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  1. shipping is just too much to the US but damn i do like the pressing. don't have a single copy of this record yet.
  2. What an absolute scam to tell people there will only be 1,000 and charge that much and then change your mind... not to mention the ridiculous lead time. That being said, i ordered a black copy. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Anyone else get the VMP variant? Mine has the foil VMP stamp but is not numbered, though the hype sticker on the front says "limited to 500 foil-stamped & numbered copies" and the one with pics on discogs shows numbering. Is this normal for VMP?
  4. new song is cool, definitely excited to hear more. how did making an account on that site lead to the video? it brought me to the ouija board thing, and i noticed some letter were highlighted and others weren't, but couldn't figure out what to do from there.
  5. is "Warm Grey /500" gone already and replaced by that new colored one? or is that the warm grey? doesnt say 500 anywhere.
  6. I mean this is the least-trolly way possible, but is there anyone who still gets excited for new DKM? I like them. They have some great songs and are really fun live... but like, when’s the last time a new song was even close to good or relevant? They’re a caricature of themselves.
  7. Definitely interested in this but yikes it seems a bit more pricey than I would’ve expected
  8. The album is okay. I mean, it's a foo fighters album... there hasn't been a "great" one front-to-back in well over a decade. I appreciate that they try to mix it up and do different things musically, but as a result it's very hit or miss. I think the production is actually pretty cool and interesting on this one, but like half the lyrics are just cheesy and clunky and hard to listen to. A couple good songs, though. Ultimately, I'm glad I didn't spend a bunch of money on the vinyl.
  9. Kinda assumed the covers EP would be too hard to press with licensing rights and stuff, but i would grab that in a heartbeat. I'll have to see what the options are on Friday, given that i have the Boston show variant, before deciding if i really need another.
  10. Looking like a Bad Rabbits "Stick Up Kids" repress is dropping this week, based on the instagram teases. I got a Boston 10yr anni show exclusive variant at the show in december 2019, but i'm a sucker for BR so i'm probably in for whatever drops.
  11. New EP out in March. Pre-order up on bandcamp for a splatter and pink variants. Doesn't say what they're limited to. https://futureteens.bandcamp.com/album/deliberately-alive
  12. The music was always some degree of cheesy, but it was fun escapism for a while and I always thought they were fun to see live.... Really sucks that he is such a db, though I'm definitely not shocked. Hopefully he'll just disappear forever and not make a bad situation worse.
  13. I grabbed the first press Best Of and only have tickets for the Best Of show. Was a little worried about how they'd sound given how long it's been, etc... so i'm definitely relieved to hear they sounded great. Both TSL Best Of and Jimmy Eat World Futures streams are on 1/29. I'm going to feel like I'm 16 again and I can't wait.
  14. Finally got around to listening to Wednesdays today and I really liked it. It sucks that he's (by most accounts) such a dirtbag. I don't think the general music-listening public is going to just let him back in this easily. But back to the music, I definitely prefer the more "rock" Ryan Adams to this softer/folkier one, which is partially why I was surprised i liked this album as much as i did. Either way it's just kind of amazing he can still make songs this good so deep into his career.

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