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  1. But the replacements were just the 2012 version and not the 2014 repress, right? So I assume the replacements were also rife with IGD
  2. Ok. But they didn’t replace anyones either
  3. People complained back in 2012 and started a petition and everything and Virgin universal did nothing then. No way are they doing anything now.
  4. its like the plague. I have 30 + years. I have spent my life to be here now today. Can I ask a question?? what have you spent youre entire life dream on? I am blessed to have my name on the dead wax. I am broke, 2 fucked up marriges and single. I dont give a shit about amazon. I cut the re release,and everyone wants to bring me down. just return it
  5. It’s barely popped up anywhere, but it will be everywhere. But you gotta act quickly, Because the run isn’t massive.
  6. Sorry. I was unclear, the blue black will seemingly be rarer if they are dropping black too.
  7. No word. But if they are dropping a standard black, it will be the rarer of the 2. bullmoose is taking POs too
  8. surprised they are playing venues that big. Weren't they having a hard time selling out venues that weren't Chicago for their reunion anniversary tour a few years back?
  9. Also, the new EV album is now on split color (blue/yellow) vinyl and theres /1000 spotify clear variant as well.
  10. Another reissue of this while we sit around and are still waiting for Free All Angels?
  11. IDK how it is on a PC, but when you do a screen grab on a Mac, the cursor doesn’t appear in the shot. That’s the only way I could think of it accidentally appearing in the picture. I’m inclined to think it’s intentionally put in there.
  12. How would a cursor be captured in an image if it wasn’t intentional?
  13. Updated June RSD list https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases
  14. lol. Guy forgot to put a tracklist anywhere in this record. Big dummy.
  15. Love this record, but I'm passing on it. I have the original silkscreen blue and the tour copy, I'm happy with those. I also have the original 7"s, 2 on colored. so I'm perfectly happy.
  16. blows my mind. regardless of the off gas, its just a straight up bad look for a record.
  17. 10th anniversay (wow. time flies) https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/products/oshin-10th-anniversary-reissue-pre-order but also, a box set of the first 3x7". great tunes there.
  18. Yeah, I Ioved it too. felt like it was their most consistant album since SBS. They really haven't made a bad album though. Schmilco is probably the one I connected with the least though.
  19. New double Album out in 4 weeks Cruel Country - May 27th. I’m guessing vinyl won’t be ready until the fall.
  20. Its gonna get a lot of All That You Can't Leave Behind comparisons, which will be annoying. Especially since that album is only have good and by all accounts this is start to finish great.
  21. They had sessions for AGIB, where in between YHF tour legs they would go in and just jam and do noise and just craft songs on the spot. If you have The Wilco Book with the CD, you have selections of those sessions. Jeff called them Fundamentals (He explains them in the Wilco Book and the booklet for the AMF compilation). I believe he said there are 4 or 6 discs worth of those jams and he wants to release them. Bob Dylans Beard and Panthers are 2 songs that came out of that. While there may not be many more fully fleshed out songs, I have no doubt there are different takes or baby versions of AGIB songs in there too. It probably won't be as satisfying as these demos on this YHF box, but if you like the weirder more experimental Wilco, I have zero doubt thats the bonus content for you. IF thats what goes into the reissue.

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