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  1. Seems pretty high for standard US domestic shipping. Just checked the invoice for my gold one and I was charged $6.79 shipping.
  2. Butterfly sold out during checkout flow - had to jump back in to grab the smoke before those went. Way to waste an afternoon... Ha!
  3. Coming up on two hours of trying to check out on Relapse... Madness! Just gabbed a white off Bandcamp to be safe.
  4. I first saw The Decemberists do the Hazards Of Love songs live with Shara Worden at Lollapalooza 2009 and was blown away. I had to experience it again. My local show, the Royal Oak Theatre gig on August 11th (this recording) was already sold out so I ended up going back to Chicago to catch them on October 8th of 2009. Yeah, I'll be grabbing this.
  5. Orange 9mm - Tragic LP -> PRE-ORDER We are VERY happy to announce the 25th anniversary re-issue of Orange 9mm´s 2nd full length album TRAGIC. FIRST TIME EVER ON VINYL! Total first pressing of 1.000. This is a pre-order. This item will ship around January, 2021. Your order will be dispatched when the item with the latest release date is available. Final products might slightly differ from mock ups. Colors: Orange w/blue marble - LTD. to 250 Clear - LTD. to 150 (TSR label shop exclusive ) Purple w/black marble - LTD. to 200 (TSR label shop exclusive ) Red Transparent - LTD. to 250 (retail exclusive ) Clear w/red transparent & blue marble - LTD. to 150 (TSR label shop exclusive ) - LP on heavy 180 gram vinyl - new artwork by onetricpony - heavy 12" 2-sided insert https://thirtysomethingrecords.bigcartel.com/product/orange-9mm-tragic-lp-bundle-pre-order https://thirtysomethingrecords.bigcartel.com/product/orange-9mm-tragic-lp-pre-order
  6. Clear ( #0759) arrived with the PVC sleeve intact! I am SHOCKED since I have the worst luck with seam splits. Standard cover on the vortex.
  7. LAZERHAWK : REDLINE https://www.electric-dream-records.com/product-page/lazerhawk-redline-limited-test-press-bundles https://www.electric-dream-records.com/product-page/lazerhawk-redline-deluxe-red-blue-smoke-2lp-gatefold-vinyl https://www.electric-dream-records.com/product-page/lazerhawk-redline-red-blue-2lp-gatefold https://www.electric-dream-records.com/product-page/lazerhawk-redline-classic-black-2lp-gatefold-vinyl
  8. Seemed like people lined up earlier this time around. I still batted 1000 though. Screamin' Jay Hawkins (both releases) Primus - Suck On This Hackers - OST Nativity In Black
  9. Grabbed this yesterday. Surprised there are still copies available. Song absolutely rips.
  10. "As always, all new record releases go on sale Wednesday at Noon CT." -Mondo
  11. Oh yes! Also grabbed that x/400. Wonder how many other variants will pop up...