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Found 16 results

  1. I feel like there's not nearly enough love for 1990s Canadian music on vinyl. And so I'm starting this thread for the few of us on here to try to appreciate what, if at all, is currently pressed from this era. I was an avid radio-listening, MuchMusic-watching kid in the mid-late 90s, and have a serious soft spot for a lot of the music from the era. But so little of it is available on vinyl (unless it came from Sloan's murderecords, and even then, most of that is hard to find). Some records that I own/hope to own from this era: Lowest of the Low - Shakespeare My Butt (rerelease) Weeping Tile - Cold Snap (Sarah Harmer's old band - I love this one) Hayden - Everything I Long For Hayden - The Closer I get (rerelease) Rheostatics - Whale Music (rerelease) Sloan - One Chord to Another (someday I will own this - though I've heard they're working on a reissue?) Local Rabbits - Kombinator Change of Heart - 82-97 (recent compilation, but easily the worst mastered recorded I've heard in a long time) There is a bunch more out there, but so much I wish I had on vinyl, like early treble charger, Thrush Hermit, and probably some other bands I feel a bit nostalgic for, like I Mother Earth, Moist, etc. Anyone else have some good 90s Canadian vinyl?
  2. A brief conversation in the Hayden thread got me thinking about the fact that with the Canadian dollar gone to shit, there aren't a lot of opportunities for Canadians to get reasonably priced vinyl from the US or abroad, so it may be time to look domestically. I know for some people, going to record stores is usually the best bet, but I don't always have time for that. So I thought I'd post a thread for labels/distros that have reasonable prices and non-exorbitant shipping. Please add some yourself. Distro: Chisel Records - http://www.youvechangedrecords.com - all records are $10 except for co-releases (e.g.,Constantines reissue) - highly recommend the Weather Station albums, Shotgun Jimmie, Marine Dreams, and Daniel Romano (of Attack in Black) Arbutus Records - http://www.arbutusrecords.com - label for Grimes, Sean Nicolas Savage, etc. and all albums are $20 including shipping Deranged Records - http://www.derangedrecords.com - punk/HC (Tranzmitors self titled LP on this is my fave of theirs); most LPs are $9-11, shipping is appropriately calculated ....more posted soon. Please add more!
  3. This has been available on CD in the past but is being pressed on vinyl for the first time. https://borealisrecords.com/product/best-of-stan-rogers-double-vinyl/
  4. Hey I know the owner of the label which is one of Toronto/Canada's best (acts include whimm, Man Made Hill, Moonwood, Doom Tickler, Soupcans, etc.). Really excited for both upcoming releases. Isla Craig - The Becoming $18 CAD. Isla's been around for a minute in the local scene. Her new track sounds like groovy, 70s Joni Mitchell. Title track From PopMatters: The music that she brings to the forefront with her innovative arrangements fuses soulful, blues-laden stylings into the mix for something truly idiosyncratic. She takes the layered harmonic intro to "The Becoming", for example, and pairs it with a blend of analog and digital instrumentation. That effortlessly drives it forward, with Craig slinking her vocals into the song's twilit landscape as it slithers from one cunning metamorphosis the other". The second is actually a veteran band on the label, Germaphobes, with a new band name: Goosebump - Goosebump (also $18 CAD). Dunno why the name-change but whatevs. From Noisey: "The common point of comparison for Goosebump—the Toronto art-pop band of songwriters Neil Rankin and Paul Erlichman—is the arch English duo Sparks, thanks to their tongue-in-cheek approach and urge to have their already out-there songs take off into instrumental flights of fancy. Rechristening themselves as Goosebump and adding a whole wackload of members on flute, violin, and sax, the band is prepping their new album Goosebump by Goosebump with a single called "Heather's Invitation" that defies the 70s comparisons while being as totally rad as a 70s rock anthem. The track is resplendent with arena rock riffs and a recurring, math-y guitar line, given warmth by the retro production style." Gonna grab both, probably at the release shows. Also, for Toronto indie fans, Jennifer Castle is releasing a new LP.
