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  1. The thing about shipping costs are that they are not the same for everyone. A store or record company often has a corporate account, so shipping a package costs much less that for the normal person shipping a package. I have had packages from Powell's books in Portland that were heavier and a fraction of the cost, for example. At any rate, my original comment was commiserating with a wish that the band was still on Profound Lore. Shipping costs are one of the reasons for that. I have already placed my order and paid the shipping. My buddy and I order together to try to save on some shipping costs, and many times the price difference between 1 copy and 2 is only a small increase. That's not the case with the bigcartel sites from my experience. Lastly, the downvote thing was meant as a sarcastic, nostagic, playful jab. Seems like your yelp comment is just meant to bait, and I won't take part in any further back and forth with insults.
  2. It's not normal for a 3 lb package from Portland to Ontario to cost $39. I have seen multiple websites calculate shipping differently and it has been much less. But that isn't the point. I didn't say anything blaming the band for the cost. I agreed with a statement wishing the band was still on Profound Lore, which is the same city that I am in, and so I would not need to pay ANY shipping. Not to mention, none of the limited variants will be showing up at my local store. How about you think a minute before calling someone stupid for an offhand comment? Damn I miss the downvote button.
  3. Not to mention the shipping cost to Canada and Int'l. I threw up in my mouth before I hit 'checkout'.
  4. yeah, I snagged it too, test press looks cool too, but out of 50? just a different variant, not really a test, no? That game set is soooo gimmicky, but I want it. Too pricey for me.
  5. And just like that the purple and lime /100 is sold out
  6. Well, that was a dismal exchange. Great to catch up on the thread. I see I've missed nothing. edit: 1000th post, woohoo!
  7. Except that the bloodshot eye doesn't come with the resealable bag and the 20 pg booklet. I think it deserved that treatment.
  8. Bloodshot eye should have been part of the 'Special edition' instead of that pic disc. Totally would have grabbed that over pinwheel
  9. It's a really good thing that I wasn't depending on the email from the band's mailing list, WHICH I JUST GOT AT 11 AM to tell me about the pre-order