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  1. Last night's setlist was a little more balanced: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/king-gizzard-and-the-lizard-wizard/2019/forum-theatre-melbourne-australia-23917cd7.html I was there and I thought it actually worked remarkably well. Some possible bias because being in Melbourne I get to see King Gizz A LOT and so to have a set that for the first time in a long time was predominantly new material was really refreshing. It wasn't as jarring as you might think. The run home including "Self-Immolate" and then finishing with "Cyboogie" in particular was gold.
  2. we got it live last night in melbourne so looks like it will be into the regular set. was a bit of a buzz to be told they were about to play something new and it was going to be dropping in a few hours. needless to say it went down live VERY well. monster indeed.
  3. oh sweet irony that i am about to get on a plane to leave melbourne for the states and couldn't order lp's to be sent 10km away from flightless hq looks like i'm getting on free airport wi-fi at my first transit and hoping i can get a bundle...
  4. i'm in melbourne and won't ship for me either so not a country thing
  5. Yep, is embossed. Haven't had the original pressing in my hands, but it is an embossed logo on the crystal ball so assume it is the same. Haven't given them a play yet... hopefully over the weekend I can crank these jammers up!
  6. The jacket says Made in the Czech Republic on the back of all of them. Only II is a gatefold, I and III have an insert. All are on White Drugs... I is WHTDRGS-014 and II is WHTDRGS-015. What is a little confusing is that I has matrix ZE5357 and II has ZE5754. I'm not totally up with it all, but I think that might be Zenith here in Melbourne? Hope that's helpful!
  7. it’s true. just picked up bronx i, ii and iii at the melbourne show. nice surprise is that bronx i is a grey marble colour, ii is white and iii is orangey marble. yes!