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  1. 22 + 6 bucks shipping via merch now so it’s not that big a deal. amazon has the uk import too prime.
  2. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28867759/hot-water-music-caution?gclid=cjwkcaiakrtjbraoeiwaxpf9cx86nxdeyb64iopi2wmx54jpppbazufh1sfjoozn8yf_xbjrycv2sbocmziqavd_bwe
  3. Got mine today. Sounds great. I didn’t realize it was a 45. I’m hearing things I haven’t heard before.
  4. People getting these? Got an email that it shipped 11/3 without tracking. Not here yet...
  5. Just got an email that I’m getting a signed copy. Score.
  6. https://deadmau5merch.com/products/deadmau5-wheres-the-drop
  7. The Get Up Kids - On a Wire. I was too young to appreciate it in 2002.
  8. Is the deluxe worth $50 ppd? I’m torn...
  9. I’ve been waiting for the next wave of ska since 2001....
  10. This thead is painful. I keep hoping there will be a link...