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  1. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Clippers-stainless-Professionals-79602/dp/B00UKVNSLC/ Guards are sturdy and tight, been pretty happy with it. I use it for myself and 2 boys.
  2. I grabbed this one, thanks - I'm curious to hear it!
  3. both Nick Cave were already taken too, thanks anyway.
  4. lucked out that mime came without scuffs. . .possibly because it was packed with another album, so it was pretty snug in there even though it to was just sitting there naked between the sleeves.
  5. FTFY. Sorry if this has already been discussed - Anyone see the Lords of Chaos movie yet?
  6. that is $.50 too much, IMO.
  7. Now that's an instagram givaway with vision
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective. These types of episodes are what a was referring to. I wasn't suggesting that a mental health issue makes a person a sex creep. However, can undiagnosed and untreated mental disorders be a contributing factor? I believe so. But what do I know, I am not a Psychologist or Psychiatric specialist. Anyway, If it does contribute, does it excuse said behaviour? Of course not, and I wasn't trying to suggest otherwise. As I said twice before: *replace asshole with sex creep, predator, etc as you see fit. I am not defending or condoning any of RA's words or actions.
  9. Maybe, but as I said before. . . I don't think the answer is ever that simple. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that he isn't also an asshole. . .
  10. Does this read to anyone else that maybe there is also some sort of glaring mental health issue going on here? He has had anxiety and depression issues in the past, I think, but idk, something more severe like Mania? Bipolar? or is he just an asshole? I don't think it is ever that simple. Not suggesting that means any of his actions are/were okay. But it sounds like dude may need some serious help for his head. /$.02
  11. I'm still bummed that I wasn't able to see boygenius when the 3 of them did the joint tour last year. It's a hidden track from Welcome to Sky Valley. Not representative of their other output https://youtu.be/sp2r3wZOVqk