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  1. the only thing Big Bang does better than Community is the laugh track. And the fact that people still use viewership to show how good a show is blows my mind. Nickelback sells out arenas, they must be doing something right.
  2. I got my tickets to the 'FINAL' show now that theyve actually said that i might believe them. the ducatking presale was a serious sneak attack though, i didnt see it (and still havent seen where it was) posted but luckily my friend saw it and tipped me off, i think i got two of the last ones before they were gone. and above poster is right about the on sale date, i'm just glad i dont have to wait a week to know i have tickets.
  3. the above post has it right, its not 'punk fans' that still go to thrice shows to yell deadbolt, its the bros. i loved when they switched from deadbolt to songs like awake and avenge the dead recently. the deadbros will be the one thing i wont miss about thrice shows.
  4. super cool that Seahaven is opening that LA show though
  5. the pomona one? yes. edit: ah, didnt see they added an LA one too. oh well, still stands, ill be at the glasshouse show.
  6. ATDI's set was cut short because (as Cedric tweeted), Justice's crew took too long to break down
  7. it was so weird reading this thread with this record on the shelf next to me. Then I noticed the dates.
  8. It's the exact same line-up next weekend. he's talking about the streaming line up
  9. they actually dont conflict at the festival. some of the streams arent quite live.
  10. Why don't you just go to the Promise Ring show at the Avalon? Im going to be gone all summer and the soonest i'll be back is actually the morning of the 12th. so rules out avalon show.
  11. it looks like the schedules are the same both weekends, which is mostly good except for the black keys/eits conflict. so bummed. I missed EITS at FYF too because they conflicted with DFA1979. im going next weekend so im trying to avoid streams
  12. straight up buuuuullshit that this is on the same night as the promise ring
  13. we sell these at work, so often they are my lunch. white chocolate mac nut and chocolate mint are the best. clif mojo are pretty good, the new white chocolate in those is super good. my favorite are the clif builders, the chocolate covered ones though, the mint ones? so goddamn good.
  14. I cant wait to watch this movie when it comes out and then in another six years when people stop quoting it incessantly
  15. yeah but only for like, three days. they could still do most of it
  16. its not gonna be a big band, this tour is about thrice and all the attention should/will be on them. i dont think they would put in a band thats on their level popularity wise. im betting on a smaller band that they are friends with/fans of. on this tour i would rather a few smaller openers and then a long, long thrice set rather them split it up and give an hour long set to a big band. edit: its out of the blue but id love to see all get out on this tour
  17. definitely will be on top of getting tickets to this, its gonna be nuts. and yeah, they will be going on sale the week of the show.
  18. yup, i'm pretty disappointed that this isn't about hookers
  19. Coach from the New Girl (aka Damon Wayans Jr) didn't come back after the pilot because his other show, Happy Endings, got picked up. Good too, because its way better than the New Girl. I second being pissed that 30 Rock is midseason because Whitney is the fucking worst. Between that and Two Broke Girls, Whitney Cummings is fucking ruining TV. Stuff I've been watching is Community, Parks and Rec, the Archer three episode swing, Its Always Sunny, The Office, Big Bang, and that stuff. I haven't really enjoyed any of the new shows I've checked out, bummer.

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