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  1. B-dosia

    Recent purchases

    Just picked up another gem I've been looking a couple of years for at a great price Gallows: Orchestra of Wolves. Great condition, vinyl never spun and just a tiny bit of shelf wear
  2. Their not even in same league. Post v lil Dicky there is the contest for corny ass “rappers” or is it “pop star”!we calling them now?
  3. If you think post is better than Mac Miller there is no hope for you.
  4. Of course it is Vince Staples put em on his classic Summertime
  5. I was just about to order even though release was not till October , and they pulled it from the site
  6. Ya I’m going to buy 4 of these and hopefully get VIP tix where I can actually meet the man who created the masterpiece that is beer bongs and Bently’s . Fuck real rappers like Mac Miller RIP , we got a genius like post , that boy got hooks and really that’s all you need in a song theses days is a good hook. Also pretty cool if you put this masterpiece on yellow vinyl you can charge more than twice the price, cuz you know it’s on yellow so it’s worth that and prob more
  7. Being a lover of all things Atmosphere, I’m trying to think of what they should pick from the Atmos catauge. Most of titles are pretty easy to get. Probably Headshots, or Strictly Leakage. If they just did a Rhymesayers title. Would have to be eyedea & abilities First Born or By the throat. Also Brother Ali- US would all be great and make me renew my sub.
  8. It used to be so easy to sell on amazon. I called the other day to reinstate my seller account. Things have definitely changed, they make you jump through hoops to get a seller account now.
  9. B-dosia

    Vinyl Record Art

    Excuse me did u get the idea I wanted to converse with you? The only reason your even in this thread is to stir the pot. You’re not here because of an art discussion. Please take your way over inflated self image and talk to someone who wants to hear the garbage you constantly spew. Just like your your buddy Jabba your really not all that interesting and your negativity is getting tiresome. I’ll make you and all your lovely friends a deal. Don’t talk to me and I in return will not say anything to you. I will miss our stimulating conversations though.
  10. B-dosia

    PO: Atmosphere - Mi Vida Local

    I kinda liked Southsiders, hated Family sign, and am meh on Gone fishing. I do like that he put most of the sad clown recordings on one album. Would have been a whole lot cooler if he included the original sad clown tapes and cd’s
  11. B-dosia

    Vinyl Record Art

    C’mon Jabba, all you do is spread negativity and act superior. I can see why this forum gets a bad wrap. I mean you are just a horrible conceded individual, who attacks anyone on here you don’t agree with. This girls art is great and you couldn’t even bring your self to put together one coherent encouraging statement. Why such the big chip on your shoulder, were you teased as a youth and now it’s get back time? I couldn’t handle 2 minutes in the same room as you. All you do is complain and put people down. Do you feel more like a man now? Get over yourself, your really not that cool and certainly not the authority on all things.
  12. B-dosia

    Vinyl Record Art

    Very nice work Corinne. As soon as the store is back up I might pick up a couple of things. Don’t let these no talent dimwits on this site dissuade you doing your thing. Most of the people on here are nice and helpful , but there is a group of bitter people on this site that take delight in spreading their negativity and in turn it makes them feel better about their pathetic lives and their lack of having any sort of life and or talent of their own outside of spreading disdain on this forum. Don’t let them get you down you have bonafide talent. Keep up the good work, would love to see more.
  13. That went easier than expected. Nothing like those Daupe’ pre-sales where you are typing as fast as humanly possible, and each second the page loads seems like hours.
  14. This looks like the same 4xlp set on clear vinyl I believe MOV put it out. I got it on Amazon for under $40
  15. When these going on sale individual today?Just saying noonish is cruel and unusual punishment.