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  1. Snagged a Golden Age. Wondering if it’s also a “deluxe”, as it’s the only variant with a hype sticker like the coke bottle.
  2. Do you have a link to this? Can’t find it anywhere...
  3. Snagged a blue after green sold out.... patiently waiting for them to announce the Euro press!
  4. Man, not impressed with any of these variants except for the blue that sold out when the west coast was all still asleep 😕
  5. Hmm, no way to get pressing numbers I see. I'm guessing they're all the same since they're all available in bundles, too?
  6. Man, I've been waiting for these to be pressed forever but all those half & half pressings are just hideous imo. Holding out 'till a 50% off sale or better looking variants.
  7. Well unfortunately, I spun my smoke variant for the first time today and there are a handful of loud pops / skips on each side. In messaging with Laser’s Edge, it sounds like the pressing plant in Nashville this did the US variants is known to have pretty poor quality. The EU Pressing plant is in Germany & is supposed to be among the best. I would grab one of the remaining gold variants, but since it’s on the US Century Media site I’m guessing it was also pressed in Nashville. Anyone grab an extra red press they’re looking to sell?
  8. Tried cancelling my Absolutemerch order & they said it’s not something they do 😕
  9. Bummed I missed it because it’s rare, but the actual art and variant are pretty lame, so oh well...
  10. Tracklisting: 1. Below (05:53) 2. I Lose Hope (04:44) 3. Observe The Train (05:08) 4. By My Throne (05:45) 5. Alleviate (03:42) 6. At The Bottom (07:21) 7. Distant Bells (07:23) 8. Foreigner (03:52) 9. The Sky Is Red (11:22) So far I've seen black, white and red variants go up, White /400 . Black & Red unknown. https://napalmrecords.com/english/pitfalls-black-2-lp-cd-gatefold.html https://napalmrecords.com/english/pitfalls-colored-2-lp-cd-gatefold.html https://www.omerch.eu/shop/leprous/products/leprous-pitfalls
  11. Wait, did HMV already go up & sell out or are we waiting for them to post it?
  12. Just received the "opaque pink" from TC's webstore & it's definitely a Pink & White marble. Wondering if there's actually just one variant and both sites had inaccurate descriptions....
  13. Ordered a bone w/ black from NB. They’re always a pleasure to work with & src is a nightmare every single time, so easy choice. Couldn’t find any info or trick the carts into revealing how limited each variant is though.

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