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  1. little updoot. It will be a smaller pressing with different variants than the ones previously announced. More info on that soon but preorders will be live in march. Here is the new cover art
  2. Hey everyone we have an announcement to make.... we're expecting! Expecting to make your Record Store Day better this year. We are excited to announce a second pressing of the soundtrack to cult classic The Room. There will be 100 white copies exclusive to Wiseau Films with a release date TBD. But indie stores will be getting the deluxe edition with reimagined artwork, reprint of the original promotional poster for the film, a foreword by Tommy himself, and one more surprise you'll have to see for yourself these will be limited to 500 and will look pretty much like this:
  3. This double LP will consist of music from the first 12 The Land before Time films with all new artwork from the original animators. More details TBA.
  4. WHAT A DAY. The plant messed up all the colors. Guess they planned too much because it didn't come out right.
  5. thats only six dollars less than the overpriced Lit double LP.
  6. rose red is a darker, solid red while dress red is a very bright, clear red.
  7. Website will launch June 23 with preorders. Details: 450 A/B Rose Red C/D Red Dress 450 A/B Chocolate Brown Swirl C/D Football Maroon Swirl 100 Random Color Random Color will be randomly inserted and come with certificate of authenticity and glossy jacket. First 50 orders receive a pair of AKR sunglasses. All LPs will be 17.99. (oh hi) Mark your calenders.
  8. This isn't a joke. I know the film has a stigma to it but the soundtrack (aside from those three R&B skinamax songs) is flawless. I'll post a video of the test press when it arrives.
  9. I wouldn't call this a gag release. The football variant might be my favorite, it's a maroonish brown with white smoke. As for price, because it was simplified so much in production its shouldnt run you more than 20 dollars. 17.99 on our webstore. We will repress a deluxe edition later this year with 180 gram super white vinyl, movie poster, booklet, cassette tape with recorded phone conversations, and a pop up triple gatefold. Thats going to cost you roughly 39.99 but won't be released until late fall to coincide with the Music From The Room tour.
  10. oh hai vinylcollective! good and bad news. The records should be in hand by mid July with an official release date of early August. Sadly, We are currently working on the final touches of getting our next two releases finalized and it was not cheap, so lots of money that was going into this project got put elsewhere. There will be no poster or booklet with this release, and it will be a standard gatefold instead. However with this simplicity of the release now, the MSRP went from 34.99 to 18.99. All the new pressing details can be found in the first post, while i'm Killing Time working on our next release
  11. can we have permission to use this quote on the sticker? "I will drain my bank account." - Kanye West
  12. oh it's very real. i know what you're thinking.. am i going to make a dream come true? heres your answer:
  13. Alli Kat Records is proud to announce our very first release, the original soundtrack to the 2003 film The Room starring Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. This double LP set includes all 29 original songs remastered to the highest quality possible. Also included in this double gatefold are full color inserts. All The details below. Side A 1. The Room 2. Red Dress 3. I Will 4. Lisa and Mark 5. You're My Rose 6. Red Roses 7. Street Side B 8. Life 9. Street Two 10. Crazy 11. Chocolate is the symbol of love. 12. Chris-R 13. Reason 14. Johnny Mark and Denny on the Roof 15. Lisa, Michelle, and Johnny Side C 16. Yes or No 17. I'll record everything. 18. XYZ 19. Mark and Peter 20. Jogging 21. Baby You and Me 22. Happy birthday, Johnny. 23. Lisa and Mark Side D 24. Fight During the Party 25. Johnny in the Bathroom 26. Tape Recorder 27. Johnny Becomes Crazy 28. Why? Why Johnny? 29. Reflection "You're My Rose" Pressing Info: /150 Clear with Black Haze (Random AKR Store insert) /350 Chocolate Marble (AKR store) /350 Red Rose starburst (AKR store) /300 Football (TBA) /500 Black/White marble (Retail) /25 Hot Pink Mess (Random insert to first 100 retail copies)

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