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  1. displaying per-thread post counts might clear up a lot of "spam" through self examination alone
  2. pop-punk matchbox 20 with the worst of nate ruess choruses.
  3. break out that google time zone converter, cause no one outside of "bad food, worse weather"-land has heard of BST
  4. Ironically, you're the only one who hasn't voiced any opinion on the music, other than baiting/attacking me, in this thread. Even Derektm's first post included the illuminating commentary: " the tracks weren’t bad " / " weren’t flooring me " / " it’s rad " / "thoroughly impressed" / "stupid good".
  5. i cant compete with this level of post count clout. hyperbole wins again
  6. people don't like hearing that bands they like sound like bands they don't like. nothing new. hoppus vocal sound has little to do with how similar every other element of each track is to blink's. sorry
  7. been listening to this a lot. as with crash of rhinos, not many stand-out tracks but a really great project as a whole. looking for the cheapest copy to the US, if anyone has any alternate leads. havent seen anything other than expensive out of country bandcamp/label. also, if you can't hear the blink influence or "similarity" (whichever term helps you sleep at night) in the lead guitar, drums and vocals, I can't help you. this is blink - of 20 years ago, mind you - with some more creative song structure. I'm a fan
  8. Ah - thanks for clarifying. But exactly as you said, the lyrical content fits with everything in the rnb/hiphop/pop spectrum on the radio now (trash).
  9. Maybe it was foolish to even search for content in this song, but who wrote these lyrics? the first 30-some seconds are all "I'll do anything for you" and the rest of the song might as well be the lyrics to Miss Independent.
  10. i guess we've answered the age-old question: https://www.facebook.com/Is-this-Sufjan-Stevens-song-gay-or-just-about-God-1462192820689584/ His biblical literacy probably had many fooled.
  11. Pretty sure they said the changed it due to "backlash" over Sioux being in the title, despite Sioux Falls being the name of a town (thanks, p.c. idiots). They also said their sound after Rot Forever would be different. Regardless, my main point was about Daymoon not being anything special, and Rot Forever being very special.
  12. if Daymoon / their band name change hadn't been been such disappointments, this would be an instant order. Rot Forever remains impeccable