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  1. If anyone wants to sell their swirl , I’ll def take. Pissed at my self. Thought they would last a few more days, but yah they went quick. Need it for my DOOM Collection that I’ll probably never finish *!also looking Crimeapple , fatbeats exc red/blk (slept on that one too, fml)???? hit me upt
  2. It’s the fault of pledge. I’ve made 4-5 orders through them, and there has not been a single time I had a good experience. I could list a whole list of problems . But it would take a whole page to list them . I will never order from them again , due to their buffonery. I would also like to give a honorable mention to SAABA records out of Canada. They sent me a somewhat rare record Rare record wrapped in just bubble wrap, and put it in a plastic bag . These guys got 22k feedback on eBay you would think they would know how package a record . Oh ya when I got the record and opened it t
  3. Got a new one that’s really head scratcher . I tried to buy 2 copies of GO:OD AM from Zionsgate on Discogs . They wrote me long message that Thor trying not to let flippers get them. Ok that’s very noble of you taking on the role of “flipper police”. But then they are selling their high retail copies that usually sell for $25 or less. Now they are selling them for $50+. The irony is pretty funny. You gonna crusade against “flippers” then do it yourself just out of a record store. They are such Hippocrates it’s too funny
  4. I’d grab that Royce if it’s still available, or better yet just stay home and order it
  5. Ordered from f.ye. Said colored in description ,got black . I sent em back.
  6. Welcome to the world of Daupe. Every auction they have on Bandcamp is abou 2k units and over within 5 minutes. Takes at least a month to get your merch and it works out to be about $50 shipped to US for one record. That’s where all the flippers are heading some sell better than others, but usually if you can grab a couple records during there auction they double in price by the next day
  7. I had to resurrect this thread . I’m not really into cocaine raps that much any more, but this album is amazing. Been playing it for two weeks straight. I wish it was longer and I want to say AOTY , but I still got to listen to the new Denzel and Nas . Another rapper far better than post Malone. The list continues to grow.
  8. Got one more Crystslline8 on Discogs used the whole back-charge scam long after transaction was made. I had tracking proof that it was delivered, still didn’t matter. Once again Discogs decided in buyers favor. What more can I do besides prove it was delivered to his/her address. All Discogs cares about is getting their 9% commission and once again no seller protection
  9. Sparty08 on Discogs is a complete scam artist . He says he works for post office said he sent my record back but never got it. I even gave him money to ship back, so there would be tracking, but in his better judgement, choose to be lazy and just wrote return to sender because he’s a shipping pro. Opened up a case and non suprising they sided with him. Discogs has no seller protection
  10. Just picked up another gem I've been looking a couple of years for at a great price Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves. Great condition, vinyl never spun and just a tiny bit of shelf wear
  11. Their not even in same league. Post v lil Dicky there is the contest for corny ass “rappers” or is it “pop star”!we calling them now?
  12. If you think post is better than Mac Miller there is no hope for you.

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