  5. I'm surprised a Canadian board member hasn't posted this, but here goes. Matthew Good Band (MGB) went under the US radar nearly entirely, though they were very well known up north. So if you're ouside Canada they would be considered a "hidden gem" I suppose. Matt Good is issuing 5 records that were never released on vinyl, and it's just fantastic to finally have them available for purchase. One LP is from Matt Good's solo career, 3 LPs are from MGB, and the last one is an EP from the MGB years. http://www.matthewgood.org/news/2015/12/7/five-remastered-records-to-be-released-on-vinyl Release Jan 15, 2016. If you've never heard of this band, but like alt-rock, do yourself a favor and youtube some clips. Accessible radio-friendly entries are Hello Time Bomb, Anti-Pop, or Load Me Up, but worth checking out Prime Time Deliverance or Avalanche for his slower side. He's got 20+ years of music so the well is very very deep. Any of my friends who've picked him up have pretty much bought up everything he's written.
  6. This is the greatest Canadian Punk band that there ever was. I actually cant believe these songs are seeing a vinyl release. Some members of this band created the label Underground Operations, which is also shutting its doors. BUY THIS - https://closetmonster.bandcamp.com/ Statement from the band; Closet Monster Is Still DeadSo in finality, we have put three unreleased songs and a collection of our past remastered anthological numbers onto a limited number of clear with red smoke vinyl records. We have entitled it Suicide Note, and it’s mostly for ourselves, but also for anyone who we may have crossed paths with during our ten years as a band or whom we may have struck an emotional or political chord.Any money made by this record or any of our past records, is going to go to our friends and all the dogs at Land Of The Strays dog shelter in Costa Rica… check out this video here to see what we are talking about: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQreKwiQDZk In a perfect completion of a circle kind of way, this record is also the last record that Underground Operations will ever put out… you can read the labels formal statement here: www.undergroundoperations.com To go along with “Suicide Note” we put together a little music video that is oozing with nostalgia and which was created in the hopes that it might touch a few people’s hearts the way it touches ours when we watch it. We met so many fucking wonderful people during our travels it’s amazing to think back upon. The people who sang our songs with us, the promoters who put on the shows, the people who let us crash on their floors or play in their living rooms, the other bands we shared the stage with, and all the people who contributed in their own ways to what seems to be now the last generation of true networked local scenes. I feel old when i think about how it used to be. Im sure a lot of us do. But man, it was wonderful how it all worked back then. You can watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T_f8-IoWpg There is not a lot to say about the band now. Its been so long since anything has ever come of it. It almost feels like a dream or at times just a faded tattoo we all wear from our past. But now, however many years later, i understand that it was so much more than that. It played a unique role in who we were to each to become in life, and hopefully who we will continue to grow into. When we decided to go our separate ways so many years ago, we all promised each other it was just a temporary hiatus, which turned out to be just something we told ourselves at the time because it was nearly eight years before we all sat in the same room again. So why now this? Make no mistake about it, this is not us jumping on the reunion bandwagon… there is no delusion here. There will be no show. No tour. No jamming. Etc. I would like to think that we cant say it will never happen, but we definitely proved to ourselves this is not the right time. However, we feel like some kind of closure was needed, because we never left a note, we just kinda faded away and tried to ignore it. So this it. This record is our suicide note, from so many years ago. And hopefully if the band meant anything to you, it will find it’s way into your hands. And that is the most we can hope for. That is why. We always said that in the end we hoped to see you in a smoke filled coffee shop one day, so that we could talk what we’ve all been through. So reach out if you want. Send us old flyers or photos. There are tons of old stories locked away. That would be so awesome. If nothing else comes of this, this is a great opportunity to reconnect and see how each other are doing… after all, this post is going to sit on here for a long time to come, so it’s an open invitation which is rad. Plus the political climate doesnt look like its going to cool down anytime soon so there is going to be a lot to talk about for the next couple years… hah. Anyway… if you are reading this, there is a probably a reason. So thank you. <3 Closet Monster* This truly aint no mecca man, this place is truly fucked We built it up and watched it fall. And survived with those we trust All we were searching for was someone or something to believe in.
