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  1. I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED for Jack Ü Where Are Ü Now / Run the Jewels Viewer / and the U.K. Manson cassette If someone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it!
  2. Still looking for someone to hook me up with a copy worried I won't be able to snag one at their last show.
  3. I have tickets to their last date in Orlando, but I'm worried I won't be able to snag a copy if anyone can hook me up with one that would be so dope and I'd definitely compensate them for it!
  4. If these are black I'm not down, already got the box set. It'd be nice to have some color reissues or possibly a hot topic exclusive
  5. I was supposed to go to the St. Petersburg show but it appears sold out now. can anyone maybe snag me a copy of the vinyl? ill rein-verse and give a little extra. I'm going to the Orlando show but idk if they'll have any left - if there are I'd be happy to do the same for someone else!
  6. BUMP - finally have some spending money - Still really really looking for Suicide Season, red or white
  7. Idk where you live but I'm in Miami and most shows here are at least $30-$40, maybe $25 for electronic or rap.
  8. Damn. Danger Days no longer in stock on the site, there will be more right?
  9. My man, also a knuckles variant would be dope, or a shadow even if it's just black lol
  10. The world needs a sonic the hedgehog vinyl, whether it's a best of or original genesis soundtracks - hell even sonic adventure. Mario has been printed, Megaman too, where's sonic at? All I've been able to find is this http://www.discogs.com/Sonic-They-Call-Me-Sonic/release/111708 And it looks shitty
  11. I'm so fucking interested and have the money right now but no way of getting into contact with him. can someone find the kindness in their heart to help me out?
  12. FL: Radioactive Records in Ft. Lauderdale (huge selection, amazing staff) Sweat Records in Miami (smaller but always has a couple gems) Park Ave CD's in Orlando (huge selection, sometimes a little expensive though