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  1. Zia Records has the indie exclusive in stock: https://www.ziarecords.com/p/11541780/fallon-brian-local-honey-indie-exclusive-caramel-mix-colored-vinyl-ltd-to-500
  2. Tegan and Sara info: Recorded live from their “Hey, I’m Just Like You” Tour.Includes exclusive versions of Tegan and Sara favorites on limited edition purple splatter vinyl. 1 Hey, I’m Just like You (Live) 2 Don’t Believe the Things They Tell You (They Lie) [Live] 3 I’ll Be Back Someday (Live) 4 Boyfriend (Live) 5 Divided (Live) 6 Closer (Live) 7 Back in Your Head (Live) 8 White Knuckles (Live)
  3. I’m with you on this. The ORG pressing sounds fantastic. The bonus stuff got me though.
  4. LOL I love this message board. I had some bad experiences with a few box sets. I remember the SP MCIS box a few years ago was kind of a mess. Hope this turns out good!
  5. I'm probably over thinking this as I do almost everything in life... But my thoughts are that they are producing so many of these things 300,000+ Box Sets using several different pressing plants, I'm wondering about quality control. Also my thought is 7x 180 Gram LPs, plus 7 CDs shoved into that box. I'm fearing warping might be bad... I just feel that Amazon would allow me to swap our box sets , and allow me to construct a good set of LPs.
  6. After you add it to your cart and checkout, it gives you 40% off making it like 117+tax. I have a bad feeling about this entire box set, I think I'm going to keep my amazon order and cancel the one through Garth's store. At least with Amazon i know they will swap out bad Box Sets without any hassle.
  7. https://theraconteurs.bandcamp.com/album/help-us-stranger FLASH SALE! Limited edition green ‘Help Us Stranger’ cassettes are available until 11:30pm ET tonight only via our Bandcamp. Each comes with an instant digital download of the new record. These are never to be made again. Get them while you can!
  8. That's what I'm thinking too, and it's on Capital Records. Looks like he's back on the Artists page on Capital Records Website too. I would say they have to know something, or at least think they know. They are probably also sitting on a pile of 20,000 LPs.
  9. LOL Negative, I saw it on the Facebook Ryan Adams group. Good call on the reddit group, for some reason i never thought to look for a DRA subreddit. Looks like another store had a Red variation posted but it either sold out, or was taken down.
  10. Looks like Amazon & Best Buy have posted pre orders for Big Colors. Release date appears to be April 19th. Amazon has an Orange exclusive.
  11. I just watched a video of him talking about this thing. He said both Analog and Digital box sets will have an MSRP of $49.99 each; and the Limited Edition has Analog Vinyl and Digital Mastering for CDs which will be $74.99 MSRP. All 3 sets will be available at retail. Update: Analog Box: 7LP & 7CD - All in original unaltered analog mastering. Digital Remixed Remastered: 7LP & 7CD - All the remixed remastered version. Limited Edition: 7LP original analog pressing, 7CD remixed remastered version, and this includes 'bonus tracks.' He didn't specify if the vinyl would have those bonus tracks or not...
  12. Yeah, I’m not sure how they’re making money... unless these things are the cheapest PoS we’ve ever seen... LOL. I really only want the Analog set...
  13. It’s live. Came out to $134.14. I believe shipping is free... Not 100% on that though. They said the hope to have this live all night tonight. Pretty insane for 3 Box sets with 7LPs and CDs... I honestly don’t even understand what I’m getting. So 1 Analog pressing, 1 Digital Source Remastered pressing, and another Digital Remaster box, but with B-Sides CDs as a bonus?