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  1. but who doesn't love cyclical deadpan head-nodding midtempo hair gel-slick guitar solo grooves?
  2. Of course! The classic prank - obviously recognizable strictly from the lyric "she don't use jelly". How could anyone misinterpret that??
  3. about half of this album is very very good. seems like it kinda went under the radar. if you liked Drab Majesty's latest as much as I did, you'll probably like some of this album. seems like all the variants went at least, and dais is pressing a lot these days
  4. I'm guessing these guys were not wise with their money. Doing all sorts of gimmicks, product placement and whathaveyou the last 5-10 years, not to mention terrible music.
  5. Perfectly said, and thanks for pointing out Landlocked, Bowery and TTL for doing the same thing. The saddest part is that this attitude is symptomatic of a bigger issue. But if things were spelled out on this forum, the majority might not be in such agreement.
  6. that definitely warranted 2 two-word responses 2 days apart
  7. yeah - gutterball has not yet been officially outed as tug, but I think now is the time. his rampant used fandom, aloof jokes and general demeanor give him away. case closed.
  8. that record in the photos is pink.... yeah and grizzly adams had a beard
  9. Sure hope not. With the way this year has started, Greet Death's New Hell is gonna be contending for both 19 and 20. But if this is a definite step up and not in AOTY contention, really how good was schmaltz, then?
  10. Ha - I knew I shouldn't have even acknowledged the tmv reference last time. my mistake entirely. the TWIABP comparison was whatever of the released spanish love songs songs i was listening to when i typed that. just another reference point of albums i erroneously think are "better" without having listened to this one yet. also edited my last post with a general aside about your comment on the music landscape of 2020, in agreement. but yeah, i will definitely give this album a shot. there is so little out there, as you said. i wouldn't put it past a band like this to impress on a second attempt. thanks
  11. look, i respect your opinion and i'm pretty sure you've turned me on to a few great albums/bands here before. your posts in this thread contributed to me even considering listening to this album. but i heard schmaltz a bunch of times and ive heard plenty of menzingers. seems you are coming around on the latter's later stuff being rubbish, but I just think it needs to be said that there is such better stuff out there than all of this - and better stuff in this specific genre subset. if tmv has become a meme or coheed-esque joke, so be it. their albums remain some of the best songwriting and lyricism i have ever heard edit: also, I agree with the general sentiment of Derek's post about enjoyable albums and the music landscape being pretty barren. to each his own very much... i just feel that people I talk to in public about punk bring up the menzingers all the time like they are some revelation (im guessing this is the next version of that), and it irks me a lil bit.