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  1. Well, I was looking forward to it. I would even be ok with swirl.
  2. How long before VMP puts the red vinyl in the regular store?
  3. Ha, yes, hello! I will probably have to order it as well.
  4. Sweet! Curious how it fared with shipping, and how it sounds!
  5. I think another version is coming from Newbury Comics.
  6. I like the color, but I don't really want to join VMP to get it. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/essentials/vol-80-sleater-kinney-center-won-t-hold
  7. I may have to do this as well, but I want to know the condition of yours first!
  8. The black still seems to be on track, according to Amazon.
  9. Production delay on the colored vinyl, new ship date is Sept. 13th. They decided to repress so it meets their expectations.
  10. People still missed it even though it was up for quite awhile. Santos told the board 3 months ago this was happening