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  2. The Masturbatory Island Percussion Band, featuring a brief appearance by The Mars Volta
  3. fax bruh. surprised they didnt limit the skateboard to 1 per customer like the LP. HOT item no cap
  4. guys, we should really be boycotting these LPs at a time like this
  5. the heroes keeping the union intact. for the rest of us, thank you
  6. a lotta hoopla for 2 mediocre albums.... (please dont kill me, ex-wife)
  7. im honestly intrigued to see one person's list of 20+ current generation artists that each have 5+ great albums. ive gotten a lot of great recommendations here, but i dont believe people really like that much music. and if they do, then they have stockholm syndrome with the artists they have listened to.
  8. *he puts his fist to his forehead, realizing the 100 bands he thinks he likes is really only 10*
  9. theres 5-10 artists that I think each have made 5+ great albums in my lifetime. TMV is one of them. theres plenty of artists that i think have made 1-3 great albums. i listen to 100+ new albums in a slow year. my main thesis is that people that claim they love all these artists/albums don't actually like them all that much. and the proof is that they don't listen to them all that much. people that listen to TMV listen to all of their albums, even if deloused and FTM get played a few more times.
  10. totally fair. but if you think you "love" albums you dont listen to even once a year, we have a different definition
  11. pareto distribution, bro. most bands that even make 1 good album make only 1. id say I'm a fan of about 200-300 what i consider to be "great" albums from the last 30 years. that's a lot of run time, even if you went a whole year without a replay. maybe 20 of those came from 4 bands, the rest of the albums are far fewer/band. make sense?
  12. you must spend a lot of time listening to all your favorite bands. I listen to music for multiple hours a day, and if I liked too much more of it, nothing would be getting the deserving plays.
  13. Not sure about you, but I can name very few active (or active in the last 10 years) bands that have 5-6 albums I consider ALL to be consistent. I'm a bit picky, though. And again, you're saying a 3.2 is a bad score on that site (which has 1,500 voters - maybe 0.5% of TMV listening base). None of TMV's albums are below 3.4. But anyway - let's not try to make this a numbers game, there aren't any solid metrics to determine a band's "discography consistency". I could easily say "they sold 5000 overpriced box sets of their discography that are immediately selling for double", but there's no easy comparison there. All I was saying - and it already got ascribed to my "superfandom", as predicted - was that in my experience, people I talk to about TMV don't say "the blue album and pinkerton were the only good ones, the rest suck". they may say FTM or deloused are their favorite, but it is actually often amputechture or bedlam that i hear, and noctourniquet has its day too. i am a superfan, specifically because i think all 6 albums are very good-great, and other than a few select bands, I can't say that about an entire discography. different strokes and all, but I disagree that the not-top-2 albums go ignored