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  1. Anyone know where I can find the eno/Shields 12” at a reasonable price?
  2. Nah...was more interested in the pink floyd and thought i'd tack on the single. Thanks though!
  3. I'd also be down for participating if the spots open up.
  4. How much? Anyone have any experience with arc effect pedals?
  5. Heyman's promos these past two weeks have been amazing.
  6. Want this. I'm surprised the maria taylor stuff happened before this record.
  7. So bittersweet. Won some cash...but roman reigns =\
  8. 1. twizzlers cherry pull and peel. there was just something about that fake cherry flavor. 2. I asked a girl out to prom and she said yes. Everything was fine and dandy for a good while and then one day she gives me a letter telling me it was off. I was heartbroken at the time, but looking back i am so glad i avoided that person.