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  1. Nimrod is by far their best album imo. Just a fucking great record all round.
  2. I look forward to the ticket getting shit show when they’re over here. The one and only time I saw them was 2006 so it’s well over due. I think that’s the last time they played Scotland anyway.
  3. Yeah that’s what I read. Might be worth a taking a chance if you’re a big enough fan and have the cash.
  4. It included a photo with band members tho, didn’t it? Probably worth it to the hardcore fans.
  5. And they’re making 2 more films (at least) so we have more OSTs with dozens of variants to look forward to 🤗
  6. Urgh FFS I might get ONE copy of this since the cover is pretty cool
  7. I can sympathise with OP, although I’m not thinking of quitting completely I definitely need to have a clear out. Stopping variants is a good start, I don’t need 7 copies of an album 🙄 I find the sound quality of vinyl varies drastically, some sound great but then some are riddled with pops and distortion - and it pisses me off when you play a new record and it has sound quality issues. I have one of those anti static brushes and have been looking at a spin clean type device to see if it helps. Today I bought my first CD player in years to add to my setup since I still have hundreds of CDs and it sounds pretty damn good!
  8. Lime green is webstore exclusive with explicit cover. Retail is black and there’s an indies blue too. edit lime green also up at sound of vinyl https://thesoundofvinyl.us/norman-fucking-rockwell-limited-edition.html
  9. I was just in hmv hoping to get a look at it but they only had a few for customer orders, none for general sale.
  10. Isn’t trump going to nuke the sucker, so no need to worry about dumb hurricanes.
  11. Two new songs, one video. Really enjoying them both, album is shaping up well.
  12. Yeah, I ended up doing the same thing. Some places over here are charging £99.99 for it 😱