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  1. Well, it’s partially my fault. I was sending the label a check every time I spun her LP. As soon as I heard about the sale, I stopped.
  2. I stopped playing Taylor Swifts Big Machine vinylz because I don't want to support Scooter Braun.
  3. Upon release I was in the Vince camp, but as the year has gone on, I've loved the Tyler record a bit more. Also, where's this second album?
  4. I mean, they could have done free shipping on the box. An extra $15 is just cruel.
  5. Basically $400 after shipping. they aren’t charging until it ships though.
  6. So I guess they have a big box set of Cliffords Ball going up on Dry Goods on Monday. 12 discs (6 both nights) plus the flatbed jam (1 disc).
  7. Man. I would not put legs on my Kallax/Expedit. Well, maybe the 2x2.
  8. Thanks man. I appreciate it. I hate getting my feelings hurt on the internet
  9. I have a heated floor in my basement where my records are. The bottom of the Expedit will protect them. Between the concrete, the flooring and the shelf insulating from the heat, they will be fine. (10 years of living with heated floors)
  10. 4 records in a wide spine direct to board are just asking for trouble. Hell, I feel like even the plastic wrap alone can damage the sleeve. Wish they just did a quad fold, or a sleeve in sleeve.
  11. Maybe don't take the high and mighty route when you refer to them as vinyl s.
  12. Agreed. All the others are still in stock. They are just held back by plant capacity. I’m sure there will be more coming.

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