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  1. Only black variant as of now and ships around March 31st https://spinefarm.merchnow.com/collections/he-is-legend
  2. Now I need to sell my current U-Turn TT. This one looks slick and love the idea of having speed control https://uturnaudio.com/products/orbit-theory
  3. I’ve been scouring the interwebs for that very same thing.
  4. Also, if anyone happens to get an extra copy of the tour variant. Hit me up, please
  5. Now if we can do this with the new STAKE album.
  6. PM sent. Fantastic idea. I have been holding out a couple days, hoping for a US option.
  7. Didn't get a signed copy of the album but they did come through Dallas and snagged this - https://imgur.com/FF5gyJ0
  8. it was a small jot and I was lucky enough they came through Dallas. https://imgur.com/a/kYzBeOH
  9. I got both and only have shipping info for the later variant. I haven't received a damn thing for any FF preorder which is a tad frustrating, as I am getting impatient
  10. Isis - LIVE IV 02.25.10 (Translucent Yellow /100) - $60 Shipped The Bronx - VI (test press) - $125 Shipped
  11. Hell yes. Super stoked on this. Now they just need it on Apple Music or offer digital copies as well.
  12. I was at FF and ordered there but I can’t recall what other variants either.
  13. Post from Unoriginal Vinyl - Just doing our best to convey what we know, despite having zero control or influence over the process or actual fulfillment of these records.. MerchNow copies (Green or Yellow) have begun shipping out of the MerchNow fulfillment plant. Furnace Fest, screen Printed Copies (those being Blue Vinyl with Blue Jackets /100 and Pink Vinyl with Gold Jackets) are making a pit stop in Chicago to be stuffed with care by hand into the hand-assembled jackets, and you will see shipment notifications start turning up for those early next week. Patience, friends, there are very complicated, legitimate logistical reasons they had to do the process this way, so have faith that we are closely monitoring things for you to mitigate any risks. HIL are ALL headed your way soon and amazing-looking. The very moment we have or know anything new on The Chariot or Norma Jean, so will you.
  14. I was lucky enough to be at Furnace Fest and I think I got both variants... no clue though. It's going to be a fun surprise
  15. I don't recall ever seeing the digital copy sent to me. Did you folks receive it via email?
  16. Man. I saw Antenna for $33 and got SUPER excited. Then I put it in my cart and saw I was mistaken.
  17. That seems to be the hobby these days. Every preorder pops up on eBay for insane prices now