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  1. Nightmares For A Week...everything they have put out is absolutely killer. Great band
  2. Was that /200 color even available? Never saw it to grab.
  3. Damn would love that enabler test. If you want to trade it for something take a look at my list. Edit...before someone says just to buy something to get entered I already own multiple copies of pretty much every CD release.
  4. I was googlizing it but didn't see where, probably because I'm an idiot...where can I get my hands on this bootleg?
  5. Since that is all you need you probably don't need any of these? What about the KLU coaster set? You know you want those Kids Like Us Coaster set - set of 4 DTN/KLU Split Test Press KLU - Outta Control OTE Screened Cover HN 12/20 KLU - Outta Control OTE /389 KLU - Outta Control OTE Green black swirl /125 KLU - The Game Eulogy Blue KLU - S/T Knife or Death RED KLU/Mongo - DON Black Lagoon cover green splatter /240 KLU/Mongo - DON Devil Cover /400 KLU/Mongo - DON Dracula Clear red splatter /320 KLU/Mongo - DON Frankenstein white blue halves /320 KLU/Mongo - DON Ted Bundy /400 KLU/Mongo - DON Wolfman yellow /320 KLU/Mongo - Ghetto Josh Clear
  6. Just saw this, any Path of Resistance left?
  7. I got "Don''t Look Back" and "Third Stage" that you can have for shipping only if you want. Got a lot of other stuff like that if you want to take a look. List in my sig is up to date.
  8. Stoked on this, grabbed the set from State of Mind this morning.
  9. Has anyone seen a time that it might go up today?