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  1. Grabbed one of the packages and I am excited to listen to the entire album after work. I know lots of folks will have a wide range of opinions on the release but personally I am just glad they are making music and touring again. At this point everything after their initial run as a band is just icing on the cake for me.
  2. same here, plus after getting some pretty low quality crewneck's from merchnow preorders couldn't justify the price.
  3. Same issue here, I eventually got it on. But it took forever to get it off and I legit thought I would snap the record a couple times trying to pull it off.
  4. Here is my list of what bands I hope they press. The Chariot (The Fiancee), Showbread (No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical) He Is Legend (I Am Hollywood) or Dead Poetic. I am guessing they are going to include either the Haste the Day repressing or the Norma Jean-O'God The Aftermath in this promo run. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Underoath also maybe put into this. Hopefully they put out some long awaited stuff.
  5. It is great to see this finally come out. Wonder if we will see more releases in the future...
  6. Just snagged this as well. Was skeptical about quality but listened to one of the songs on Pitchfork and it was good enough to convince me to jump on this. Excited to spin this when it arrives.
  7. haha yeah that isn't really a valid point. There is always a cost involved, that dependable income is strained by having to support both the parents and the kids expenses. I am looking forward to the vinyl bubble collapse, for the few that will be positioned correctly financially will make out like bandits while the majority are forced to sell at 50% to 75% below current valuations.

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