  7. We're very proud and happy that this amazing album is ready to go! Originally released to critical acclaim in 2002, The Coastaline Fire was Chore’s most expansive and cohesive album, with waves of guitar, soaring vocals, angst-filled lyrics, and crashing tempos. Remastered at Lacquer Channel by Noah Mintz and released on 180 gram double LP with gatefold jacket featuring updated artwork and liner notes, 3 colour options (orange/blue, orange/black, black/black) this will be on a one time pressing of 300 copies…Please enjoy! Order here : http://www.labelobscura.com/chore-the-coastaline-fire-lp/
  8. From June 7-10, Records will be only $1 (plus shipping) with code vcfriends!!!!!! https://danielfield.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-violet-hours Hey everyone! I made a record! I am really proud to share the preorder on vinyl and tape of my upcoming album, In The Violet Hours, which will be released digitally and on cassette on December 1, and on vinyl in April. Both cassette and vinyl are limited to 100 copies each, and I'm making the prices really really low to entice folks to pick up copies. Records are $5 plus shipping (about $7 to anywhere in the world, which is about as cheap as it gets from Canada). Tapes are $1 shipped). Listen to the whole album for free! PM me if you want a download code - I have lots! http://danielfield.bandcamp.com In The Violet Hours contains 11 original songs about love, grammar, and oral hygiene, written between 2002 and 2015. The album was recorded predominantly in the nook adjacent to my kitchen, in short intervals while my toddler slept. I played every instrument except for violin, and sang all songs, with some help from my wife and friends. I was heavily influenced by many of my musical heroes, including Paul Westerberg, Hayden, Elvis Costello, Mark Kozelek, and Ryan Adams. The album came to fruition to exist on vinyl through a surprise 30th birthday gift last year, where my friends basically crowdfunded the money to put my music on wax (!). While entirely home-recorded, the album was professionally mastered at the Lacquer Channel in Toronto. Update March 18: still waiting on vinyl. Hopefully early April. But as of now, my album is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, etc. Give it a listen! April 10 Update: Records have finally landed after close to 8 months. Shipping now. $5 + shipping, and come with a free cassette copy.
  9. Out March 18th. I'm excited for this one. http://youvechangedrecords.com/shop/ Shotgun Jimmie returns with Field of Trampolines, and it’s a perfect summer album arriving just in time for spring. Recorded at the Eastern end of a cross-Canada tour in August 2015, when Shotgun Jimmie and his band (Winnipeg’s wonderful Human Music) slept under the stars, played rock shows and swam every possible lake. Crowds were surfed. They ate from orchards and cooked by campfire. Field of Trampolines was produced by Joel Plaskett in his Dartmouth, NS studio. Joel is a magician, a musician and a legend. They worked quickly, recording live and mixing fast in a single 4-day session. Joel captured the summer vibes like a glow bug in his bare hands. Here are 10 songs celebrating life’s joys: life on the road (Join The Band), natural phenomena (Solar Array), and camping (Triple Letter Score). There are a series of tributes to Jimmie’s friends and inspirations: The Constantines are saluted in Constantine Believer, Attack In Black in Love Letter, and the legendary Eric’s Trip in Song For Julie, Chris, Rick + Mark. Jimmie’s current life as a student at art school also gets due airtime: “I’m losing sleep over Georgia O’Keefe” he sings in Georgia OK. And as the batteries run down on the nostalgic and entirely wonderful Walkman Battery Bleed, you’ll be looking to flip back to the A side and play it all over again. Field Of Trampolines joins an impressive discography: 5 full length albums since 2007 (including the Polaris Prize nominated Transistor Sister), and split releases with Joel Plaskett, Ladyhawk, and Attack in Black. In 2012, Jimmie appeared on John K. Samson’s Provincial (Epitaph/ANTI) and toured across North America and Europe as Samson’s lead guitarist and opening act.
  10. I might be alone in being really excited about this, but Jim Bryson is releasing a new record next month. His record the North Side Benches is still one of my favourites. If you've clicked this due to the familiarity of the name given that he made a record with the Weakerthans, I encourage you to take a listen to the rest of his stuff - it's pretty great. $22.50 via Amazon.ca or $24.99 on Maple Music. I also imagine it will make its way to stores...
