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  1. Eh yeah. I was gonna get a few more and spread the wealth, but cash flow ran out buying two. Ha
  2. I just grabbed a second copy. They’re $60 on the table. PM me if interested.
  3. Been awhile since I posted here, but did anybody else open the book and find out that the entire thing was bound upside down? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ppP8y-ss7200Klgnd4N_ADb8wSK3b3sV/view
  4. Hey hey, So i've been very lazily posting on here for like 8-10 years now, and buying records for way longer. Recently I bought a house, so I figured it was time to sell some stuff off to help pay for new furniture, a gas range, remodeling etc. Realistically I probably won't cut too many crazy deals, but figured I would see if anybody was interested in some stuff on my deadformat list. https://deadformat.net/collection/imaxcowboyx Just shoot me a PM with what you're looking for and a price!
  5. So i talked to em last night; the copies they are selling on tour are being mailed to their hotel today. If there is a tour press of this, I'll gladly pay somebody for one! Edit: Also, it's doubtful but if they have prints for "Purple" I'd also be down for sending somebody money for that as well.
  6. Yeah, definitely feel like I got hosed on this one. But whatevs. I knew what I was paying. Just doesn't seem worth it at all.
  7. Picked up that bottom left Ty up in Brooklyn over the summer, but thanks for this! His stuff is cool.
  8. excited for that tour. Going to the Saxapahaw and Charlottesville dates.
  9. Anybody end up with one of those Emotional Mugger VHS tapes?
  10. did NONE of you get the free AM crunchwrap this morning?! http://greatideas.people.com/2015/11/05/taco-bell-free-breakfast-crunchwrap-world-series/ sidenote, i really enjoy that that link has "greatideas" in it.
  11. Not sure if it was just a mistake, but 3 friends got a copy in Raleigh on sunday of the "tour press" and all 3 were the 180g purple. They might be out of the white.
  12. I take it you were there friday? Refused's set = teh boring. But Faith No More was awesome.

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