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  1. Well, that was an instant purchase. Thank you.
  2. I don't even remember which variant I ordered but I'm excited to listen to this album. Y'all are getting me juiced up.
  3. I got a copy on ebay a few years ago for $20 as well, I was watching this listing wondering if it was going to go up at all and was hoping someone here would grab it. Nice one!
  4. Ordered from the UK since it is cheaper than ordering from the US after shipping and CAD exchange. Excited for this album.
  5. Any other Canadians hitting a wall when trying to check out of the jpc.de page for the german variant?
  6. Mine says LP+ and indicates that the first 150 get a signed print.
  7. It was for RT UK variant and the signed inserts are now gone. edit: looks like it wasn't just RT so check other UK sellers as well.
  8. Fair decision, definitely a better experience... I just like my unconventional sizes, that's all.
  9. Pick up my gold and black copies today, what a fantastic first EP. I remember buying this ep and Theory of Harmonial Value in 2001 when they played in Saint John and falling deeply in love with this band; still feel the same way in 2019. I still think this should have been a 10" though.
  10. Yup - I got a friendly reply with a fresh link this morning. Good to go for now. Vinyl is playing right now while I get the TBC20 files onto my phone. All is right in the universe.
  11. I just came to ask the same thing... Nothing here, I gave them Friday and the weekend before emailing an hour ago asking where my download was. Will check back if I hear anything tomorrow.
  12. Cool! Disappointed there isn't a Toronto date in the tour, though. Curious if Dine Alone will also have copies? Any info you can share @justindinealone?
  13. There is also a light blue pressing that is bundled with the VIP tickets for the concerts, good luck.
  14. Told myself I wasn't going to get another copy of this after getting all three original pressing, but this is significantly expanded enough to buy. Cool!
  15. I was finally able to swing by and collect my Dine Alone /100 from the label today. Turned out great!
  16. If anyone got a digital download emailed to them and a download card with their physical copy and wants to share it with a dine alone customer, I'd be happy to use it.
  17. Giving the people what they didn't ask for since 2012.