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  1. For the LPs, I use something like this from IKEA (you can find similar from other stores too), but on its side (4 wide, 2 tall). Each section is just large enough for LPs and it works out pretty well.
  2. This is quite the interesting auction... I live in Baltimore, so from a pickup / selling perspective, I cant really help there. To answer the question of "what's in it for me" to invest, I'm really just interested in tests from BTBAM, TBS, and Silverstein. Possibly some others at a stretch, but really just those bands. From that perspective, I'm open to buying those post auction (depending on whats there) if this goes through as that seems the easiest from my perspective, but would be willing to invest some up front to help with the purchase coming through if needed. That would likely be a few hundred (let's say $150-$250ish), as I'm less interested in making profit longterm than just getting some tests from some bands I always come back to with the thought of cashing out from that perspective.
  3. Didn't even know about the FB group...was wondering how I missed it so quick 😕
  4. I did as well I've been looking forward to this one for a while
  5. Super bummed I missed the TP. Pre-ordered both variants!
  6. For the markup, seems to be selling fast. About 8 left out of 250. Sold Out now
  7. As much as I want this, record was $30. Slipmat is maybe $10 and mask probs $15. So all that leads to a $15 markup for the screenprinted cover which is a bit much...
  8. Package came early! A few things I hadn't heard before. Was hoping for some Polar Bear Club, but unfortunately wasn't lucky enough. Overall, pretty content with what I got. (Order two, so 8 items total) 7" Agnostic Front - United Blood (Red/800) Panic - Dying For It (Blue/Yellow/400) Some Kind of Hate - Some Kind of Hate (AN logo/50) Stand and Fight - Stand and Fight (Black Posifest/250) 12" H20 - Thicker Than Water (Blue w/ Black Smoke/100) New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight (Pink Friends Press/100) TP Backtrack -Lost In Life (TP #11/20) Boysetsfire - While A Nation Sleeps... (TP #11/20)
  9. I got two, expecting them Monday! Would be open to trades pending what I get. Looking most for anything Polar Bear Club

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