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  1. Haha, yes it's middling and just decent and not great.... I'd say it's their 4th best album, which of 5 sounds like a bad thing. But that being said, it means it's the best thing they've done in NINE years which is a big deal. (because very obviously Battle Born is the worst.) I never ever expected a Killers album to come out and compete for a top 3 spot in their discography, it just isn't realistic. It just had to be better than Battle Born, and i think it's a lot better, and I'm pretty happy with it. More than anything else, it means a tour where they'll play like 5 songs off of it and all of the hits and i care about that much much more.
  2. If you ordered the Mysterious 7" then it came with a note about American Nightmare with a link to buy it weeks before it was public. That's when i got mine. So does that mean you don't have Mysterious either..? (Not trying to be a dick, just trying to help out if you didn't know about Mysterious existing.) https://www.discogs.com/Bad-Rabbits-Mysterious/release/10496012
  3. Looks like Dave was there for the Jimmy Kimmel set they did last night... https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/08/the-killers-perform-special-10-song-set-in-las-vegas-for-broadcast-on-kimmel-watch/
  4. booms528

    PO Now: Odesza - A Moment Apart

    I really like that they've been dropping 2 songs at a time, always one that's a little more mainstream (Line of Sight, Corners of the Earth) paired with a darker, cooler one (Late Night, Meridian) so that they keep everyone happy.
  5. booms528

    PO Now: Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo

    Yeah i did... I think Carpark sent it as a promo/tease to people who bought What For? from them
  6. booms528

    Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    Expensive, but totally worth it... also the 300-level starts at $35 before fees or something like that, which is cheap for good balcony seats
  7. They posted online that they got more preorders than expected and the posters would be a little delayed
  8. I've really liked the first two songs that they've put out. Excited to hear the rest... Probably gonna wait on ordering the record though.
  9. The deluxe packaging is pretty awesome and the vinyl coloring came out great... but after listening to this a few times, it feels way too long and gets boring for me. The first half is pretty great, but i feel like i have to get up and take an hour off after Leaving LA before coming back to listen to the rest... and even then, I like 5 of the first 6 tracks way more than any of the latter 7.
  10. Me too, about to be 29, and I felt the opposite way about that line... it hit really close to home as i'm terrified of being old and it's something my friends talk about all the time, so i thought it was great. (i have a job, for the record.)
  11. Is it bad that I want to buy this like 90% just for the 45 adapter?
  12. I recently read this review/article by Steven Hyden and he laid out what he thinks the sort of "loose narrative" is, and it made me understand and appreciate the album a lot more... http://uproxx.com/music/japandroids-near-to-the-wild-heart-of-life-2/
  13. Now that i've had time to digest it over the course of the last week, and (more importantly) come to terms with it not being Celebration Rock, I fucking love this album. So excited for the live show next month.
  14. Other end of the spectrum, but I was supposed to get 2 copies and they only sent me 1
  15. I've listened twice now and it's good, but I'm a little conflicted. I knew it was going to be more adult-sounding than Celeb Rock based on things I'd read and it being almost 5 years later, but I didn't realize quite how much more adult-sounding it would be. The title track was the only one that really punched me in the face and made me want to run through a wall like the old stuff did, and I've already been listening to that one for a month. Still, the songs are really good and I like most of the chances they took. I just need more time to digest it all.