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  1. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/bad-books-bad-books-i-lp-limited-edition-only-250-made-purple-vinyl Use TENPERCENT code for ten percent
  2. Indie bone https://monstermusicsc.tuneportals.com/UPC/790168703119 If you wait till saturday you can get it 20% off from them as their usual "vinyl Saturday" on the first saturday of every month.
  3. https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13652268/get-up-kids-four-minute-mile-zia-exclusive-tangerine-colored-vinyl-limited-to-300
  4. I guess something won't be under 20 bucks in 2 months like the others
  5. Please stop this deluxe nonsense, we are in a recession, inflation is fucked up, and what do you do?? "let's add 4 alt versions of already known songs and an etched d-sideto make a 2xlp and a slipcase for 40+ bucks" Please labels stop doing this shit.
  6. I asked rev about song in the air on instagram and the band answered that it's coming too just not in hand yet that's the reason it's not online yet.
  7. Was it ever that cheap? Ive never seen it under 30 hence I never bought it.
  8. I wasn't bashing ltj for this, more like deluxe copies in general. Fake demand might not be the right term for what I meant, but I exactly meant what you said in your last paragraph. The label's sole intention with these is to make it more desirable again, and also want to milk the same people again who has the og version, and yet these songs never really worth anything at all, and has zero effort from the band/label. B-sides are obviously different, but on that I agree with you, release it as a 7". I also never said you are dumb for your opinion btw.
  9. Are you really putting on a record to listen to a specific song's demo, live or acoustic version? Maybe I'm way too lazy but these songs are meant to be played on a crappy airpod while commuting to work, but in that case I'd still rather just listen to the album version. I don't know for me these are all 2nd tier material which don't deserve the effort putting them out physically, especially for marking them as "deluxe" while ruining for example the original artwork for another round of cashgrab. Also i'd never double dip, the worst part is if I don't have the original, most of the time don't buy these deluxes either, as I wanf to have it beyond the og circumstances. So im for keep repressing the og material as long as there is demand, if there is not, don't make fake demand by releasing a 14th anniversary deluxe editions. Long rant sorry.
  10. Deluxe editions are the cancer of physical formats. So pointless and stupid. Do you have demos, bedroom acoustic versions, etc cool story, put it on bandcamp for pay what you want, but don't do a 2xlp, alternate cover cashgrab few years after the initial release...
  11. Wow black ice, that's some fancy there 😂. Also 35 single lp. Nice again.
  12. So, as it is spinefarm, it's safe to assume we can expect overpriced, "endless" black variant like the last 2, right? Also the songs are soooo forced. This band seems to heading nowhere with the 3rd album in a row...
  13. trying to bump this thread carefully but there are 2 new songs
  14. Does Anyone remember how much was the suburban home press when it went on sale? Like 14.99 or cheaper? And how many years our Virgil couldn't sell it out?
  15. This is ike 1500 copies too many, let's hope it won't scare them away from doing the S/T. In for the color in color though
  16. walmart bundles, just to fuck over loyal fans even more all 4 for 100 bucks https://www.walmart.com/ip/Taylor-Swift-Midnights-Moonstone-Blue-Jade-Green-Mahogany-and-Blood-Moon-Editions-Virtual-Bundle-4-LPs/1561319022 the "limited" 3 extra for 75 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Taylor-Swift-Midnights-Jade-Green-Mahogany-and-Blood-Moon-Editions-Virtual-Bundle-3-LPs/1689385901
  17. All previously "exclusively only available at her store for 7 days" variants can be pre-ordered at indie stores Or not so indie, but 27 bucks each shipped is cool though https://www.deepdiscount.com/search?q=Taylor+midnights&mod=AP
  18. so Based on the recent pgr story this is their next release. S/T can't come soon enough. Edit: updated topic, as possibly only the info comes on thursday 1 pm est
  19. Zia too https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13696361/taking-back-sunday-happiness-is-zia-exclusive-gold-milky-clear-split-limited-to-500