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  1. The above white/pink w/ black splatter varient is a retail varient. Saw it last month for pre-order on Amazon.ca (ASIN #B09PRPL52X), did not say which variant it was so was but just received it today and it is the above mentioned variant. Much cheaper to order from Amazon.ca than the Equal Vision store for us Canadians. Hoping there will be a retail New Levels New Devils retail variant!
  2. It's up on Amazon.ca also. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B09F14TF1D/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_ZJGKE0X9SAX4MMF9FV2P
  3. Took about 10 minutes to checkout and then got a "Service Unavailable" error when clicking "Place Order" lol. It finally went through after clicking back and clicking "Place Order" again. Added a t-shirt to feel better about that $30 shipping fee
  4. Just wanted to see how much shipping would be so I tossed a random double LP in my cart and tried to checkout. $28 for shipping to Canada!
  5. Don't forget Ebay charges the 12.5% fee on the shipping you charge also. For someone like me in Canada where it costs $20 to ship a record that's another couple dollars in fees. They also charge a 0.4% fee for "international orders" when I ship to the US. AND they charge provincial and federal tax on the fee. I just checked my last sale of a record and it was 15.88% in fees.
  6. Seems like BEAA is double along with Pokinatcha, Teenage Politics and Secret Weapon.
  7. Really don't want to spend $300+ on a box set. I just need Slowly and Everpassing. • Unique, split-color vinyl variants for each album, which will only be featured in this set This does kinda hints that that there will be other variants maybe selling them separate?
  8. For Canadians: http://peopleofpunkrockrecords.com/release.php?id=SBAM48
  9. I'm having the same problem, good think I'm working from home these days If I go to https://www.vinylcollective.com/, click Sign In and that's when a new tab loads up with the "friend finder" porn ad displayed. It's been happening for a couple of months now and just reproduced now after seeing this thread. As a workaround I added the Sign In page as a bookmark since the ad does not pop up when going directly to the Sign In page.
  10. It's the same clear black smoke variant that UO had on the Observatory. The site took pre-orders and UO will send them in bulk. I think they probably ordered extra ones that's why they are still up on the site.
  11. The Canadian partner that teamed up with Underoath still has these up for pre-order: https://lenoise.ca/collections/le-noise-x-underoath-the-observatory Shipping to US is $15 I believe but prices are in CAN $.
  12. I had the Matchbook in the Half Red/Half Transparent Yellow I ordered from Amazon

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