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  1. Use babycomeback for 10% off over at smartpunk. With that it's cheaper with shipping than the overpriced lame clear bv variant. Win.
  2. I love the record but hate smoke variants. Also hate this new trend that exclusive variants from probably the same pressing goes up different times. Wonder if these weakerthans records will have a wider spread colored pressing other than this and the BV ones from a few weeks ago...
  3. Example for the indie exclusives slightly cheaper than bv and pv (they have the blacks too) Oxeneers https://downinthevalley.com/UPC/045778221301 Easter https://downinthevalley.com/UPC/045778221400
  4. Thy are the same (importcds/deepdiscount/popmarket/wowhd) fullfillment company and stock though, so if the one goes through the other one too
  5. Yeah probably as every black epitaph release, it will be in stores everywhere basically so no reason to rush, I just posted to have the cheapest option (also I never had issues with pre-orders with them) and @mcpherson123it will be black as they are pretty good with noting when it's colored in the description or even the mock-up lately. For example https://www.deepdiscount.com/full-circle-anniversary-edition/045778648900
  6. For those who are looking for blacks. Both for 21,58+free US shipping if you pick up both as it applies over 25 bucks https://www.deepdiscount.com/search?q=These+arms+are+snakes&mod=AP
  7. I think the idea behind choosing all candy as the first single was the traditional radio single (probably never got any radio play though), "let's release the poppiest song first" path to sell it to a wider audience range than their already attached fanbase, however I don't think it's still working in 2022 anyway to sell records. It did the opposite effect and scared away everyone (including me) and made less hype around the record than it deserved.
  8. Oh i didn't catch that my bad, sorry. But yeah 28 for a single lp is still a bit too much especially (not in this case) when other variants of the same pressing cost less elsewhere.
  9. So good to see bv is taking the newbury route. Why exactly a single lp costs 32 dollars?
  10. based on almost every fugazi LPs are sold out, do you guys see a chance that eventually all being repressed sometime on colored vinyl?
  11. This is the main reason that collecting is less and less appealing to me each year. The fact that you have to come here and ask this, especially that you didn't even sell them because of the fear that your buyers will be pissed of is so sad. Collectors are the worst, they complain about shipping delays, colors not matching the mockups, bent corners etc. I don't want to sound a boomer (well, im becoming one in the recent years) but who cares if it doesn't exactly match, you get a record you like while you are supporting a label you like. There are bigger problems out there...
  12. Yeah the record is pretty good. I take that back I said after all candy. Anyone has an idea what is the retail color of this?
  13. triple b is an interesting route for this. Also this record aged terribly.
  14. in the meantime the gold somewhere city is 13.98 over there https://www.amazon.com/Somewhere-City-Origami-Angel/dp/B09HHNRV99
  15. I'm very impressed and happy for them that after a 3000 unit first press of a new record which comes after 9 years of silence, it needed a repress before the release date. Wish this band got the recognition they deserved in their prime.
  16. The first record was so amazing, this felt very underwhelming sadly. But will give it a few more spins.
  17. Yeah in hungarian use of numbers the . is the , and vice-verse opposed the use of it in english. Also these prices include import taxes and the wholesale shipping to Hungary, so for you it will be cheaper

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