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  1. Next week Wednesday I believe.
  2. Had a three-way carted at 4am this morning but those new tracked shipping rates from Germany made me hesitate for a moment and they were gone. Oops! Looks like it will be spatter or white in a few minutes once the US shop goes live.
  3. Took way too long but I managed a LITA variant. That site just couldn't handle the demand.
  4. aaaand gone? damn. Site had a 'email me' when back in stock notification when I initially checked this morning. Seems to be available again.
  5. Whatever it is - preorders are this Friday and it's out 09/11/20.
  6. It will give all those pit security guards in the 90's flashbacks.
  7. Just noticed this in the deluxe description: "w/ custom scented inner sleeve" 🤔
  8. I forgot about the book! I was keeping up with the PCC poster series pretty well - until the second wave. Some didn't make it online and they were releasing too many at a time. I had to bow out.
  9. If they do the same edition of 1200 box sets for Volume 2 it shouldn't be hard to get. I do hope it costs no more than the 2015 set did on release.