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  1. The album is solid imo. The middle section is great. The title track is probably my favourite so far.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/Polyvinyl/status/1129448188023382016?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  3. Speaking of flipping, I noticed halo2 over on the new forum.
  4. They've also jacked the prices way up for the old ROTMs. $40 for a 2LP set that you'll likely get on discogs for half that.
  5. Still waiting for shipping confirmation from CT. I didn't renew my membership but have paid for the records so should be okay...
  6. I thought that about Kicker but thought the new album sounded pretty good tbh.
  7. Won’t you need an amplifier? Or have you got something already? What about cabling? I’d recommend going to a proper hifi specialist and trying different setups for your budget if you can. I was googling preamps and this article popped up, it might be useful: https://www.turntablelab.com/pages/beginners-guide-to-turntables#preamp
  8. Why are they rushing though? Do they want out?
  9. No one else frustrated with the plot armour and inconsistencies over the last couple of episodes? Episode 3 in particular was ridiculous. It was visually great but most of it made no sense. And where did they move King's Landing to? The middle of the desert? 😆
  10. Yeah, I saw that further up this page. The hype sticker on the jacket says early bird / 1200 pink blue starburst so must be an error at the plant. I’ve emailed them so maybe they’ll send out another copy... edit All that aside, it feels good to be listening to a new TGUK album in 2019 😎 And in b4 someone says I’ve got “problems” with my order 😇
  11. So my PV early bird showed up but it’s not pink with blue starburst and looks more like the standard press light blue... I’m interested to see if others look the same.
  12. Had to search the archives but saw You Slut! with Maybeshewill a few years ago and now I’m thinking of another band from that era - dananananaykroyd not that they’re math rock but you just jogged my memory. Anyone mentioned 65dos yet (are they math rock?)? I’m away to listen to Retreat! Retreat!
  13. I’m not sure how they justify the price difference if it’s the same as the US version.