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  1. If you plan on naming your band after one of the best Converge songs, you better be fucking awesome. Edit: Not what I thought it would sound like, but its great. Sounds like Joshua Fit For Battle meets Welcome the Plague Year. Well done.
  2. This is true, Chris is going to stay in Providence and this store will have a great selection. Just an FYI, he does have a halfway decent punk selection now, but the Armageddon bread and butter has always been his metal/local sections.
  3. I have the black one, PM me an offer if you want it that bad.
  4. I did 60 hours community service at a local Salvation Army. I got a shitload of awesome 15 year old clothes that summer. AKA every local town/city baseball shirt.
  5. Did anyone else see him on the Daily Show last night? Hilarious, "Yes we can, but..."
  6. Hahaha, you mad? Never been more less angry. I would just like it if you thought for 5 seconds before opening your mouth.
  7. Least I'm not a "dude" who adds a question mark to the end of the word 'right' when it's not regarding directions. Nah, you're the asshole who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up.
  8. ITT: People who work hard for the money they use to spend on records, who are annoyed with the fact that fly by night labels rape them just to get a record they used to like, and 17 year olds who just got their first check from pizza hut that have no problem spending $40 on a limited edition >100 cum colored tom delonge record. And now Brents a neo nazi. Would read again.
  9. Sirens is my favorite by them, and I see what you're saying. But yeah, Sirens has gotten like, a million times more plays than WYAAWYWTB. But to define the genre? Listen to Orchid man.
  10. yes i know but i just don't want to trade for that at the moment. alright thanks man
  11. I don't exactly consider OTMOP to be screamo. They have been one of my favorite bands since the first time I heard Sirens, but I wouldn't classify them to be in this genre.
  12. its on your want list man, how much are you expecting to get for pink? ill toss you like, 7 dollars.
  13. NTR is the shit, Scott is the man of all men, and everyone should dig this. Go to his bandcamp and listen to Consider This and you will be hooked.
  14. What sound are you going for man? I actually have a pearly gates pickup lying around, which sound great with Teles, that I'd be willing to sell. But again, it depends on what you want to sound like.

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