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  1. Every time Chinese Satellites starts I keep thinking she’s going to burst in to Knife Prty by Deftones
  2. This is getting a repress for Hassle’s 15th anniversary https://www.banquetrecords.com/frank-iero-frank-iero-and-the-cellabration/stomachaches-(hassle-15th-anniversary-edition)/HASSLE15-FIS
  3. Ummm yeah, probably. It’s hardly the middle of the night 😆
  4. I’m not sure, there are definitely videos that have been declassified and released, whether that was down to the to the stars academy or not I don’t know. David Fravor probably had the most believable encounter and then there’s Bob Lazar and element 115...👽
  5. I don’t know your opinion on Joe Rogan but his podcast with Tom was eye opening. The guy is so far gone down the “aliens exist” rabbit hole I felt kinda sorry for him. The Travis Barker one was a good listen.
  6. Yeah in for this, great album. I have a standard black pressing and it sounds great.
  7. Not sure a new thread is merited but No One Can Ever Know is getting a repress:
  8. I've seen it referred to as blue/green swirl and peacock splash, certainly came with a signed print at some places. Seaglass was the German exclusive I think.
  9. Went for the roughtrade exclusive, comes with a bonus CD. There is a signed bundle on recordstore.co.uk. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/search.html?term=idles+signed
  10. My Secretly copy arrived today but it's at my parents so I should get it later this week.
  11. I imagine this is part of the HMV vinyl week they usually run in June - in the U.K. at least. Other countries it’ll be called something different.
  12. Why don't you report the item to eBay as a boot?