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  1. Got my red but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet - looks fabulous, hopefully the sound is alright.
  2. This would have been amazing in an alternate reality where they hadn't just price-gouged the fuck out of Fantastic Planet
  3. Nick told me this a.m. that mine will ship Monday *yay* :)
  4. Yes, i don’t think I’ve had any corner bumps or seam splits. I believe their mailers have extra padding at the sides, but my memory isn’t the greatest...
  5. Thanks, I was too lazy to search. It does make me want to give the album another go...
  6. Link to review? Maybe I'll give this album another listen. . . so much praise being thrown around.
  7. I'm struggling with some of the Greet Death vocals. Musically I like it, but idk...
  8. If anyone is in Nashville this friday and is willing to pick up Billie Eilish's live black/blue for me, please message me.
  9. You guys were on fire - great set! Glad to hear that the lp is doing so well.
  10. Are you with the band then? I managed to grab one of the last band copies of the blue galaxy (and one of only 5 copies of the album they could bring over the border).
  11. So I ordered the earplugs, and they didn't do a damn thing. I suspect it was because I forgot them on the table at home. Show was amazing though, and I survived.
  12. okay, ok, I hear you already maybe I'll order a pair before the Nothing show next week. $13 is do-able.