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  1. Bought mine from the udiscover store, and apparently there is a delay in getting their stock, so that's why my order (and others) are delayed.
  2. Got the Target version today. They shipped it in a regular box with some bubble wrap on top. Oh well, no damage. Sounds great!
  3. I felt like the difference between the new songs last night and old songs was a little noticable, but I'm just going to attribute that to them being new songs. Carrie was all smiles despite some of the snarling and shaking of her head that she does sometimes, lol. The were pretty excited to play and were grateful for the crowd's energy.
  4. I figured the same, was still bummed they didn't have them last night. Too bad you can't go, they are kicking ass on tour!
  5. Merch table guys said that the Animal 7" vinyl should be available tonight in Chicago. That didn't help me in Milwaukee last night.
  6. May go for that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, but I don't think that will be a problem picking up.
  7. Pearl Jam and Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits. That's it.
  8. My bad, I thought Matador would do an exclusive color.
  9. It sounds like you still get the original mix, the second LP is the remix.
  10. Translated: No fewer than 25 classics will appear on colored vinyl on 11 October. Following the success of the previous series of classics on colored vinyl in the spring, a new series of top titles has been compiled for this fall. These titles are - as you have come to expect from us - ONLY available at the record stores that also participate in Record Store Day.
  11. Well, I was looking forward to it. I would even be ok with swirl.