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  1. This is slowly going back down, if anyone wants to keep an eye on it.
  2. Yes, it did ship and started it's journey as "accepted" on Saturday the 21st, due to be here tomorrow but it has been in Cincinnati since the 22nd. We'll see; I imagine all kinds of delays are possible right now.
  3. That, and this. We are offline briefly for maintenance. Check @bandcampstatus on Twitter for the latest updates.
  4. Yeah, it sucked when I finally found out about the pressing and went looking for a second-hand copy lol. Aaand it's already in "shipped" status with tracking, that was quick!
  5. Thanks, picked up a clear. Missed out on the first press unfortunately.
  6. Online sales would definitely be convenient for me. I only want two releases and won't be able to make it out there that day.
  7. A Pale Horse Named Death - When the World Becomes Undone $14.77 Prime Advertised as 2LP green vinyl box set, and that is what I received. Limited to 550 copies and has not sold for less than $54 according to Discogs.