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  1. Banquet UK exclusive /300: https://www.banquetrecords.com/the-menzingers/from-exile/FROMEXILE
  2. If the past is any guide, the blue will pop back up. Glad I held out for the Gallery of Sound exclusive.
  3. Looks like the indie exclusive is already live for pre-order at some shops [note that the stores that pop up on this link are based on your location; if you put in a different zip code, different stores will show up]: https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/045778780204
  4. Sophomore record from this N.C. based rock band is up for preorder now. Their first record is terrific so this was an easy purchase for me: New West Exclusive (pink vinyl, signed): https://store.newwestrecords.com/collections/new-from-new-west/products/the-nude-party-midnight-manor-signed-new-west-exclusive-colored-vinyl Indie Exclusive (translucent purple): https://craft-n-vinyl.com/UPC/607396543311 Rough Trade Exclusive (midnight marmalade /300) plus bonus 7": https://www.roughtrade.com/us/the-nude-party/midnight-manor/lp-plus
  5. I guess you need to be a member. Here's some copy and paste from user "McCool" who always has lots of quasi-inside info: Yes it looks like a release of "Wildflowers: All The Rest" is forthcoming but as I stressed in the other thread, outside of the loose parameters given by Adria Petty for a 2020 release no official announcement or release date for "Wildflowers: All The Rest" has been set as of this date. Essentially the Tom Petty estate in cooperation with The Heartbreakers and the assistance of Tom Petty's longtime engineer Ryan Ulyate has made the decision to preview one of the tracks that is going to be included as part of the "Wildflowers: All The Rest" project when it appears to market. Trust me, I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade I just want the most accurate information out there regarding the trajectory of this project going forward and all public indications are as of this date, it is still being worked on by all concerned parties. So Stay Tuned! PS: As mentioned above the eight-track home demo of "You Don't Know How It Feels" retains lyrics that would eventually find their way into "Crawling Back To You". "Crawling Back To You" was one of the latter day "Wildflowers" compositions, being composed initially with the "Greatest Hits" project in mind so it's not surprising the song lyrics that would eventually feature in that song were initially heard in a separate composition. Just a few more bits 'n' bobs before I head out, for those who were unable to either hear or have access to the broadcast tonight: 01. The project has always been called "Wildflowers: All The Rest". For some confounded reason people across the internet have been referring to it as "Wildflowers 2" like it's the Return Of The Jedi or something. That isn't that title. The title that Tom Petty selected for the project basically from it's inception was "Wildflowers: All The Rest". 02. If you listened closely to Adria Petty's commentary on the track sequencing for the original double disc version of "Wildflowers" that was supposed to appear back in 1994, it does seem as if the Tom Petty estate has gained access to at least one of Tom Petty and Rick Rubin's proposed track sequences for the original double disc. This is an issue that was speculated about last year regarding how "Wildflowers: All The Rest" could potentially be formatted when it is finally released to market. 03. Mark Felsot of SiriusXM's "Tom Petty Radio" has confirmed that Tom Petty at least as of 2014 was not able to bring "Wildflowers: All The Rest" to a conclusion which is possibly why there is further work for his estate to embark upon in terms of preparing this particular archival release for market. Tom Petty was obviously invested in this project throughout the latter years of his life, he just may have not been able to see a final banded version of it to fruition. 04. Adria Petty did give Tom Petty/Heartbreakers fans some tantalizing information regarding the potential contents of what "Wildflowers: All The Rest" could contain. While outside of one exception she didn't mention any specifics in regards to tracks she did state that "Wildflowers" was originally going to comprise the fifteen track album that we all know, the additional content that comprises "All The Rest" and then curiously "Girl On LSD" which was never short-listed for "Wildflowers" at any time but it seems that it may be an addition to "Wildflowers: All The Rest" nonetheless. =========== BEST CLASSIC BANDS has posted up a distillation of the news/information that was revealed this evening on SiriusXM's "Tom Petty Radio". If you so wish, you can check that out here: Tom Petty 'Wildflowers Project' Coming, Possibly in 2020 - Best Classic Bands
  6. Also, here's a pretty informative thread on the Steve Hoffman forums: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/tom-petty-wildflowers-all-the-rest-upcoming-release-speculation-thread.936766/page-6#post-24318695
  7. Looks like the announcement of the deluxe reissue is imminent:
  8. Looks like someone caught on and cancelled their bids. The bidding is way down now.
  9. As I suspect you know, there were only 60 of these and most of them went to participating bands. Not to dash your hopes but the chances of finding two of these here are pretty slim.
  10. Nice that Polyvinyl got such a limited variant. I'm gonna stick with the cherry bomb though so I can support a brick and mortar store.
  11. At Soundgarden in Baltimore it came to $34 total with shipping.
  12. Indie exclusive "cherry bomb: https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/045778771653
  13. Interested to see how many more variants are announced.
  14. This 3 minute highlight reel of the final show is so filthy. Oh my
  15. Bear, where did you see that pressing info? I didn't see it when I ordered.