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    My name is Sven, I am rich.

    Economist, opportunist, Industrial manufactoring, sailing in France, Billion dollar Yogurt Shop Conglomerates
  1. Your down votes are only serving the purpose of pleasuring me (sexually). Lately my wife has been nagging and complaining about my performance, but I believe tonights remedy of hatred from the peasants is doing just the trick. If you really want to hurt me, you will upvote me. But back to about my erection. I haven’t had one in years. Tonights revelation has promoted me to become the spokesman of a new sexual performance drug for the elderly in Sweden, “Kostnoff”. I plan on submitting this photo for the billboard. What do you all think? Sven G. E
  2. People here like it when you sell it to them at cost: new price, $19.99.
  3. Fantastic poetry project. Even better market. Would flip. The economic payoff would be ten fold. I buy them all, put the little ones through college, and amount a healthy net profit for my generous efforts. Here is a picture taken by my assistant of me just this morning, visualizing the tasty profits.
  4. With my mind on my kronas and my kronas on my mind

  5. Dear Rambo, I am not twenty-something, but actually in my mid 70's and own multiple yogurt shops in Sweden. Below is a recent photograph of me holding up my current net worth, not in millions, but billions (euro's). Please think before delivering judgement. your friend, Sven G. Eriksson
  6. Just me. You fuckers say it all the time. Fuckers in french means dear friends btw
  7. "I snagged one" "Its a solid deal" "its a solid record" "its a solid _____" "I snagged one just in time" "I snagged" "snagged"
  8. Are you asking him because Everton is a mediocre team without a large fan base or because one shouldn't cheer for a team unless one has been to a game or apart of that community? You can be an Arsenal supporter because you once went to a home game at the Emirates?? I may be misunderstanding your case but you're coming off as a prat.
  9. I meant to say FangsAnalSatan is duplicate waste, not the website. That makes more sense, my mistake.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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