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  1. Man. I saw Antenna for $33 and got SUPER excited. Then I put it in my cart and saw I was mistaken.
  2. That seems to be the hobby these days. Every preorder pops up on eBay for insane prices now
  3. Anyone mind sharing this? I didn't buy the album because I am typically not a fan of live albums. However, I am curious how it sounds. Got it. Thanks!
  4. As an old man, I have been complaining about the state of the hobby for awhile.
  5. Good christ that Galaxy had to sell out in seconds. I was on it, waiting and BAM. Gone Luckily had time to grab the other variant.
  6. Friendly bump... Bronx is still available. Isis - LIVE IV 02.25.10 (Translucent Yellow /100) - $75 Shipped The Bronx - VI (test press) - $200 Shipped - Or Best Offer
  7. I was originally angry at the band but I am finding out it was due to the venue taking bigger portion. They were back to "normal" prices at the next show.
  8. May want to look into that. Some tables, like mine, is setup to not (acrylic platter). Adding one can possibly throw a small measurement off, like VTA
  9. Deathwish variant - https://deathwishinc.com/collections/cave-in/products/cave-in-heavy-pendulum
  10. Jealously is pouring over me. I am still upset at their process of selling these but I hope you enjoy them. Jerks
  11. Got shipment email which is awesome. Although it doesn't seem to provide any info regarding the actual shipping
  12. Reissue they couldn't even spell the damn title correctly. Still annoyed by that..
  13. I was hesitant after the first single, just not my thing. The new song though...preordered with excitement.
  14. Little annoying, I wanted Variant A when they originally went up because I thought it looked cool but it stated sold out. So I got a different one... anyways, it's a fun album.
  15. Isis - LIVE IV 02.25.10 (Translucent Yellow /100) - $75 Shipped Every Time I Die - Radical (Opaque Turquoise /350) The Bronx - VI (test press) - $200 Shipped - Or Best Offer
  16. This is surprising to see... In the early days every time they came through my town, we would party and they would stay at me and friends places. Jordan was not the big drinker in the group. Keith drank a lot more.. Shinfo: Ratboy would go to IHOP when we would go bar hopping (or a strip club)

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