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  1. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Little bit of everything here for you guys... Editors – The Back Room www.piasartists.com/thebackroom QOP709315677 Oh, Weatherly – Lips Like Oxygen www.atozmedia.com/soundcard QIJS7XQ9Q8HNJ Twenty One Pilots – Trench http://twentyonepilots.com/trench-vinyl RPMSW5Q8KQ9WFA
  2. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Interpol – Marauder www.matadorrecords.com/codes INTM6GM827XGSWZ2BGEC EL VY – Return to the Moon www.beggarsgroupusa.com/promo RET7J234297 Death Cab for Cutie – Thank You for Today www.deathcabforcutie.com/vinyl RPQYGRYQTJ7U4T Turnover – Good Nature www.dropcards.com/runforcoverrecords VV7XC4HDNT
  3. SuperBuckeye30

    FYE Exclusives

    My local Urban Outfitters carries this on red vinyl too, but for only $32.99. That $50 price point is ridiculous!
  4. SuperBuckeye30

    WTB: Twenty One Pilots Bootlegs

    DMing you now. Can help with both of these for you!
  5. SuperBuckeye30

    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Has anyone been able to check their Amazon LOTR box set yet? Did Bull Moose state the extent of the damage?
  6. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Here are a bunch of codes up for grabs. Give a shout if you take something so your fellow music enthusiasts know what's still available. Beck – Colors www.Beck.com/ColorsVinyl VmmNj2fH Beyonce – Lemonade http://beyonce.com/lemonade-download YCXG4C6R Dashboard Confessional – Crooked Shadows http://redemptions.warnermusic.com/dashboard RPBFPQDFR88QS4 Editors – Violence www.piasartists.com/violencedeluxe SNT904283924 Future Islands – In the Fall EP thrilljockey.com/dlcode 1c56ef042bbb John Carpenter – Lost Themes http://sacredbonesrecords.com/download/ H58H63753R New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick www.atozmedia.com/soundcard 28Q5EZLM9L Of Mice & Men – Defy www.dropcards.com/vinyl 64C9JY93MT STRFKR – Being No One, Going Nowhere www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl V45M2AA6UT77TVTU Weezer – Pacific Daydream http://redemptions.warnermusic.com/weezer-download RPMQL2DD84GMKH
  7. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Andrew Belle – Dive Deep www.dropcards.com/vinyl 7D97R5D6YC The Menzingers – After the Party www.dropcards.com/vinyl CGRP6WHJ6R
  8. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Future Islands – The Far Field www.beggarsgroupusa.com/promo FAR46B56B25
  9. SuperBuckeye30

    PO: The Maine - lovely, little, lonely

    Boy, they sure shipped this quick. Ordered Sunday night and arrived today. This is a great looking variant!
  10. SuperBuckeye30

    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Anyone come across photos of these variants yet? Curious to see how they all look!
  11. A good majority have been traded in to my local record store, but still plenty available with newly lowered prices which include shipping in the cost you see listed. Let me know if you're interested in any!
  12. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom iamhalsey.com/hfkalbum fv42YJhr
  13. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Not sure if this works or not, but worth a try... Owen – The Seaside EP www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl 179GM7333RA
  14. SuperBuckeye30

    various download codes

    Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark? http://redeem.warnerartists.com/howdidwegetsodark HD9839C9AF
  15. Picked this up today from Barnes & Noble on Pink vinyl, and it looks great!