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  1. We are. Every LP that I order from the states are $12 - $16 US to ship. I haven't seen anything cheaper than that for many years. If you do an order at Sub Pop, it costs $24.95 + for 4 LPs. Regardless, the extra cost is tacked on because of Canada Post and what they charge to take the package. USPS acts as a "broker" for Canada Post when someone ships here - hence the higher rates.
  2. On the surface, it makes no sense. I dug deeper and found the reason - infrastructure. Once a package enters the USPS chain, the network is huge, therefore allowing cheaper rates. Canada has a small fraction of the trucks/outlets/employees, so the rates are higher. Location/Distance also makes a difference. It costs me around $10 - $12 US to ship a single LP from Canada to US. So everyone's experience is different.
  3. As per Facebook - Black/Yellow LTD to 1800 and some will hit stores (outside of their mailorder). Red is LTD to 200 (webstore).
  4. Ordered. And I would also love a new Assemble Head album. Hope that happens again one day.
  5. Tricky Woo "The Children Of" rarities and b-sides vinyl comp. First 100 on Color. What a great band. Still listen to them all the time. http://yeahright.limitedrun.com/products/555661-tricky-woo-the-children-of-pre-order
  6. Anyone who's a fan of the late, great Eric's Trip knows how hard/expensive this LP is to pick up. First re-press run on color. Get on it! http://megamart.subpop.com/releases/erics_trip/love_tara
  7. Finally on Vinyl - 6/22. 180gr, LTD 2000 Numbered on Orange Vinyl. Rest on Black. http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/stone-temple-pilots/shangri-la-dee-da#.VV21TWB9kS3
  8. My pleasure! Always happy to help... and agreed on the shipping front. It costs me $18 - $15 to ship a single LP overseas from Canada. Ouch!
  9. Two Red copies left at Juno - $30.77 (US) shipped. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/wiretap-scars-reissue/570511-01/?no_redirect=1
  10. Glad to help! I've ordered a bunch from these guys and they have yet to disappoint!
  11. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/no-4-reissue/560406-01/?no_redirect=1 $27.91 shipped to the USA, and you're guaranteed the White version (while supplies last/while it's still listed on this page). Love this store.
  12. I think putting "Sold Out" on the page was a poor choice of words, hence people's confusion. How about "On Sale at X date/time" next time?!
  13. Well, well. http://exclaim.ca/News/soundgarden_eyeing_rarities_collection_anniversary_edition_of_badmotorfinger
  14. Got mine today! Also went to the Ballbreaker show in '96. So glad these are back in print.
  15. Juno guarentees that it's color. They only list the actual item in the store once they get it and do no pre-orders. Something to keep in mind to make sure you get color pressings for sure in the future!
  16. "Bee Colored" edition now listed at Juno. $28.10 plus (cheap) shipping. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/blind-melon-reissue/530834-01/
  17. If anyone is interested, I saw three copies of the "RSD edition" at Waterloo Records in Austin, TX this past week.
  18. Canadians: 2xLP now on amazon.ca starting at 30.33 CDN w/ Free Shipping. http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00IN5KZ6S/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  19. It is indeed the Box Set. If the original poster scrolled down on the Amazon page, it shows a picture of the contents and the 6 Disc description. Regular 2xLP version has yet to be listed on .ca.
  20. Awesome. Just pre-ordered the Mozes and the Firstborn color LP. Great stuff.
  21. Sweet. How much was the LP at the show? Just debating whether to order online or wait 2 weeks for my local show.