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  1. Been meaning to post somewhere about that new album, it is so good. Hadn't heard about the unintended - thanks!
  2. Going tonight in Toronto. Let me know the shirt and size and I will keep an eye out if you'd like.
  3. Thanks man, it was a great show. Enjoyed Pontiak as well - blew my mind!
  4. Stoked to see Sleep for the first time tonight!
  5. ...thinking about sending a lowball just for the cat .gif
  6. thanks. . . hmmm flac or wav files. . .
  7. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Clippers-stainless-Professionals-79602/dp/B00UKVNSLC/ Guards are sturdy and tight, been pretty happy with it. I use it for myself and 2 boys.