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  1. I picked up a copy of this last night at the show in Toronto. They had a few versions - I grabbed the silkscreened tour cover /250 on black vinyl. Trevor dug my Pelican tattoo. The set consisted of mostly new stuff. Fun night!
  2. I've got a copy of the half green/half pink with black splatter /1500 if anyone is interested.
  3. Picked up the clear version last night in Toronto. Cannot wait to spin it tonight.
  4. That is how I would describe my copy, too. It distorts all over the place and sounds like it was cut way above an acceptable level.
  5. Sooooo... does anyone else have a 180g/black copy that sounds like absolute shit? Because mine does
  6. Reflections Records (Europe) appears to still have copies available: shop.reflectionsrecords.com/v4/product.php?productid=6328&cat=3
  7. I tried 2 shops in Toronto and neither received copies in time for today. Bummer.
  8. ^ Thanks - didn't read all of the way through this thread again. Appreciate the info.
  9. Re: Magnified - I don't recall exactly where I saw this, but someone from ORG said they would have copies available online after today, and that it would likely get another (coloured) pressing in the near future. They were also asking people about what colours they would like. Did anyone else see this somewhere...?
  10. Valtari is great but both of the copies that I purchased sound like absolute garbage (1 US and 1 EURO). The EURO press is certainly better, but still... almost ruins the experience for me.
  11. It has been listed as "Coming Soon" for me since midnight as well...
  12. Wanted a copy of the Cave In release, but not one of the Toronto shops ended up with a single copy. Pissed.

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