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  1. Man. I’m so fucking bummed. I’ve cleaned this 3 times. I don’t think it goes a minute w/o skipping. No marks. Cart is only 2 years old. Been playing records all day with no issues. kinda feel like I need to reach out to the club. I’ll try it on my other tables tomorrow. But I’m so bummed. Been looking forward to this.
  2. Matt needs to stop smoking, and maybe save shorty songs until the encore. Maybe get a vocal coach too. save that voice bro. Probably why they don’t play Abel anymore.
  3. Agreed. Love it. Shame it’s spring. But also we’ll be indoors For the next 6 months so I can still wear it everyday.
  4. I also think the way they do Pull of You live is way better than on the record. If matt did the live shouty bits on the record too, it would have been a bigger standout and injected some excitement in whats a pretty even tempo record.
  5. Bullmoose also confirmed black. Do we know if any are going to be blue?
  6. My album rank. A+ Alligator High Violet A Boxer Cherry Tree EP Sleep Well Beast Trouble Will Find Me A- I Am Easy To Find Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers C/C- s/t
  7. I rearranged the tracklist and cut some stuff. I think it makes for a much tighter record. 1. Quiet Light 2. Oblivions 3. You Had Your Soul With You 4. The Pull Of You 5. Hey Rosey 6. I Am Easy To Find 7. Not in Kansas 8. So Far So Fast 9. Hairpin Turns 10. Rylan 11. Light Years I did enjoy this record, but I'm pretty positive they are my favorite band and probably have been for longer than any other band I've loved in my life, so I'm being a bit of a homer here. I guess this is a weaker album from them, but everything but s/t is an 'A' record (either A+, A or A-). So I guess this is A-?
  8. If a summer tour happens, I really hope they pull out some rarities. B-sides and outtakes need to be played more. Y’all Saint and Driver Surprise Me need to come back.
  9. Yeah, I think this is about as good of a set you could get for a 2019 show.
  10. I assume these are the same pressings that have been around for a few years (but on color). Does anyone know how these sound?
  11. They did say it was finished just last week though. https://www.jambase.com/article/phish-sigma-oasis-new-album
  12. What was the CT IAETF debacle? Didn't realize there were issues. Mine played fine.