliver that sucker and gimme those bonus tracks.