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  1. I can't believe I just spent 35 dollars on a record that I was forced to wait an extra 6 months for. Why do I do this to myself? Ten more bucks says I'll get seem splits up the arse just like my copy of Deloused, ya know, just to top it off. Anyone wanna start a two person riot with me if the sound quality isn't amazing on this thing?
  2. You think if I put myself in box and mail it to Katy perry, I'll get signed?
  3. This is totally going to turn into a Black Friday Walmart debacle. Somehow, someway, someone is gonna get trampled over these, and it ain't gonna be pretty. I say we turn the first day into an American Gladiator match.
  4. Spam bot?! Juan banned you for not loving T.Swift enough.
  5. Ten bucks says sometime soon you'll regret removing the signature. In fact, since time = money, by the time you're done you could have found another one of these records and saved yourself money, time, and your sanity. Ya know what, just throw it out, you've probably already screwed it up. I'm trying to wrap my head around why it's bad that he signed it? Did he smash the tip of the sharpy in the record? Cuz if that's the case your record is already ruined... You obviously don't like the artist enough to want to keep their signature.... Sheet, if one of my favorite artists signed one of my limited vinylz I would be so happy.
  6. So I got my record from kranky the other day, and I've tried not to be upset about it, but I got one with both seam splits on the jacket itself along with the inserts that hold the record.... is my anger founded? After hearing how Mr. Kranky works I'm afraid to even contact them. I told tiny engines once about a beefed hotlier jacket and s/he sent me one without question. Should I bother contacting Kranky Pants? You think sending them this will get the point across?
  7. Anyone know if they use the remastered version of Moon and Antarctica for the repress? I have the original pressing...but I didn't have the repress...can never have too much MM.....