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  1. Anyone get the krm yet? Knew I should have went dw instead smh
  2. Its okay, I’m more of a demo, rtj fan will prob lose interest after this album near is good the song with Chelsea would be great if it was just her on vocals to me it sounds like a deafheaven cover band overall
  3. A lot of nu in the album that makes it meh but I’m cool with seeing younger people try stuff
  4. This is so good need that preorder to drop or hope they have it on the tour
  5. This release is beautiful, and they included a Beastmilk LP and a bunch of stickers
  6. Was going to pick this up from DW and it was sold out looked around the internets a bit and found this tho https://darkoperative.myshopify.com/products/pageninetynine-document-7-lp?variant=9188402855978 looks like gold, blue, purple, translucent cranberry, I guess these are the fifth press. That split with majority rule is also available (and on dw)
  7. I'd think one or both of the songs would be on deluxe type version on the full length like AWLWLB, also I believe on my shield and runaway had slightly different versions from their 7"s and full length
  8. so many of the flash deals have been great. I think I already have everything from DW i need though :/
  9. has anti-mother gone up that much now? you used to be able to get them from old school VC/suburban home for like 9 bucks...
  10. i love ttc but refuse to buy anything from them directly. i ordered a shirt a few months back, never got anything, sent an email, got a response that orders were about to be shipped out, more time passes and i asked them about it again, they said it was out of stock, i asked for a refund, no response x2. i get the whole diy merch thing but if you can't handle it properly don't do it imo.
  11. i'm just going to leave this here because it's the first time i've seen it.