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  1. Good review, which I mostly agree with. I like the album and have listened to it several times, but so far the individual songs and melodies haven't hooked me in the same way that much of their others do. Not that I dislike them, more that they just haven't grabbed my attention on their own. But it's a pretty solid, even listen throughout.
  2. Have a cigar, you're gonna go far
  3. I adore ERR and all her projects. Some of her releases are must have on vinyl for me, while others I am okay with just digital. Not sure yet which this will be, but she's got my attention anyway. I hear some Dead Can Dance moments in the first single.
  4. Ryan Adams Chris Out Now! Ryan Adams full length album Chris is available to download NOW for a limited time only! For ONE WEEK ONLY you can download all the tracks direct from PAXAM. Before it is available on streaming services. ( PLUS one BONUS track available only to you ). Albums are expensive to record and I’ve seen your comments about the low dividends steaming pay. Here’s a way for us to keep the records flowing. If you can’t afford this and want to hear it, please know it’s cool if your buddy wants to share it with you. My first Black Flag record was on side 2 of a blank cassette and it changed my life. So much so that I’m here with you now. You keep the lights on at PAXAM and I love you cats. You’re the best fans in the world ( besides maybe KISS fans - but cmon ) Thank You. PAXAM loves you XO DRA
  5. Also, from their bandcamp page: Press Play” is an exclusive track only available on 7” released in partnership with Convulse Records out of Denver, Colorado. “Concrete Fluid” (Demo) is another non-album track available only on this limited vinyl release.
  6. Press play 7" available for P.O. PREORDER: records ship May 15th. CONVR54 is a two-song 7" from Portland post-punk legends Soft Kill. The 7", "Press Play b/w Concrete Fluid" displays the band's storied dream pop executed with expert discretion. The precursor to the band's forthcoming LP, this 7" emphatically adds to the band's morose reign. PRESSING INFO: 25 test presses with screen printed sleeves 100 on Neon Green vinyl 200 on Clear vinyl 200 on Blue with Green Splatter vinyl Test press and neon green already sold out. This song rules.
  7. Yeah, I had also assumed that the double-groove side B was going to be the experimental ambient, but that the rest would be an intricately recorded studio live album of music.
  8. I must've just caught them in time, bummer that you guys weren't able to
  9. Evil Greed may not have shipped yet, you still may be able to cancel that one.
  10. I was able to cancel my evil greed order which hadn't shipped yet. . . if anyone wants this, evil greed currently has at least 1 copy for sale.
  11. I've been wanting my first copy of this for years, psyched to get it!
  12. Great album, I've been listening to the hell out of it this week
  13. Just got my Through Love Rec. copy to Canada 👍
  14. I guess everyone was ... russian to get one

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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