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  1. I hate that it’s still not sold out too. Did they order like 10k?? Damn
  2. Phillips mentioned that the cost for both was like $30 each to repress due to many different factors including the label. He complained that he couldn’t make any money off of them and was risky to repress them in the first place. If it does ever dip in price the band may take some losses on the remaining lps.
  3. What is bothering me is the fact that they keep ordering more from the pressing plant. It’s gone off sale 2x now only to pop back up again today with a new ship date for the pre-order. No question that this is getting pressed in large quantities for a premium retail price.
  4. I second this motion! I will be pissed if this hits the retailers. I have a feeling that it won’t based on what the band had to put into this quality pressing ($$) but you never know.
  5. I wonder how many were pressed of each? 1000? 5000? 10,000? And how does it sell out last week just to have more pop up? Hmmm. Did they see the demand and order another 1000 or 2 pressed?
  6. It’s definitely remastered and sounds good. As an owner of both originals and new copies I can tell you that bonsai sounds similar however smack is very different. You can hear all of the instruments and keyboard parts in the new press. There are some keys I never heard before.
  7. I spoke to several people over the phone and they were quite appreciative. You asked me for the info so I provided you my number to give you the info. You are the only one that didn’t call. Instead you talk shit in this forum. I was asked not to post the full details online so I am keeping my word on that. Don’t ask if you aren’t interested.
  8. It’s not about wrong and right. Bottom line is many people were lied to so the new old stock message stayed in place as long as possible. As you can all see even distributors are acting shady. It’s not new old stock and it’s not really an official repress either.
  9. I just posted the deadwax for the original press on discogs. I also contacted all of the dudes selling their repress as original so they are at least aware.
  10. Hi. any chance you can tell us what is in the deadwax on side a and b? It would be greatly appreciated
  11. Bonsai superstar is a landmark electro punk album. The recording techniques and diy methods behind some of the found sounds are exciting and innovative