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  1. I ordered this one, had never heard of bandbox... But am a sucker for worthless zines. Hope I didn't waste my cash. Time to google bandbox.
  2. Both of these albums from this seller have been listed on and off for at least three years. Weird that they're getting so much traction right now... probably why they went from $29.99 to $49.99. At one point they were $23.99, but shipping to Canada still killed it for me so I didn't bother. Update: still have an old listing saved in my "saved for later" cart, Kerplunk used to be listed for $18.74.
  3. 1. No, I have a few other abhorrent pieces on the shelves. They don't keep me up at night, but a certainly notice. Caring about and noticing details isn't trivial, at least not in a well functioning society. 2. I'm a no-tomato kind of guy, I just give the tomatoes to my partner, she loves tomatoes. 1. My horse is too high to worry about others liking me. 2. That's not necessary, but thank you... that is kind of you. Now, back on topic - anyone else jazzed about how their splatter came out? Also, I really forgot how much I enjoyed the riffs and licks on this album.
  4. I can't speak for others, but for me it comes from a place of caring about the quality and details of a finished product. Like, I would be so disappointed if this sleeve was my project and I sent it out into the world like that. Honestly, it's humiliating for whoever did the layout. As you've acknowledged, spine printing in the other direction (and in a reasonable font size) is the common (and only acceptable) practice; so it's always notable when someone gets it so wrong. But I get it, I'm surrounded by folks like you who aren't so fussed about the details and who embrace (maybe even aspire to) having low standards. If I were more like you I bet people would like me a lot more.
  5. I spoke too soon... once I opened it to frame the discs last night, I notice some slight splits on the inner sleeves. Oh dear, I am ever disappointed. From what I;ve learned from here over the past six years, I should request replacements, demand a refund, AND issue a chargeback through my amex, right? On a less serious note; damn this album brings me right back to the summer of 2005 and the easy life I was cruising through. What a trip. But what's up with that spine? always a head shake when that shit is printed wrong. So when is MYS being repressed?
  6. Mine arrived today and based on how loosey goosey the LP was in the mailer, I predicted crushed corners and corner to corner seam splits. Alas, all is fine. Shocked.
  7. Nope, too late to make this go away.
  8. In case you missed the note from the seller, check your spamies it might be in there.
  9. Based on an post on rantrecords feed it looks like he may have been trying to check out without selecting a shipping option... Good grief. Ding dong also owns an OG already. Boi needs to chill.
  10. This is what I thought first, but the "limit one variant per cart" seems to rule that out. Don't need all three, but considered buying them if bundled.
  11. Slow Fade is one of the 6 discs in my car's CD player (yes, a CD PLAYER) - it is such a wonderful listen from front to back.
  12. Pre-order is live! http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=POPR-730 Pressing info: 100 on Clear/Grey color-in-color vinyl 125 on Grey/White A-Side B-Side colored vinyl 125 on Clear/Black Ice half-half colored vinyl (w/ Black splatter) 150 on Clear colored vinyl (w/ Blue and Silver splatter)
  13. Needless To Say is now up from the same folks. http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=POPR-730
  14. Info is up, ordering to open tomorrow at 11am EST I think. https://takethistoheartrecords.limitedrun.com/products/691856-boys-night-out-train-wreck
  15. Yeah, if they're anything like mine you'll be ok. BUT, I don't recall noticing the bowling until I pulled them out... Maybe yours are more severe. Either way, please let us know!
  16. My two are bowl-y and play absolutely fine. Never even thought about exchanging or complaining for a moment. Are yours unplayable?

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