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  1. Weird it says 1 disc on the Amazon listing. Maybe just a mistake but all the others were/are 2LP.
  2. Ok so this isn't showing on the front page but when going in the ultra bundle there's other items and one is the stand alone vinyl with orange variant available! https://selftitled.newfoundglory.com/products/vinyl?variant=36068888707234 Also orange variant and live stream ticket https://selftitled.newfoundglory.com/products/livestream-vinyl
  3. Ultra Bundle with the orange variant is up. https://selftitled.newfoundglory.com/products/ultra-bundle-100-available
  4. $75CAN because it was bundled with the livestream, $20 shipping and some random $5 service charge. I think I'm just gonna pass on this and keep my pic disc unless they release a widespread variant that I can find in record stores lol.
  5. Dammit I missed this again. All that's left is the Large Bundle but there a $7 Large Bundle service charge and shipping to Canada is $35
  6. Geez what's up with these limited 100/150 pressings! I feel like this album is pretty popular to sell 1000+.
  7. Second pre-order/pressing is supposedly in the works:
  8. Damn all that's left is the vinyl and t-shirt combo for $45 + $30 shipping to Canada... Anyone know if this is going to get a widespread release?
  9. It's the same cover but the color looks different. The last pic on this post has the og press and the new press side-by-side.
  10. Haha yeah. My wife got creeped out and told me to turn it off lol.
  11. I knew something was up when I noticed the labels on the B side.
  12. Did online orders ship yet? I haven't gotten an update yet. Excited to spin this