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  1. Geez what's up with these limited 100/150 pressings! I feel like this album is pretty popular to sell 1000+.
  2. Second pre-order/pressing is supposedly in the works:
  3. Damn all that's left is the vinyl and t-shirt combo for $45 + $30 shipping to Canada... Anyone know if this is going to get a widespread release?
  4. It's the same cover but the color looks different. The last pic on this post has the og press and the new press side-by-side.
  5. Haha yeah. My wife got creeped out and told me to turn it off lol.
  6. I knew something was up when I noticed the labels on the B side.
  7. Did online orders ship yet? I haven't gotten an update yet. Excited to spin this
  8. Going up tomorrow : Gold limited to 100 Black limited to 400 Moneen Instagram Post Dine Alone Instagram Post
  9. For anyone in Canada, MusicVaultz has a small Black Friday sale. Free shipping over $50: https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/Black-Friday-Sale/ A lot of Tragically Hip, Soundgarden. Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique for $16,99. Some boxsets too.
  10. Anyone see this up for pre-order from a Canadian retailer so I don't have to spend $50 for it?
  11. The original from 2014 is pretty easy to find. The white one goes for $15 on discogs and the black one is on amazon new for $20.
  12. Lol maybe. I probably just jinxed myself and now there will be an mistake in my UL order.