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  1. Just updating that all non-box set orders have shipped!  The USPS is still fucked, however, so exercise patience. 

    For the box sets, I’m just waiting on the shirts. I only ordered the sizes/quantities to fulfill the box set orders, and once they’re printed I will assemble, pack and ship!

  2. To clarify in case I made it confusing earlier: the track listing for SUK is the same as the OG pressing, the only difference is the artwork, the variants and the vinyl master. 

    The vinyl master is the same as the versions that we sold in Boston and LA (because these are all part of this new, second pressing), there aren’t any new tunes or live tunes on this EP.  Yes, if you’re doing the math, we have indeed been sitting on these records for more than a year now. Haha


    Sorry if I fumbled that one!

  3. Just now, stl_ben said:

    Oh snap! 

    Ok I'll get another if its a new master/ additional material!  Just trying to move my collection slowly away from 20 variants of the same music (but this has new music!)


    But also....when you releasing that cover EP they just released digitally!

    I hope to one day do the covers EP and Dusted!  They’ve been lower priority over new music and SUK, though. 

  4. 3 hours ago, stl_ben said:

    More copies..... I have all the original pressing outside of the TP, and both anniversary versions...but may be time to throw in the towel on getting more additional pressings.

    Sorry to do this to ya!  It’s been OOP for sooooo long and so many people have been missing out. I’m so happy the band is finally ready for a repress and we can get it back in print. 

    My hope is to keep it in print going forward, so if you’re in it for the long haul, prepare for several more variants!

    Side note:  this new pressing (which includes the “live show” versions from last year) have a brand new vinyl master. I think they sound better than the OG!

  5. 17 minutes ago, booms528 said:

    Grabbed one of those... fingers crossed for Bad Rabbits, but not holding my breath.

    I did actually put a Bad Rabbits 7" in one of them!  I don't have any left of the American Love or Mimi singles, so it was slim pickin's


    Fun fact:  I do have a completely unreleased Bad Rabbits 7" lathe cut featuring a song that I am legally not allowed to sell because of song clearance issues.  Part of the whole Mimi delay fiasco.  Anyhow, I allllllmost stuck one of those in these mystery boxes...but I don't want to get sued either.

  6. 7 minutes ago, cantdance said:

    Hey, thanks! I sent you an email lemme know if you received it. 


    Sorry if it sounded like like I was blaming you - I was just slightly frustrated. I know that pressings get delayed and it’s out of your control.


    Thanks for the quick response!

    I share in that frustration.  In the 10 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had anything like this happen. It feels terrible. I have always tried to wait until the records are in hand to even announce that they are coming out, but we took a different approach and it bit me in the ass. 

    However, despite the headache, the records sound KILLER and the artwork/layout/insert is very unique and awfully fun. I’m happy with the end result and I hope everyone else will feel the same!

  7. 19 minutes ago, cantdance said:

    I'm going to guess if I never got Mimi it's never coming, right?


    Jesus. A 10 month wait. That was worse than I even thought. I guess it's possible they still haven't all been sent out but I'm not holding my breath. 

    The wait was terrible on this release, but I will 100% make sure you get your order. Just send me an email. I have a *very* small stack of orders that are pending shipment and if yours is in there, I can let you know. If yours isn’t in there, I can figure out what’s happening and still get you squared away. 

    [email protected]

    Never again will i do a preorder thanks to how poorly this went down. Lesson learned. 

    That said, this NWBD 7” is in hand and also shipping immediately!

  8. Hello all! It has been a while since I've sold anything here on the boards, but I'm quickly running out of space...so the time has come for a return!

