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  1. Worth nothing that hello rockview is not included before anyone who shilled out 50 bucks this week for it gets a heart attack.
  2. mewithoutyou has every record in stock and now 25% off, no code needed. Finally filled the holes in my disco cheap. https://mewithoutyou.com/collections/vinyl
  3. 6131 is having a vault sale where for example you can basically buy every pressings of sprained ankle ranging from 30 to 300 bucks https://6131records.com/collections/black-friday-vault-sale Edit: oops i forgot to mention 1k test presses. My bad.
  4. Glad they upped the already ridiculous price by 5 more bucks just because why not...
  5. Weak ass bf sale lol. I guess the 75+ euro "final tour" concert tickets don't cover a casual 20% off sale for Mike.
  6. Tour variant leftover ( orange white smash) is up online. I don't remember how big this recent tour was (based on the last few years probably 2 dates) but must be suck to be std nowadays if you can't move 250 records on tour https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/std0csd0wo-lp
  7. glad they wasted resources on printing this out instead of asking if it's cool with you BEFORE they shipped it...
  8. I was stupid enough to buy Hot damn for 32 bucks shipped to the us, and it will be around 50 bucks when it gets here but whatever at least now I'll finally own the 2 good ETID albums alongside with gutter also from them. Also nice touch that even If I wanted to order directly I won't be able to because they deleted a lot of countires from their shipping to list... lame
  9. anyone looking to buy these a little heads up with thier new site... they took away the media mail option and and the only shipping option is this: 1 record 6 bucks, 2 records 15 bucks, 3 records 19 bucks. Enjoy
  10. New newbury variant for 40 bucks https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/saves_the_day-cant_slow_down_exclusive_lp Or the zia variant for 22 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/14505610/saves-the-day-cant-slow-down-zia-exclusive-seablue-vinyl-limited-to-300 Choose wisely
  11. the least they could do is to combine these orders and refund shipping difference after all these crap, but hey "our closed system can't do that"...
  12. I have a random order with old, in stock releases that haven't shipped for like 2 months...
  13. The best part here that as a business (even if they are small lol) they don't know how to use the refund option on paypal, and they send you the money in a new transaction and blame paypal for it.
  14. Where did you get that? https://www.grindpromotionrecords.com/products/new-found-glory-catalyst-2xlp-pre-order
  15. Eu distro for the rev splatter https://www.grindpromotionrecords.com/products/new-found-glory-catalyst-2xlp-pre-order
  16. Icy black. Recently (last 1-2 years) on bigger evr releases (coheed, std, armor) which are actually retailing it's always icy black for some stupid reason.
  17. yikes the song, but i guess it's no surprise to anyone
  18. probably it's the worst song in their Tom-related disco both musically and lyrically (this is probably not true but those past songs weren't written by almost 50-year olds) and it hugely turned me away from anticipating anything from this record. So basically I'm glad this has pretty good songs and it could have been all different from day 1 with an actual not cringeworthy song to start the album cycle with.
  19. yeah probably, this is why they should have left it off the record.

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