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  1. This Australian store has it too. $18 USD + $10 for shipping https://24hundred.net/products/meg-dia-happysad-12-vinyl-lp
  2. You can find signed Deluxe and Standard CDs at this site... It's the only place I've been able to locate this album signed. No vinyl option They will ship to US though! https://store.universalmusic.com/carlyraejepsen/*/*/Dedicated-Signed-Deluxe-CD/63W10000000
  3. Got a message that the Thank U Next 7" was delayed for shipment til March 31
  4. I hate that I saw it, didn't get it, and now want it
  5. I missed 7 Rings personally I picked up two of Break Up With Your Girlfriend if anyone has an extra they'd like to trade!
  6. No one's mentioned above, but Thank U, Next and 7 Rings 7" singles have come and gone on Ariana's site... Right now there's a Break Up With Your Girlfriend 7" single available, marked as limited... If it's the same as the others, it'll only be available for a few days https://shop.arianagrande.com/products/break-up-with-your-girlfriend-im-bored-7-vinyl-digital-single There's a cassette available too
  7. Word of warning: this dude popped up on Reddit recently under the name themanaplan He ended up scamming multiple people with this one. Several Redditors including myself are filing police reports with the LAPD.
  8. Someone on reddit said the following: "The album distributor cancelled UO’s order according to customer service. As of now there will be no UO version if they’re to be believed."
  9. I ordered on last Friday morning and got a cancellation email
  10. I think the Deluxe is limited considering the Lorde online store no longer has it available for sale.
  11. there are three videos dropping, one a week starting on the 18th
  12. That's just a lithograph, not a record sleeve
  13. A collector's edition is coming later next year (according to Lorde on Twitter)
  14. I ordered one from UO yesterday night and noticed they moved the release date back a week from 9/08 to 9/16. Weirdly enough some people seem to have received some already? I tried to find it at my local UO on friday morning with no luck. btw you guys can save $2 on the record by signing up at myunidays.com, they have a 10% off code for students there
  15. It never showed up in my account, I never got a confirmation email and they never told me to return the pink. The teal showed up at my door today though