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  1. Anyone know of any valid Coupon codes for VMP? Did a google search but didn't find anything obvious
  2. How do you check VMP quantities? I couldn't find anything in the page source. No way you're clicking that + tab 4000 times. haha
  3. I've never sat down and listened to a Fiona Apple record until today. I thought it was excellent. Pulls emotion out of you and it feels like you're sitting in the room with her. I love how the Piano is BOOMING at times. Lovely.
  4. Damn. Missed it. That'll teach me for staying away from the boards for so long. Off to ebay i go...
  5. Were there any links posted for the recent songs that were released by big machine? I keep seeing them on eBay but I can't find a retail spot for them. I checked big machines label but no luck there aside from discogs. Any recommendations?
  6. I think i'm done collecting after this. Beyond excited
  7. I haven't been on this forum that much thanks to N&G but looks like I popped in at the right time...
  8. This album is fucking lovely. Too bad my copy is warped as shit. Stylus jumps around (black copy). Sent them an email about a replacement yesterday. hopefully I hear back soon. This is one i'd spin all the time
  9. Pumped for this LIZZO record. Saw her open for HAIM and she was glorious. She owned the stage. Moreso than HAIM (pains me to say it but it's the truth). Here's hoping her other albums get repressed at some point
  10. The US store description slightly changes. It now says limit 4. It did NOT say that last night when this was up. At least I don't think it did. Here's hoping they throw up some more.