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  1. Thanks for this, ended up getting the Quake OST and the Live 25th Anniversary edition of Throwing Copper for $47 shipped.
  2. I can't believe how difficult Skid Row is to acquire. Wasn't it a 4000 press? NIB was surprisingly easier to obtain at a lesser pressing number. Are there any online stores that are posting RSD stock today? I would really rather not pay the $80+ on Ebay or Discogs.
  3. Waiting on a variant that looks good... Edit: Clear with yellow blob and black splatter would be nice!
  4. I'm with ya, ordered mine Aug 24, still no word...They were in stock when I ordered, ran out at the beginning of this month (except for third party sellers). Not sure where all those copies are.
  5. So...who's in for Skid Row on Saturday? Last one on my list of two for this year. Hopefully it's easier to get than NIB was.
  6. I did miss that. That's ridiculous. Makes you wonder where they get their employees... Glad everything came unharmed for ya.
  7. Description says "Ice" not "Ice Blue". Ice is not blue. There, I said it. This is my biggest concern. There also seems to be some debate about sound quality for this variant over on discogs.
  8. New to me, listening now, fuckin' killer! Wish I hadn't missed the LP
  9. Looking for NiB, if anyone has links or is able to pick, it would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Also picked this up yesterday, almost waited but figured 1000 wouldn't last that long. Courtney is a beast! Edit: 92 left when I tried to put 100 in the cart.
  11. Yeah, Rollin' Records orders from a supplier. It's not their actual release, they are just a retailer. If you follow their Instagram, he sometimes goes live and explains what's being restocked and new arrivals for everything, boots, official, Japanese releases, etc..