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  1. new single is pretty boring, but i'm in for a Loser edition. FJM almost never disappoints
  2. My Target copy is perfect, for what it's worth. (At least from the outside. I haven't taken it out of the shrinkwrap yet.)
  3. expensive but i pulled the trigger anyway they also just announced a big headline tour for the spring
  4. more expensive than i'd like, but their webstore always is. regardless, they're one of my favorite bands of the last 5ish years. can't wait for this.
  5. just opened mine (ordered from her webstore on Feb 11) and it's the German one
  6. might be UK only...? the email talked all about tour dates and presales, which were all UK i think. i can only see the US store.
  7. heard they were sending emails around about a Spotify exclusive variant related: the new song they just released is great
  8. definitely like the new song a lot more than The Gathering. sucks that the album isn't out until February, though.
  9. i grabbed a merlot, but i wonder what the Spotify variant is limited to. the single is pretty good
  10. very interesting to read these opinions.... i feel almost the opposite. the opening track is the worst song on the album. so cheesy and forced and heavy-handed with the stupid "3 act tragedy" thing or whatever the concept is. i was terrified that i'd have to deal with needless interludes and transitions between the acts. instead it's subtle and understated, but you can tell where it splits if you listen. it's perfectly executed in that sense, to me.
  11. quoting your own stupid post on a thread that's been dead for 2.5 months MIGHT be the most trolly thing i've ever seen on here, and boy that's saying something

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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