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  1. The best way to fix this is, make the RSD released colored or numbered or some limited thing for those who love the chase or want to own it first, or decided records are a better retirement investment than a 401k, and then do a wider press (and let it be known to partially drive down secondary market prices) a month or 2 later for wider release.
  2. TBH, I don't give a shit if anything from RSD is repressed. If I got up early and got the record thats my choice. I could be disappointed if i knew I wouldn't have to "work" as hard to get it, but again, I made my choice with the info that was available at the time. At that point, I'd have gotten the record, so anything that happens after that, why should I care. It seems to me that if someone only cared about collectability, secondary market value and rarity, then sure, I guess they could get pissed. But I just want the record. Don't care how many there are or what I had to go through (or not go through in the case of a repress) to get it. RSD won't go away because people like the day and stores benefit from it.
  3. Well, it seems to be more Sony's and PJs call more than RSD (can RSD even do a thing about it?). Not their fault they are repressing it.
  4. Yeah, no one said 10c was the only place to get it. these had to be leftovers. Probably the same batch that stores are getting soon.
  5. Agreed. A bunch of stores are saying they should get more in the next week. I’m guessing that’s the leftovers, but we’ll see a second printing later in the winter
  6. From my experience, the gassing only occurs when the record is in direct contact with the PVC (like a picture disc or some 7”s. there was a huge thread about it at the Steve Hoffman forums, but (shocker) it devolved into bickering. I feel like the general consensus is, direct is the worst and TBD for records not in direct contact.
  7. There are a large number that didn’t get numbered and they have a blank spot where the number should be
  8. Been a while for me as well. I've never had any complaints best I can remember though.
  9. Homers in Omaha tweeted that they are getting 30 copies of PJ Unplugged in the next week. I expect it to be popping up at most online store sites.
  10. not yet. Plaid Room records says they are expecting some in the next week or two. I'd suggest getting on their stock e-mail list for it.
  11. Weird. Delete cookies? I even went to their vinyl page and sorted by newest first and it’s the top result there too. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/vinyl-records-cassettes?order=Descending&sort=tile.product.newestColorDate
  12. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32510822/matt-nathanson-some-mad-hope-blue-vinyl-sky-blue-vinyl-rsd-bf-exclusive-ltd-2000
  13. Yeah, I missed out. Bought 14 copies (2 for every reissue) and nothing. Bummed.
  14. Its a quality release 180g in poly sleeves in nice Plastic inners. Box is sturdy and printed with a neat texture. I can see how its $80, but I can also see how people probably don't think its worth that. Its a great release. I'd love for the other soundtracks to be expanded and done up like this.