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  1. Same here. I'm also not crazy about the variants being randomly inserted.
  2. I have the cinnamon red, and mine has a ton of pops, too. I actually had to stop after a couple of songs because it was so bad. I'm curious to see how widespread this is.
  3. I also with with that one, but I actually prefer the color to the other.
  4. That is a really great interview. It's always so interesting to read what artists think of their own records, especially when they've had years to digest them and try to decide how they rank their own work. I'm really looking forward to album!
  5. I thought the $30 for Decadence was steep, and then I looked at Popaganda. No thank you.
  6. I imagine there will be a bunch of new shirts and a red cassette, too. So, yes.
  7. I assume they mean we're getting news about both the album and the tour next month, and not the album release and news about the tour. That's far too short of a roll out.
  8. That's very good news on all fronts. The re-issues are good for us, of course, but it's even better to hear that Michael seems to be in a good place.
  9. My Amazon order is still showing June 21st for Red Sky and Vheissu. At this point I'm expecting them to get pushed back yet again once June rolls around.
  10. I'd pull the trigger on that American Slang if I didn't already have two other pressings.
  11. I leave the thread for an hour, and I miss the yellow! Oh well, settled for grey instead.