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  1. They've done it to me before! Seeing the bag on my porch this afternoon gave me flashbacks.
  2. So Amazon just delivered Iowa to my porch aaaaaand from the delivery photo they shipped the record in a plastic bag. Fantastic.
  3. Ordered it early from Amazon but once it didn't ship and the expected by date went TBD I pretty much knew I was dead in the water. Grabbing it for the same price while out and about on RSD was the move.
  4. MELVINS: LIVE STREAM OBSCENE V.1-3 LP SET *FACTORY COLOR EDITION* https://www.shoxop.com/collections/brand-spanking-new/products/melvins-live-stream-obscene-v-1-3-lp-set-factory-edition Limited to 600
  5. So every 'Loser Edition' copy my local shop had contained two records of the A/B side. They warned me before I bought it - then ended up opening all of them to see if they even had a copy with both records. I thought it was some kind of Josh Tillman troll job or incorrect labeling but those matrix numbers were identical.
  6. Picked up both of those CDs from midnight release sales at independent shops back in the day. Got pulled over on my way home from the Lateralus release for 'weaving in my lane'. (Really I was driving a crappy car through an 'uppity' area at 1AM) Those cops did not believe my story about a new TOOL album. Sobriety checked, breathalized then detained in a patrol car while they searched my car for over an hour before finally letting me on my way.
  7. Here's two albums I'd love to finally see get the vinyl treatment: Deadsy - Commencement Year Of The Rabbit - Year Of The Rabbit
  8. I was there. That was my twelfth LB show by then.
  9. Crazy to think this was all 25 years ago. Some highlights: First time seeing them was opening for Korn in '96 on the Life Is Peachy tour. Them opening for Deftones along with Will Haven in '97 was stacked killer bill. The 'Ladies Night In Cambodia' tour in '98 is probably my overall favorite - that show was an absolute blast. In '99 they were doing promo for Significant Other and were going to play on a rooftop of a local independent record store. They got shut down by the city and an impromptu first-come-first-served free show was announced 13 miles away at a 400 capacity club - that was a crazy day. The last show I saw was the Napster free show in '00 - all barriers were removed from the stage and they had a 20 foot tall chain-link fence separating them and the crowd - it went as you might imagine... They were super-accessible and would hang out and talk before and after the shows all the time. Oh, and the early Three Dollar Bill shows were really only $3 (plus $1.50 service fee)
  10. Rode that initial LB rise to fame as an angsty teen and saw them 16 times from '97 to '00. Fast forward and it's been 22 years since I've last seen them play live. I bought tickets for this tour.
  11. I initially had that same thought but those 10" do have five songs on each of them. I picked this up but if they release them two-at-a-time on 10" for this album - I won't be thrilled about it.
  12. Hard pass on the slipmat+poster upcharge. I went the Decibel route: https://store.decibelmagazine.com/collections/vinyl/products/cave-in-heavy-pendulum

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