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  1. Just got an email that they are getting these in this week and will start shipping.
  2. On Oct. 16th they posted that they were delayed until early next year.
  3. I'm sure that they get tons of questions about legos, funkos, and other collectibles that some people are just buying to throw on ebay.
  4. Kinda wish they'd put out more than one a year, throw out some random shows like DMB was doing. HOWEVER. They can't even get a couple of fan singles out on vinyl after a couple of years.
  5. All signs point to yes, but it will just be a one day thing, and not split up.
  6. Just got an email that they sold out of the Brandi Carlile and can't fulfill my order. Oh well.
  7. Out of stock now. Interesting that the price listed now is $11.98, and when I bought it was $13.99, lol.
  8. It should be pretty available, I swear it said there would be like 10000 of these.
  9. I posted this elsewhere, but this week Billy posted, not everything on Siamese Dream sounds like Disarm. We still have 16 tracks we haven't heard yet.
  10. Billy has already said that was put out by the label, not him. Maybe the label doesn't like money.

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