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  1. US Blood of Wall Street (Dark Green) /200 https://www.nightshiftmerch.com/collections/imperial-triumphant/products/imperial-triumphant-alphaville-12 Grand Central Gold /300 https://centurymedia.store/product/Y4CE266COMBO/imperial-triumphant-alphaville-grand-central-gold-vinyl-2-lp-poster-digital-download?cp=102832_103046_108152 Ivory Towers (White) /300 https://shop.revolvermag.com/product/6VLPRM004/imperial-triumphant-alphaville-limitededition-white-vinyl?cp=101786_102171&fbclid=IwAR01z5iqjOZAe8pIEGPfCgrr_v1ibOjIuuwUwItTIslYGu6kdPe_LGx-wgQ EU Atomic Sunrise (Tran
  2. (Sandy) Alex G: Live at Third Man Records https://thirdmanstore.com/live-at-third-man-records-10-9-2017 I'm digging that setlist.
  3. I got #680! Agreed about the packaging! Everything looks and feels great.
  4. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/new/products/pageninetynine-document-7?mc_cid=4a503b7033&mc_eid=88d120319f Deathwish has this listed as a "distributed title," and I've been unable to find out who's behind this release. The catalog number on this page seems to be the same as the older pressings, but Magic Bullet is now Dark Operative Records, so I'm not sure what that means. Came out to $20.88 for me! Edit: Also found this: https://www.discogs.com/Pg99-Document-7-/release/11481092. Looks like it might be the same variant? I can't find any evidence of either of t
  5. This is what they are for tapes, so I'm assuming it's a similar concept for vinyl.
  6. I'm thinking (hoping) that they had originally planned to raise the price periodically the whole time, and the original $29 price was the only screw-up. At least to me that sounds more reasonable than them messing up the price 5 separate times.
  7. Wait is there a color variant? Or am I misreading you? Edit: lol nvm I get it
  8. The OESB guy has been nothing but nice to me. I got my order a week or two ago, and I ordered it a few waves in (I wanna say some time in October? I got the bundle). I'd say you just gotta be patient. This order is probably huge and a lot of work, and I wouldn't be surprised if only a couple people were pushing these through (admittedly, I know little about this label).
  9. Yeah, they are. They sold out of the ones that are already made, but they're leaving the listing up until Friday. I think they'll probably make as many as are ordered. Kevin mentioned it on his Twitter.
  10. https://shop.brckhmptn.com/collections/saturation-boxset/products/saturation-boxset Not vinyl, but here's the boxset! Hopefully they'll announce the vinyl soon.
  11. I recall reading that the box set was just going to be CDs, but each album will be pressed on vinyl, which doesn't bide well for my wallet.
  12. Yeah! I was stoked to see this, because Affection was the first song I heard from them.
  13. Order here: https://cigarettes-after-sex.backstreetmerch.com/vinyl/affection-single-us. I don't know how long it's been up, but I haven't seen any announcements for this. It isn't listed on their Discogs page either.

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