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  1. We are. Every LP that I order from the states are $12 - $16 US to ship. I haven't seen anything cheaper than that for many years. If you do an order at Sub Pop, it costs $24.95 + for 4 LPs. Regardless, the extra cost is tacked on because of Canada Post and what they charge to take the package. USPS acts as a "broker" for Canada Post when someone ships here - hence the higher rates.
  2. On the surface, it makes no sense. I dug deeper and found the reason - infrastructure. Once a package enters the USPS chain, the network is huge, therefore allowing cheaper rates. Canada has a small fraction of the trucks/outlets/employees, so the rates are higher. Location/Distance also makes a difference. It costs me around $10 - $12 US to ship a single LP from Canada to US. So everyone's experience is different.
  3. As per Facebook - Black/Yellow LTD to 1800 and some will hit stores (outside of their mailorder). Red is LTD to 200 (webstore).
  4. Ordered. And I would also love a new Assemble Head album. Hope that happens again one day.
  5. Tricky Woo "The Children Of" rarities and b-sides vinyl comp. First 100 on Color. What a great band. Still listen to them all the time. http://yeahright.limitedrun.com/products/555661-tricky-woo-the-children-of-pre-order
  6. Anyone who's a fan of the late, great Eric's Trip knows how hard/expensive this LP is to pick up. First re-press run on color. Get on it! http://megamart.subpop.com/releases/erics_trip/love_tara
  7. Finally on Vinyl - 6/22. 180gr, LTD 2000 Numbered on Orange Vinyl. Rest on Black. http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/stone-temple-pilots/shangri-la-dee-da#.VV21TWB9kS3
  8. My pleasure! Always happy to help... and agreed on the shipping front. It costs me $18 - $15 to ship a single LP overseas from Canada. Ouch!
  9. Two Red copies left at Juno - $30.77 (US) shipped. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/wiretap-scars-reissue/570511-01/?no_redirect=1
  10. Glad to help! I've ordered a bunch from these guys and they have yet to disappoint!
  11. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/no-4-reissue/560406-01/?no_redirect=1 $27.91 shipped to the USA, and you're guaranteed the White version (while supplies last/while it's still listed on this page). Love this store.
  12. I think putting "Sold Out" on the page was a poor choice of words, hence people's confusion. How about "On Sale at X date/time" next time?!
  13. Well, well. http://exclaim.ca/News/soundgarden_eyeing_rarities_collection_anniversary_edition_of_badmotorfinger
  14. Got mine today! Also went to the Ballbreaker show in '96. So glad these are back in print.