  11. Bands from Canada possess a certain style that I feel is hard to come by these days. I'm interested in finding more Canadian bands, especially more garage rock/fuzzy punk artists. A couple of my favorites: Mockingbird Wish Me Luck Moneen Muelkik Fucked Up Unfun The Sainte Catherines BA Johnston The stuff Buzz Records puts out is pretty awesome for the most part.
  12. I don't know if there are any fans of Toronto folk artist/band The Weather Station (mostly a project for Tamara Lindemann), but their new album Loyalty comes out in May 2015, with a preorder here: http://www.paradiseofbachelors.com/pre-order-the-weather-stations-loyalty She has a truly amazing voice, and her songs show a lot of influence from Joni Mitchell, without trying to simply replicate Mitchell's sound. Tamara used to be a member of Bruce Peninsula (one of my favourite local bands for a long time), as well as a performer on Daniel Romano, Baby Eagle, and other local projects. She released a 6-song EP last fall that was quite beautiful and sparse, and so I'm excited to see what this will sound like.
  13. Heads up that Dan Bejar of Destroyer's band Hello Blue Roses has a new album out now called WZO. Probably the least favourite of his many side projects (New Pornographers, Swan Lake), but will have to give this one a good listen. Order via Bandcamp: https://helloblueroses.bandcamp.com/releases
  14. I'm selling a bunch of stuff on Discogs, but will offer some of it here at cheaper prices. I'm located in Canada, but I have found a unique courier service [if you're curious about it, ask me] that will help with very cheap shipping internationally (well, better than Canada Post anyways). Will consider trades too. Here's my Discogs store for full list of everything, plus ratings: http://www.discogs.com/seller/raindogtrombone/profile All prices before shipping and in USD. UPDATED DECEMBER 17 Shipping is as follows for LPs; cheaper for 7 inches: US: $7 for one, $8 for more than one. (sent via USPS media mail) Canada: $8 for any amount. (sent somehow that isn't quite Canada Post but uses Canada Post) International: $8 for one, $3 more for additional. Deals gladly made. Iron and Wine - Shepherd's Dog - VG+ $8 Palace Brothers - S/T - NM $7 The Rest - Seesaw + Everyone All At once - NM $8 each or both for $15 Drive By Truckers - the Dirty South NM $14 Notwist - Close to the Glass Orange/Blue German Press /250 NM $32 Jason Collett - Here's to Being Here - Pink NM $4 Hannah Georgas - This is Good - NM $8 Charles Spearin - Happiness Project NM $3 Baby Eagle - Dog Weather M $10 Bouncing Souls - S/T Hot Topic Red Pressing VG+ (sleeve has corner bump)- $9 Various - Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance (ft. Sloan, NoMeansNo, Local Rabbits) NM $12 Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms NM (2008 Sunbeam press) 2LP $22 Active Child - Rapor 10' Sealed $13 Foxes in Fiction - Ontario Gothic (unplayed) Green $35 Modest Mouse - Both Newbury presses Sealed $45 each, $85 for the pair Mark Kozelek - Sings Christmas Carols - Red - Sealed - $42 Max Richter - the Congress (white) Sealed - $30 Alex G - DSU (2nd pressing - Doublemint with Deep Purple) New - $60 Guillemots - Through the Windowpane, VG - $70 Bruce Peninsula - Open Flames VG+ - $50 Lots of other stuff on my Discogs page. Shoot me a PM if you have questions or you want something.
  15. So I saw Big Sugar last night do an acoustic set with 9 musicians on stage. They totally killed it. An amazing set. They were supporting their new album, which you can get on vinyl via amazon for a fair price (was cheaper shipped via amazon than it was at the show!) Big Sugar - Yardstyle It's mostly new acoustic tracks, with some old favourites re-worked acousticly. *edit* I can't find the deal I had when I first bought it.. Had it for under $20 CAD shipped .
  16. Looking for Alexisonfire's Live At Brixton Academy live CD and promo CDs. Will pay top dollar

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