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  1. Never been a Trump guy myself, but I think it takes great hubris to assume you've reached a point of political enlightenment to not even speak to your own family members or friends if they disagree with you. it means you must be confident you know all relevant information on the subject, and there is no room for discussion with those who don't see it your way, or even why they don't. it goes further than that because it assumes these people also have no value in your life. I think that would be a sad way to live, unless this is all hyperbole and you don't mean what you're saying. t
  2. its more that if you consider your relatives "dead to you" (his words) if they don't agree with your political ideology, then yeah i think you're probably not a good person. spicy take these days, i get it.
  3. lolz yeah, but Cedric's lyrics don't make me think he's a bad person like some of these new Touche ones do. Cedric's stage antics and interviews make me think he's a bad person.
  4. just did two full listens through. big oof. this sounds like an album that could have preceded Stage Four (by far their best album and a great album period, in my opinion) but is nowhere near as memorable musically or thematically. A few catchy melodies here and there but they're far outweighed by bland filler and big yikes lyrics like the entire opening of the last track "A Forecast", where the only conclusion I can draw is he's complaining about not getting calls on the anniversary of his [mom's?] death (strange form of grief), and then in the next breath says some of his still l
  5. Create an account just to check out? Website must have been set up way back when their music was tolerable
  6. since BN has been cancelled and Dikembe has been kicked around to a bunch of different labels without dropping one solid album, why not?
  7. why do some people always want to make others actively celebrate filth? they say "something once was filthier"... does that make this art?
  8. sounds like the track that didnt make the final cut on MCR's the black parade.
  9. but who doesn't love cyclical deadpan head-nodding midtempo hair gel-slick guitar solo grooves?
  10. Of course! The classic prank - obviously recognizable strictly from the lyric "she don't use jelly". How could anyone misinterpret that??
  11. about half of this album is very very good. seems like it kinda went under the radar. if you liked Drab Majesty's latest as much as I did, you'll probably like some of this album. seems like all the variants went at least, and dais is pressing a lot these days
  12. I'm guessing these guys were not wise with their money. Doing all sorts of gimmicks, product placement and whathaveyou the last 5-10 years, not to mention terrible music.
  13. Perfectly said, and thanks for pointing out Landlocked, Bowery and TTL for doing the same thing. The saddest part is that this attitude is symptomatic of a bigger issue. But if things were spelled out on this forum, the majority might not be in such agreement.

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