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  1. Haven’t heard the whole thing yet but I managed to give the first few tracks a listen at work the other day. The second track is great, reminded me of a Scottish band called Stapleton. I already like silhouettes, that song is up there with their best imo. Specifically this Stapleton song for anyone interested https://stapleton.bandcamp.com/track/ships-of-the-atlantic
  2. The free international shipping was great while it lasted!
  3. I’m sure the person who owns the shop posts here. Used to be monkeyboy records.
  4. Ended up buying the TP about 15 minutes after this post. I hate myself.
  5. I've seen the day I would have jumped on that test press but think I'll pass this time. If it's still there tonight I might pull the trigger.
  6. http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/637938-the-get-up-kids-problems-lp-cd BSM Pressing Info: 300 x Clear/Pink - BSM Webstore Exclusive 200 x Blue/White splatter – EU Tour Exclusive 500 x Seafoam – Indie Stores Exclusive 500 x Black
  7. I went to see her last week, she was okay. I’m not really her target audience but I like some of her stuff. Some of the interviews I have seen are a bit cringe though and that new song isn’t great. She’s on course to be massive. There’s definitely a lot of marketing power behind her.
  8. I ordered mine from Crash records in UK. They sent me an email stating they'd be receiving replacements and would send them out. Didn't even need to contact them.
  9. Banquet orange: https://www.banquetrecords.com/billie-eilish/when-we-all-fall-asleep%2C-where-do-we-go%3F/B0029729-01
  10. What was the UO lust for life? Wasn’t that just the coke bottle variant?
  11. Remote Part and Warnings/Promises are on Parlophone. The previous 2 were on FOOD. Maybe something to do with the lack of reissue RP and first vinyl press for W/P