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  1. The vinyl release is delayed until July.
  2. Probably that the Cloud Hills store is the only place to pay these prices. I hope.
  3. Same here. Though, I just got a shipping email for my third single on Wednesday, and it arrived the next day.
  4. Hazards is probably my favorite Decemberists record. I got to see them twice during that tour, and it was magical. This was an instant purchase.
  5. Nuclear Blast's site timed out, so I ordered from Bullmoose, thinking my first order didn't go through. Nope. So, I guess I ordered two copies.
  6. Blue/black of the S/T is already gone. Settled for white/black.
  7. I was in a work meeting and missed out on the white. Settled for the sunburst.
  8. I wish they weren't bundling the CD in with the vinyl.
  9. I can't remember whether there was a quantity listed, but I'm also a little bummed it ended up being the general release.

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