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  1. Hello, I was lucky enough to get this Big trouble Test press from mondo but I'm wondering if anyone out there is interested with a trade and willing to let go of their Mondo Studio Ghibli. I'll be happy to provide pictures through email (i have no clue as to how to post pictures on here). If you're in Chicago, we can arrange a meet up! Let me know!!!
  2. Dougie Jones

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Gloria Barnes Uptown is back in stock at colemine!!! about 39 left!!! https://www.coleminerecords.com/collections/store/products/b-gloria-barnes-b-br-i-uptown
  3. Dougie Jones

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    This makes thing a bit clearer. I got a Test Pressing of this with my recent order and prior to this post/email I had NO IDEA Mondo (or anyone) was doing this. Cool Beans
  4. Dougie Jones

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    I got a Mary and the witches flower double LP test pressing I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm kind of excited now.
  5. Dougie Jones

    Out Now: Tigers Jaw- spin

    You are today's hero. Thank you
  6. Dougie Jones

    Out Now: Tigers Jaw- spin

    Does anyone have an access/presale code for the tigers jaw self titled tour that was just announced???
  7. Dougie Jones

    Mae - The Everglow AVAILABLE!!

    I got the hot and cold lava. Dope
  8. My wal mart order also got cancelled. I ended up ordering the orange through amazon. $23 if I remember correctly?
  9. Dougie Jones

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Does anyone know how to get a presale code for tour tickets? I was hoping to get one with pre ordering the album but I got nothing from Triple crown. BLAAAAAHHH
  10. Currently sold out. We'll see if it goes back up.
  11. Dougie Jones

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Got that black. Can't wait
  12. Up at Urban outfitters!
  13. Dougie Jones

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    Did anyone get an order confirmation from YE if they ordered on the 7th? I got charged but never got an order confirmation. I ordered Kids see ghosts just now and i got an email immediately. Weird.