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  1. yeah, its only really a growth of the same sound
  2. hope schleck or evans can take contador down this year
  3. people are saying that ashlee is the singer, sounds enough like her and makes sense. sounds like panic at the disco. meh.
  4. i bet he's got a tramp stamp of hitler fucking a wizard
  5. it is very much on the poppy side of pop-punk/rock whatever you want to call it but it is good and with substance. i do wish they sounded a little more like they do live but i do second the starting line mixed with midtown comparison. its a very drive-thru circa 2000/90s pop-rock album.
  6. the montage at the end of the episode is the saddest thing in the history of television
  7. any socal people been to 4th and B? interested in that show but ive never been to that venue before.
  8. posted in the other thread but both these bands were great last night. don't miss them.
  9. all the (touring) bands were amazing tonight. fantastic show.
  10. i didn't get the PM I GUESS I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU
  11. yeah, i would love a new album too. canyoneer is amazing. jon from this band is in one of those terrible neon-pop bands now. thats now the lamest thing you've heard all day.
  12. yeah i watched some special where they got the dude to confess but it got thrown out on some technicality. grade A scumbag
  13. oh yay, trolls who troll other trolls. this must be message board hell.
  14. love em, hoping to see them a couple times this summer
  15. i'll probably be getting all four yanked soon. my friend just went in and got 5 pulled. she had 6. nuts.
  16. now hopeless records officially have 1 good band. hopefully this works out great for the band though, they deserve it.
  17. well, yeah. but not everyone is going to sound and fury.
  18. Santa Barbara all the way to Arizona without a stop in between? Dumb.