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  1. Good thing they already took my money for this album! Blue looks good though
  2. Definitely, and more power to them. This is just my reason for not buying this. They deserve to sell as many copies as they will.
  3. There isn't anything that indicates it is a different master, unless I missed that part...
  4. I love these guys. Kinda seems like a cash grab though - alt. artwork and a single unreleased demo on flexi? And since when has a 5 year anniversary been a big deal?
  5. My Clear signed copy showed up in time for actual release date, which was an unexpected treat - Loving the album!
  6. New Tape Deck Mountain is worth checking out! https://tapedeckmountain.bandcamp.com/album/true-deceiver
  7. That is an insane amount of money to drop on 40 minutes of music, no matter how glorious the music
  8. Glad that I am happy with my clear with Black cover from a couple years ago, because otherwise I'd be really bummed I missed those
  9. Anyone in Canada have recommendations?

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