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  1. Never thought I would see these repressed. Glad everyone can enjoy them with out paying $300
  2. Had to order all three even though I have the OP's, I just had to.
  3. jonnystorm777

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    One can only hope.
  4. jonnystorm777

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    Dang it, now what am i going to look at while taking my daily dump?
  5. jonnystorm777

    PO NOW: Silverchair - Frogstomp

    This is such a great album.
  6. jonnystorm777

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    I love the pic of his dads girlfriend. What the Hell?
  7. jonnystorm777

    WTF: Records for Comics

    Lets make some deals
  8. jonnystorm777

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    The Snake, the cross , the crown - Cotton Teeth
  9. jonnystorm777

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

  10. jonnystorm777

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Love the nest thermostat!
  11. jonnystorm777

    FS: Copeland Ixora and Twin

    I am selling a Copeland bundle of Ixora and Twin both on white vinyl for $100 PPD. Pm me if interested.
  12. Terrible packaging, I have two seam splits. Was just in a cardboard mailer.