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  1. already in the Top 10 Full Pages of Meaningless Updates for 2020
  2. hoobastank did this better in '01. not quite a timeless genre
  3. it was certainly ideal for sales of the split color (they only sold out because they were the "most limited"), as splatters tend to go quickest of colored vinyl. I'm also pretty sure the website was not updated to say the split would be limited to 300 once the additional split copies went up. once again, the only loser is the only party that did nothing wrong, the retail consumer. yikes all around
  4. also grownups that still listen to blink, amirite?
  5. Deja Entendu and The Devil And God are great records. Nothing that anyone did can change that. Stop making it so complex.
  6. Need to check out the Pain EP for sure... don't think I have. But yeah - earlier Tennis System LP(s) were(was) meh. Lovesick is a start, has a few real highlights, but I think they can really peak on their next album. One would hope. With Greet Death/Cloakroom, I hear the similarities absolutely, there is no band Ive heard that sounds more similar in style to Greet Death than Cloakroom. The problem is, I haven't liked more than a couple Cloakroom tracks, and this was after listening to each full-length 3 times. Will check out Sedimentary and any other reccos more closely again though. Edit: Just to jump back in on the Greet Death - Dixieland talk, Cumbersome is the highlight to me, but it is much more like New Hell so that is probably why. But New Hell took several listens to sink in so I'll probably queue up Dixieland here in a sec.
  7. glad we got the 50/50 approval from oldkentuckyshark, important update. also i tried cloakroom hard, but it aint doin the greet death / holy fawn thang for me, thats for sure. lot of people making the Greet Death / Cloakroom comparison. just don't see whats so special about cloakroom. It has been mentioned a few times before, but Tennis System's new album "Lovesick" is very good - I think the rest of their stuff is rubbish, but thats just me. For those into this kind of stuff as I am, Drab Majesty's "Modern Mirror" is still one of my favorite albums of the year, and definitely has ties to this genre/style. Some might not like it, but I feel like me n rooks are onelove on most topics.
  8. hard to believe someone who pushes their content so forcefully on the internet could be so thin-skinned
  9. yeah, its great. in a year of weaker releases this has shot to the top few on my list. something about the super-slow pace of some tracks and the bass tone. along with the gaze, there's definitely a grunge element to some of the tracks. as i've continued to listen to it 2-3 times a day, the closing track "new hell" has become one of my favorites, and specifically the 2nd half of that track. Having been back over their first album "dixieland" several times, it hasn't grabbed me quite as much, but "dragged to hell" and especially "cumbersome" are my favorites off that one so far.
  10. Its definitely not strictly shoegaze. all these cross-genre gazers are getting hard to classify. greet death album has a lot of classic "alt rock" elements that remind me of stuff from the late 90s early 00s. they throw a few silly acoustic folk songs on every album that break up the consistency, and it takes a few listens but they make 9 minute tracks feel like 4 minutes.
  11. the new Tennis System album is good, both Holy Fawn albums are great, and it seems everyone is still sleeping on Greet Death. its not a perfect album as I think there are 2-3 weaker tracks, but this ones gonna be big once enough people hear it. just 2 of many highlights
  12. This album is great. I know its shoegaze, but I get some Sioux Falls Rot Forever feels in "You're Gonna Hate What You've Done" and some other tracks. Anyway, album is a grower for sure.