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  1. Keith won't be there and now 68 can't play. That's a huge bummer and I feel for those ticket holders Also it's been getting strange in the band's world.
  2. oh weird... I didn't even realize it reposted my old post. Sorry.
  3. Welcome to the club buddy My thread for the very thing.. lol
  4. I thought about that too but to be fair, it was only a few hundred that was red.
  5. Yea, same for me. I was excited about this and especially since Will Putney worked on it. Then they went with this first single...
  6. I just assumed it was due to the URL. Order both? Shouldn't have an issue selling an extra
  7. Haha. Same. I have three bundles, one being VG and the other was a surprise from the wife. Not a single email yet.
  8. Received the magenta copy today. So amazing having an album ship after ordering it...and not waiting months and months
  9. Years ago, I use to hold out until the albums delivered but no way that's happening these days. Hell, I have received albums in the mail that took so long I forgot I ordered them. Also, I feel like this album is to good to wait..
  10. Yea, I snagged a magenta. My wife will be stoked. Thanks for the heads up everyone
  11. I appreciate this but $40... sheesh. Scratch that. That must not be US site with the international shipping
  12. A lot of people have beliefs that I don't follow. Just because we don't see eye to eye, doesn't mean I am not going to enjoy an album.
  13. I have a Raspberry Pi that I got to make a Roon player. I need to get on that
  14. Nope. That is one of three I am waiting for.
  15. I have three bundles ordered and not one shipping notification. Kind of a bummer
  16. Same. I even love and appreciate the "odd" directions they took on a few songs.
  17. Man I love this album so much. I imagine any NJ fan would as well but I am curious what your thoughts end up being
  18. I feel like that was because of the lack of awareness. I didn't know anything about NJ until Day 2 which luckily wasn't sold out yet. I also met a ton of people who had no idea what was going on. A whole lot of "what's this line for?"

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