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  1. bridley

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    That's from last year's tour but erroneously attributed to this year because Google lifted it from the band's website where there isn't a year attached to it.
  2. Interesting, all three are the same price in CAD on the Canadian side of the site. I wonder if Mark will go up in price if they notice it.
  3. It also seems to be completely unlisted from the website while other items that are sold out still show up when browsing or searching, only way to get to it that I can see if through a direct link. Is this common?
  4. Valuable info, thank you for the tip.
  5. I hope so, I was waiting to see if other albums (the first two, or Unplugged) went up so I could save on shipping. My first thought was - it'll come back in stock - but that might just be wishful thinking. Maybe some stock was saved for stores?
  6. Definitely did not expect that. Shit.
  7. Indeed it is. Some of us needed some time to figure it out.
  8. I really disliked it when it came out, just couldn't connect with it since it was so slick and built out with the full band. DC lost me on that one, but I loved the follow up to it. I only came around to A Mark when I picked up an original pressing for $25 last year intending to make $20 off of it but once I started spinning it I realized I had been missing out on something great all this time and won't sell it now. I think this reissue might bring a bunch of people around to it.
  9. Alter The Ending is up on the site too, get it in your cart!
  10. Nevermind, just saw the pressing in 1000. Missed it when reading the copy yesterday. Carry on, everyone.
  11. bridley

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Yes, this is correct.
  12. bridley

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Have not listened to it yet, but I'm pleased with the packaging, big fan of how simple and wonderful this is. Disks were super clinging to the sleeves though, be aware when you go to get the records out. Though; someone would have to be at "Damien Rice has a restraining order against me" level to have paid $500 on ebay for this thing and not be utterly disappointed.
  13. bridley

    RSD Release Left Overs

    Just got a refund notification for my purchase of this album and it is back up listed as available. What's up?
  14. bridley

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Fuck, should have bought another with my girlfriend's info.
  15. bridley

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Was worried when the site crashed, but that went smoother than expected.
  16. Good news, I got my email saying they're ready for pick up so I'd say the wait is over - no bundle 2 nightmare.
  17. 40% off Side One Dummy with code FOURTWENTY today, FYI. Ordered this motherfucker today.
  18. bridley

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    I think once the standard is released it'll be everywhere. The /1000 however - that shit is going to be a stress case.
  19. Still able to add 327 to my cart, which doesn't seem that low. At this point I'd reckon sales have levelled out and these will be around for a while still.
  20. bridley

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Fuck. I was looking forward to zero stress around this release. Now I'll have to deal with a boat load of flippers and dipshits without record players buying this too.
  21. Looks like a 20th anniversary of Moving Careful is on its way with added bonus material. From Hardwood Records: Hardwood Records will release the second piece in its 20th Anniversary Vinyl Series with Hayden’s Moving Careful on March 9, 2018 on digital and limited edition vinyl formats. This vinyl is the first pressing since the original 10” and features the original EP from 1996 with added rare recordings from 7” singles released between 1994 and 1996. “After touring my debut, Everything I Long For, across Canada for the better part of two years from 1994-96, I celebrated its imminent International release by developing a strong dislike for the sound of my music. A major sticking point in my negotiations with Outpost Recordings (my US label at the time) was to have the ability to release singles and EPs on my own or through smaller labels. They agreed, and Moving Careful was born from late night obsessions on the third floor of a rented Victorian house in Toronto. Although much of my debut was recorded on a 4-track cassette, I was eager to get back to my Yamaha MT100 II, and very inspired by what Eric’s Trip and Lou Barlow were doing at the time.” Moving Careful was released on Hardwood/Sonic Unyon in late 1996. Side Two of this 20th Anniversary edition also includes home recordings from the time period, things that Hayden had tucked away and found homes on Canadian Indies like Lunamoth, Landspeed and Squirtgun. Side One: Pots and Pans Stride Middle of July Old Fashioned Way Half For Me Choking You are All I Have Side Two: A Fortune I’d Kept Hazy I Wake Up With Me Mild Winter Trip Carry On Mentality Wasting My Days Away