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  1. That Distressor is a beaut! I grabbed both, but opted not to get the bundle, because I know I'd flip through the book once and never pick it up again.
  2. Listened to the live stream and I gotta disagree with the boredom. Not visually stimulating perhaps, but I thought the backlit stage with the band in shadows was pretty fitting for them. That said, I thought the band sounded amazing. Not at all a dull musical performance.
  3. Dead Swords and Timelost are great - I'll have to check out the other two!
  4. What about Holy Fawn? Lacing is great. Seconded!
  5. I saw them open/co-headline with All Them Witches a couple years ago, great show!
  6. Live stream Nov. 28th. $10: https://rollinglivestudios.com/collections/soft-kill-box-office
  7. Have we talked about how great that live stream was? Dayum...
  8. Which one is this? I must've missed it? edit: nevermind, think I found it. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. The thing about shipping costs are that they are not the same for everyone. A store or record company often has a corporate account, so shipping a package costs much less that for the normal person shipping a package. I have had packages from Powell's books in Portland that were heavier and a fraction of the cost, for example. At any rate, my original comment was commiserating with a wish that the band was still on Profound Lore. Shipping costs are one of the reasons for that. I have already placed my order and paid the shipping. My buddy and I order together to try to sav
  10. It's not normal for a 3 lb package from Portland to Ontario to cost $39. I have seen multiple websites calculate shipping differently and it has been much less. But that isn't the point. I didn't say anything blaming the band for the cost. I agreed with a statement wishing the band was still on Profound Lore, which is the same city that I am in, and so I would not need to pay ANY shipping. Not to mention, none of the limited variants will be showing up at my local store. How about you think a minute before calling someone stupid for an offhand comment? Damn I miss
  11. Not to mention the shipping cost to Canada and Int'l. I threw up in my mouth before I hit 'checkout'.

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