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  1. Easy pass after Mr. Brandan's unfortunate little episode, coupled with my having already preordered it.
  2. My God man, insulting my reading comprehension? Talk about going straight for the jugular.
  3. You don't need to be embarrassed, you're not the first dipshit I've dealt with on the internet.
  4. I don't know dude, my low effort trolling, as you put it, has triggered the fuck out of you. So maybe it's you that needs help. Or at the very least, grow some thicker fucking skin. If someone can't have a different fucking opinion on something or feel a different way on an issue without you losing your goddamn mind then you're the one with the ficking issue.
  5. Nice work. If you ever get tired of driving for Uber, you should get a job as a therapist. You really have a knack for it.
  6. Birthday? That's not even accidentally funny.
  7. I just finally ordered all hail about 10 minutes ago. He has my full support.
  8. I have your mom type for me? Edit- I was asking a serious question, by the fucking way. Way to contribute.
  9. So he says that and he's a clown, The organizers of mass protests this past week say dont stay home and it's cool?
  10. What am I missing? He posted something that said blah, blah, blah? Was there something else? Now he's a vile piece of shit? Seems like a mountain out of a molehill.
  11. I dig the new song. I can listen to and enjoy anything they've put out. That being said, I'm happy that they seem to be past they're goofy interlude phase. This was most apparent on R&R. I prefer when they find a groove and spend the whole song banging it.