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  1. My Goodwill would NEVER have anything like this. Small town VA. No chance in hell. Pretty impressed with your scores though. Living vicariously through you all.
  2. And I would have to think that most of their money probably comes from movie/advertising sync licensing. Because who wouldn't want a Sigur Ros track to be in the background of your movie...
  3. That tax thing has been out for a while. It was odd to see it pop back up - and they seem quite intent on making it right. Pitchfork, from March 2018: https://pitchfork.com/news/sigur-ros-under-investigation-for-tax-evasion-report/
  4. US/UK have different spellings of "color/colour", so choose your preference. The UK one is significantly more expensive though...
  5. And I don't believe we can ever trust the numbers. There is no way that there are only 1,500 "Baby I Love You" 7-inches. Gotta be double that at least, or else they would all be gone.
  6. Amoeba has Indie Exclusive Blue: https://www.amoeba.com/remind-me-tomorrow-colored-vinyl-lp-sharon-van-etten/albums/4082545/ Amoeba also has AMOEBA exclusive Violet (limited to 500): https://www.amoeba.com/remind-me-tomorrow-amoeba-exclusive-translucent-violet-vinyl-lp-sharon-van-etten/albums/4083257/
  7. Yeah, Common as Light was the straw the broke me. I have everything before that... had I any sense, Universal Themes would have been the end for me. But this will be nice... to be able to get a cheaper, listening copy, and give my OG a rest. It is tough to break the completist urge...
  8. Up on Amazon.de as well - Ghosts of the Great Highway repress https://t.co/gTpkx4YeNm
  9. PO up at Amazon too. Would love to know more details... and whether there is a limited pressing... https://www.amazon.com/Painted-Ruins-Grizzly-Bear/dp/B07233NSSV/ref=sr_1_5_twi_lp__1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1495200063&sr=1-5&keywords=grizzly+bear
  10. That seller on eBay was nuts. I picked up a Saintseneca for $2+ change, the latest Neko Case for $5, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks for $4. But if anybody happened to grab an extra copy of that "Day of the Dead" box... damn I would love that. I've been pretty much refreshing all day.
  11. And I have no clue how they still have some left... usually this sort of thing sells out immediately, even when Mark posts something overnight and only West-coasters see it. How a middle-of-the-day Koz limited pressing is available for over an hour is beyond me.

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