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  1. ...thinking about sending a lowball just for the cat .gif
  2. thanks. . . hmmm flac or wav files. . .
  3. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Clippers-stainless-Professionals-79602/dp/B00UKVNSLC/ Guards are sturdy and tight, been pretty happy with it. I use it for myself and 2 boys.
  4. I grabbed this one, thanks - I'm curious to hear it!
  5. both Nick Cave were already taken too, thanks anyway.
  6. lucked out that mime came without scuffs. . .possibly because it was packed with another album, so it was pretty snug in there even though it to was just sitting there naked between the sleeves.
  7. FTFY. Sorry if this has already been discussed - Anyone see the Lords of Chaos movie yet?
  8. that is $.50 too much, IMO.