    These are mostly records from my personal collection, as I have a lot of duplicates that I have never played. I need more space, you need killer records...so let's make a deal. If you see something you like but don't enjoy the price, DM me with some offers. I'm never afraid to haggle, especially if you're buying multiples!  Lastly, if there are any MOMR oddities or rarities that have your eye but aren't listed...just ask.  Except Stick Up Kids.  That bad boy is long gone.  Sorry!
    Shipping is a flat $4 from Chicago. I can also ship internationally if you so desire, but be warned that international shipping ain't fun and it ain't cheap!
    Mind Over Matter Records Test Presses:
    The Juliana Theory - "Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat" 2xLP Test Press #16/25 - this record has the craziest packaging, on top of being crazy rare. I personally screen printed, cut, folded, glued and assembled this double gatefold jacket. It's black and silver, opens up to over 4 feet wide and is housed inside of a slip cover. Total madness. $100
    Bad Rabbits - "American Nightmare" 2xLP Test Press #11/15- another TP jacket created with crazy amounts of detail. It's a custom-made gatefold created entirely by hand with a two color screen print (White & Silver). It's the only way to get this record in a gatefold, as the real pressing is in a wide-spine jacket. $100
    Other Records From My Personal Collection:
    Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" - Black /100 $45
    Beloved - "Failure On" - Dark Grey/Blue $80
    Beloved - "The Running" - Opaque Brown $45
    Beloved - "The Running" - Yellow/Red Haze $45
    Beloved - "The Running" - Transparent Gold $35
    Caspian - "You Are The Conductor/The Four Trees" - 3xLP, Blue/Grey/Grey Tour Edition /100 $65
    Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" - Gold w/ Black Smoke RSD $45
    Circle Takes The Square - "As The Roots Undo" - Bone w/ Black Splatter $35
    Nothing - "Poshlost" - Clear w/ Black Haze & White screen print on b-side /100 $40
    Nothing - "Poshlost" - Black w/ White screen print on b-side /300 $35
    Passion Pit - "Manners" - Black, First Pressing $50 
    Poison The Well - "You Come Before You" - Black w/ Screen Printed Cover #34/50 $50
    The Saddest Landscape - "After The Lights" - Clear/Red Half & Half, Release Show edition w/ screen printed cover, #48/50 $30
    Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" - Transparent Orange /200 SOLD
    Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" - Transparent Blue /200 SOLD
    Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" - Black SOLD
    Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" - White SOLD
    Dredg - "El Cielo" - Black, seriously OOP SOLD
    Emery - "The Weak's End" - Blue w/ Black Swirl /200 SOLD
    Emery - "The Weak's End" - Green w/ Black Swirl /200 SOLD
    Emery - "The Weak's End" - Black /100 SOLD
    Figure Four - "Suffering The Loss" - Test Press/Festival Edition, Screen printed cover, #4/30 SOLD
    Hopesfall - "The Frailty Of Words" - White & Blue Swirl /200 SOLD
    Hopesfall - "The Frailty Of Words" - Transparent Orange /200 SOLD
    Thursday - "War All The Time" - Grey Hot Topic Exclusive /1500 SOLD
    Transit - "Stay Home" - Transparent Orange in Eco-Jacket, #73/75 SOLD
    Underoath - "Lost In The Sound Of Separation" - Black SOLD
    Underoath - "Disambiguation" - Transparent Orange/Gold  SOLD
  9. Hey friends!


    if you missed it on social media, I made a last minute move from LA to Chicago last month and that huge move slowed things down a bit for us, so I’m fighting to get caught back up. 


    • Downloads:  I’ll dig in and send another email shortly for subscribers to get everyone caught up!

    • Mimi - lacquers are done, tests approved, just waiting on final pressing copies. This plant is a little backed up, so hopefully this delay isn’t too intense. 

    • Zao/Yashira split - lacquers are done, tests are approved, and the plant is hustling this through for us. Shouldn’t be too much longer at all!


    The next few sub 7”s (as well as the very late usLights 7”) are deep in manufacturing as well, so we are going to have a very busy end of the year!

  10. To chime in on the Mylene Sheath dialogue:


    As a one-person, small label, every single email, FB message, social media comment, Instagram DM, tweet, Snapchat and phone call that I have to reply to that asks “where is my record?” Or “can you send tracking?  I didn’t get that email” or anything of the sort prevents me from doing anything else, namely packing up records. 


    Just be patient, people. Christ. No one is trying to scam you, and sometimes shit just takes a long time.  We certainly don’t enjoy being behind schedule or knowing that customers are getting antsy, but the constant demand for updates (especially when there isn’t a reason to “update”) only slows things down further. 


    Also, the people who email me 24 hours after placing an order demanding their tracking info will automatically ensure that their record is the last one that I ship. 

  11. Good news!  We are announcing the March 7” tomorrow!  Ha!  We are only 14 days late!  *eye roll*


    Yes, RSD has everything jammed up. Again. The March records are done and the April ones are well underway. May might feel another small delay, but that one is the fault of the band getting me their audio late!  Everything after that will be smooth sailing!  Check your emails first thing tomorrow for more info and subscriber copies of the March 7” will be shipping as soon as the records land at my house next week!


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